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As far as differences in quality, they should be around the same. Thank you! That sounds like a neat little product. However, I presume you would still recommended I then burn the video files to DVDs, for long-term storage? Not necessarily.

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You could burn DVDs, you could save the footage to a hard drive on your computer. You could even consider doing both. Jumping in on this question as I too am interested. Are there any differences between that and the ION listed above that I should know about? Ease of use? Format output? In quality or any other aspect? The difference really lies in how the product works. You would need to bring in the footage to you computer after the fact.

As far as quality, they will both be around the same but the Elgato Captures. MP4 files and the ION. AVI Files. I was able to copy a vhs tape on to a dvd, but it does not play on my mac. The instructions say to "finalize" the disc.

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How do I do that? It depends upon your DVD recorder Nicole. What is the best way to do this with minimum technical difficulty, and maximum quality essentially no loss of image and audio quality??? I assume there is software available to do this, but don't know what product will best meet these requirements.

DVD discs were limited to 2 hr max before they started dropping pieces of the picture as macroblocking or artifacting. So unless you recorded the vhs at high speed, 1 vhs tape for 2 hour shows.. Most people don't want to think about taking one vhs tape with 6 or 8 hours and converting that to 3 or 4 DVD discs.. Blu-ray came later and is rarer but had 5 times the storage capacity.. Blu-ray would be safer..

You really can't get these serviced anymore and spare parts are gone.. Then get a reputable DVD recorder to use as a filter, many would clean up the signal and pass it on through to its outputs. Finally the recording device can be a usb dongle but really they don't work well or a capture card for a PCI slot, Magewell makes these, or a totally standalone capture device which records to computer files on a removable hard drive, AverMedia makes these.

The process is very easy,but the video quality on my Sont camcorder is sharper and more vivid the the digital version. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!! Everything is plugged in firmly, I am following the instructions, I tried cleaning the head and it did not make any difference, and yet the problems continue to occur; what am I doing incorrectly?

I really don't want to lose these memories, but don't have the money to have it done professionally. Can you help? Flohr wrote:. If you are looking for a professional company, Classic Memories does a fantastic job and their prices are very reasonable. I recommend classicmemories. I have 2 different kinds of tape that I'd like to convert to digital. And I'm working on an old macBook Pro running Any help would be appreciated! You'll be able to use the device to capture old home movies, VHS recordings, or any other analog media to a modern digital format.

This gives you extreme flexibility as to how you utilize the captured video, without having to jump through the hoops of manual file format conversion. Elgato's Video Capture is an excellent tool for any Mac or Windows user who would like to bring their old analog videos into the digital age. Exports to H.

I use the -R DVDs as well. Most likely the discs were never finalized. That means they will play back on the machine that recorded the copy and sometimes a computer with a DVD drive. I am wondering if there are unites out there that have a "button" to press that will do the recording in a lot less time.

Unfortunately our stock of recorders has been sold out for some time. The manufacturers are no longer producing these devices. I am still researching how to copy my VHS and 8mm tapes. I'm planning on the the Elgato to an external hd using my mac. I am wondering what size external hard drive to buy and I would probably buy two so that I have 2 backups.

Portable drives would work well for this project:.

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The drive comes preformatted for Mac and works out of the box; simply plug the drive in and begin transferring your files quickly using the USB 3. In addition to just storing your files, this drive features bit AES hardware encryption along with the ability to add a return-if-found message if the drive is ever lost. Great little forum here. Yesterday I copied a video to dvd on our Panasonic dvd recorder and things went mostly as the operating instructions said they would. I finalized the dvd and was able to play it back on the dvd player. However, when I stuck it into my computer and tried to play it there, the computer would not recognize it and therefore would not play the disc.

My computer is an old Mac Powerbook and it normally plays dvds, but it would not play this one. So, I'm wondering if it's normal that a copied dvd will not play on a computer or, if they do normally play on a computer, why it's not playing on mine. What say you? This can happen.

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Does your computer normally play these DVD copies you have made on the Panasonic? You might want to try a new blank disc. I tis also possible that the Panasonic recorder is no longer finalizing the recording. I saw on Youtube videos that you can select the number of minutes that you want to capture and it will tell you the size of the digital file that will be created. So, let's say I choose 90 mins of recording and the resulting digital file comes to 3.

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I will then take that file and burn it to a DVD. Will this happen with the files that I create using Elgato? I am asking because I want to know if I can create files that are greater than 4. You can ignore my question above. I had an error in my question above wihere I stated that when you convert the files for the purpose of creating the DVD, that it "reduced" the size of the file. I meant to say it increases it. I tried minutes of VHS video, which created a file that was 1. It did, however, at thtat point give me the option to compress the file so that it would fit.

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I did not opt for that at this time. Need to test some more. What I would reallhy like to do is import the captured video into iMovie so that I could edit it first, but the resulting file created by iMovie is huge and certainily would not fit on the DVD. Embarrassed to say, I am not technically savvy--therefore, the following questions will probably sound dense:. Is this true for all copied DVD's? Hope this makes sense?!! Once a disc is finalized it should playback on any DVD disc reading device. I am in the process of converting my old VHS tapes to files.

On my last conversion I noticed White checkered lines that run top to bottom on each side of my recording. The picture is fine otherwise. These are visible during playback. Is there any way to fix this situation? I am not aware of any linear or practical way to do this.

I once had a similar situation where I projected the footage and then re-shot the footage with a camcorder, framing the projected so the sides were effectively cropped. Seems like it should be possible without putting software in your computer to do this. What equipment do the professionals services use to convert VHS tapes to an archive quality digital file?

Image quality is as good as the quality of the recording you made years ago, you cannot expect HD reproduction. Worth every penny and more!

Tech Review: Honestech VIDBOX For Mac - Convert VHS to Digital

These old tapes degrade over time, this is a very good, cost effective way to digitise them forever. You can save to iTunes then put the videos on other devices afterwards. Absolutely chuffed to bits with results. Skip to main content.

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