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Lords of the Realm II is very different from many medieval strategy games.

The game has a strong medieval feel, but it is historically based. There is no magic, and unlike many strategy games, it has no technology tree. Perhaps its most remarkable feature is the need to carefully manage food, population and happiness levels in order to build population levels whilst avoiding Malthusian meltdowns.

The large number of both random and player-generated events that can affect province happiness provides an almost constant level of challenge for the player, which is part of the reason the game is regarded as a classic by many players. There are two major game types that the developers merged into a successful hybrid.

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The first is turn-based resource management. The battles are real time, with players able to control units individually or in group formations. Players may also allow the computer to calculate the outcome of the battle. Compared to the original, Lords of the Realm II is much more robust, with better graphics and music, and an improved management system.

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Vegas Gambler. Open field battles tend to be fairly simple affairs. Armies consist of peasants, archers, macemen, swordsman, crossbow troops, pikemen, and knights. As in real-time strategy games, each unit has a counter-unit. Gameplay is fairly solid, with enough basic strategies to keep you entertained for quite a while.

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Do you concentrate on conquest right away, or attempt to build a strong economic base first? Do you attack the opponent directly, or burn his fields and slaughter his peasants in order to destroy his economy?

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Counties need constant attention, and different counties tend to present different problems. However, late in a game this can present a managerial nightmare when you have too many counties to look after.

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Sieges are yet another unexpected feature. These may take several turns to put together, during which time the opponent can send an army to break up the siege. Archers and boiling oil on the castle walls will make this an unpleasant experience, to say the least. Click Here For Help! Tags: dos , medieval , strategy , turn-based strategy. Posted in Strategy , Turn Based Strategy. Old PC Gaming. Name required. Mail will not be published required. RSS Feed.