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Workaround : Redirect the external hard drive to the remote desktop again. The files appear on the drive.

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If an administrator edits an application pool in View Administrator and changes the path to point to a different application that already has an application pool associated with it, unexpected results can occur. For example, the original application might be launched from the Mac OS X Dock instead of the new application.

Workaround : Make sure that each application in a farm is associated with only one application pool. Users cannot launch an application from the Mac OS X Dock if multiple application pools point to the same application in one farm, and if the application pool the users selected was created with associated parameters in View Administrator. If a user saves the application in the Mac OS X Dock and tries to open the saved item, the application fails to launch with the associated parameters. If multiple Horizon clients connect to the same RDS desktop or remote application simultaneously and map to a location-based printer with the same name, the printer appears in the first client session, but not in later client sessions.

Workaround : For the client sessions in which the printer does not appear, perform a manual refresh. For a remote desktop, press F5 or refresh the Devices and Printers window. For a remote application, close and reopen the application print dialog box. The location-based printer appears in the printer list. Sometimes the virtual printing feature and location-based printing feature are not able to display the correct list of printers in the Devices and Printers window of a remote, session-based desktop.

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The printers shown within applications are correct, however. There is no workaround for Windows XP and Vista desktops. Workaround : Unplug the smart card reader and then plug it back in. You cannot use a PIV smart card to authenticate to a Windows 8 or 8. Workaround : For OS X Keyboard shortcut mappings do not work if you are connected to a remote desktop or application and the Mac Input Source is Traditional Chinese or Korean. Workaround : Before you connect to the remote desktop or application, switch to the English Input Source on the Mac client system.

If you are already connected to the remote desktop or application, reconnect to the View Connection Server instance and switch to the English Input Source on the Mac client system before you connect to the remote desktop or application. The smart card removal policy is a View Connection Server setting. If you use the client drive redirection feature to share a folder or drive with remote desktops and applications, but you connect to a remote desktop or application that does not support client drive redirection, an error message is not displayed to notify you that the folder or drive was not shared.

Workaround : Install View Agent 6. View Agent 6.

VMware Horizon 7 Details – Instant Clones, Blast Extreme

When you connect to a Windows desktop, start USB services, redirect a USB storage device to the desktop, disconnect from the desktop, and then try to reconnect to the desktop, either USB services are not available in the desktop or you cannot reconnect to the desktop. In View Administrator, the state of the machine is Agent unreachable. Workaround : If you are an end user, restart Horizon Client and try again.

If you are a View administrator, restart View Agent in the machine. If you use the client drive redirection feature to share a USB drive with a remote desktop, and you unplug the device and then plug it back in during the desktop session, you can no longer access the device in the remote desktop. Unplugging a USB drive during a session also removes the drive and folder entries from the Folder list on the Sharing panel in the Preferences dialog box and you must reshare the drive the next time you connect to the remote desktop.

Workaround : Do not unplug a shared USB drive during a remote desktop session unless you intend to stop using the device. If you use Horizon Client on a new MacBook, and you use the USB-C port to connect to the network, you might notice poor performance when copying and pasting between a remote desktop to a shared folder. If you enable the Allow access to removable storage setting for the client drive redirection feature, and you also select the Automatically connect at startup or Automatically connect when inserted setting for the USB redirection feature, USB redirection does not work as expected.

For example, non-storage devices, such as USB card readers, are not redirected automatically with the USB redirection feature.

macOS X 10.11 El Capitan install on VMware Workstation Pro 12 full - 100% Work

Workaround : Manually redirect the USB devices. The policies can be applied based on a set of conditions:. The authentication on Horizon 7 is done through VMware Identity Manager which uses different ways of identifying users. Users can select any Windows desktop or app without to present AD credentials.

Known Issues

True SSO generaes unique, short-time certificate to manage the Windows logon process. The hardened appliance get stronger, updated. Support for smart card identification. User gets identified within the DMZ. This is in tech preview supports only server-side fetch of the flash content.

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It allows to redirect flash content from the server to the client in order to get decoded and rendered locally. Allows the flash streaming content play more smoothly with lower bandwidth and CPU usage at the server side…. Serial port redirection allows serial port redirection from the client to the server.

VMware Horizon 7 Details – Instant Clones, Blast Extreme - WertsIT

Admin can configure policies to control whether user can access the content with application on the server or the client. Can be usefull for customers which needs to separate interrnal browsing from external browsing domains. Allows to secure the environment because content which is potentially dangerous is executed on the client computer instead on the VDI desktop. Optimized for mobile. All existing Horizon View remote features works with Blast extreme and latest horizon 4 clients.

Blast extreme has lower requirements on bandwidth.

Install the VMWare Horizon Client on macOS

Allows up to 4K resolution!!! Horizon Client 4. Hardware acceleration. Linux Client 4. Android Client 4. Chrome OS Client 4. Possibility to access Google drive and USB storage in remote apps and desktops with client drive redirection. HTML Access 4. VMware certainly brought many innovations to life in this major release of Horizon 7. This is certainly one of the biggest releases of Horizon so far. Perhaps because there is not much to invent in the core hypervisor or virtualization technologies, except new VSAN 6.