How to install windows 7 on mac bootcamp lion

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In other words, I'd like to completely get rid of Mac OS from the hard drive. There is already a similar question , but it deals with booting Windows directly from an external drive. I'd like to take it to the next level. Per Install windows 7 without bootcamp: Apple Support Communities :. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is there a way to install Windows 7 on MacMini without Bootcamp? Ask Question. AngryHacker AngryHacker 7, 53 53 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Per Install windows 7 without bootcamp: Apple Support Communities : Step 1: take out primary os x lion hdd out and put your secondary hdd in there Step 2 put the super drive in its place Step 3 install os x lion in an external drive don't use your primary drive you only need recovery HD Step 4 run recovery HD from external drive Step 5 press the apple logo and restart system Step 6 boot up pressing the option key Step 7 there should be a windows cd and a EFI cd Step 8 click the windows cd Step 9 install windows 7 Step 10 install the apple drivers Step 11 put the clean windows 7 drive in the optical bay Step 12 put the primary drive in the primary sata slot.

Macs have many other benefits besides just being useful with creative software. The operating system offers a different experience, especially Lion OS X, which may make it more appealing to novice PC users or those not wanting to search through many file names on a constant basis. Keep in mind that you need to be at OS X If you are a Snow Leopard user and have been following standard software updates from the Apple menu, you should be at You can read about this update here directly from Apple's website and update.

Lion's latest update, as of this writing, is You can head over here to read about it and update directly from Apple's website.

Install Windows 10 on Mac without Boot Camp Assistant

Step 2 : Make sure your Boot Camp is up to date, which means version 4. Boot Camp is an assistant application and you can read the manual on Apple's website. If you have Snow Leopard or Lion installed, Boot Camp should already be included, but make sure it is up to date. If you have a Mac without an optical drive, like a Macbook Air, make sure you either have an external drive with a Windows 7 disc; or, if you want to update from an ISO image via a USB flash drive, make sure you update form Boot Camp 4. Step 3 : Have a Windows 7 Install disc ready.

You can use either 32bit or 64bit, although 64bit is recommended for the best performance. This is also mentioned in Apple's manual for Boot Camp 4. Apple also lists the exact Mac models compatible with Windows 7 bit. In orderto do this from Snow Leopard, you need to click on applications from the Dock. Then click on utilities. It should be located toward the middle of the second row from the top. From Lion you can go to utilities directly from Launchpad.

Running Windows on a Mac (Part 1): Lion vs. Win7 performance shootout | ITworld

From here, go ahead and click on the Boot Camp Assistant. Step 5 : Follow the instructions and download the additional software necessary to support Windows on your Mac. Updates to drivers will allow your Apple peripherals like keyboards, mice and cameras to work on the Windows partition. Alternatively, you can insert your Mac installation disc to download these drivers this may depend on if your Mac came with Lion or Snow Leopard and the type of Mac you have. Step 6 : After you installed the Windows compatibility driver software, go ahead and create a Windows partition.

This guide was written using Boot Camp Assistant 6. However, although the exact text and menu names may be different, Boot Camp Assistant 4. Since Boot Camp Assistant downloads and creates the Windows drivers needed to finish the Windows install, you need to know which version of Boot Camp Assistant works with which version of Windows. Your Mac will have a single version of Boot Camp Assistant, making it difficult though not impossible, to install other versions of Windows that aren't directly supported by the version of Boot Camp Assistant you're using.

How to Run Windows on Your Mac with Mac OS X Lion Boot Camp

To install alternate Windows versions, you'll need to manually download and create the Windows Support Drivers. Use the following links, depending on the version of Windows you wish to use:. Boot Camp Support Software 4 Windows 7. While Boot Camp Assistant is designed to partition a drive without any data loss, there is always the possibility that something can go wrong. And when it comes to losing data, we always think something can go wrong. So, before going any further, back up your Mac's drive now.

There are plenty of backup applications available; some of our favorites include:. Do not connect the flash drive to your Mac via a hub or other device. Doing so can cause the Windows install to fail. Boot Camp Assistant can perform three basic tasks to help you get Windows running on your Mac, or uninstall it from your Mac. Depending on what you wish to accomplish, you may not need to make use of all three tasks. If you are creating a Windows partition, your Mac will automatically start the Windows installation process once the appropriate partition is created.

If you're removing a Windows partition, this option will not only delete the Windows partition but also merge the newly freed space with your existing Mac partition to create one larger space.

Bootcamp on Mac OS X Lion, Windows 7 Tutorial

Place a check mark next to the tasks you wish to perform. You can select more than one task; the tasks will be performed in the appropriate order. For instance, if you select the following tasks:. Your Mac will first download and save the Windows support software, and then create the necessary partition and start the Windows 10 install process.

Normally you would select all or the tasks and have Boot Camp Assistant run them all for you concurrently. You can also select one task at a time; it makes no difference to the final outcome. In this guide, we will treat each task as if you selected it separately. So, to make proper use of this guide, follow the instructions for each task you select. Remember that if you select more than one task, your Mac will automatically continue on to the next task. Boot Camp Assistant needs to create a Windows 10 installer disk.

To perform this task, you need a Windows 10 ISO image file to be available. The ISO file can be stored on your Mac's internal drives, or on an external drive.

If you don't yet have the Windows 10 installer ISO image file, you can find a link to the image on page two of this guide. Boot Camp will create the Windows Installer drive for you.

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This process can take a bit of time. When complete Boot Camp Assistant will ask for your administrator password so it can make changes to the destination drive. Supply your password and click OK. In order to get Windows working on your Mac, you need the latest version of the Apple Windows support software. Boot Camp Assistant allows you to download the Window drivers for your Mac's hardware to ensure that everything will work at its best.

You have the choice to save the Windows support software to any external drive attached to your Mac, including a USB flash drive. The Windows Support folder, which includes the Windows drivers and a setup application, is now stored on the USB flash drive. You will use this flash drive during the Windows install process. You can keep the USB flash drive plugged in if you will be installing Windows soon, or eject the drive for later use. If you're using Boot Camp Assistant 4.

Boot Camp Assistant will burn the information to the blank media for you. The process of downloading and saving the Windows support software is complete. Click the Quit button. One of the primary functions of Boot Camp Assistant is to divide a Mac's drive by adding a partition dedicated to Windows. The partitioning process allows you to select how much space will be taken from your existing Mac partition and assigned for use in the Windows partition.

If your Mac has multiple drives, as some iMacs , Mac minis, and Mac Pros do, you will have the option to select the drive to partition. You can also choose to dedicate an entire drive to Windows. Those of you with a single drive won't be given the choice of which drive to use, but you will still be able to assign the amount of space you wish to use for Windows.