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In order to download YouTube playlists, just open the video in the YouTube playlist and you will see a "Download" button on the video window. Click the button and select the "Playlist" option, and then select the videos you want to download in the playlist. Then click "Download" to start downloading. The video amount depending on the settings you confirmed in the "Pregerences" menu.

Obviously, it's a great way to easily grab your viewer's attention from the very beginning. Secondly, a video intro can be extremely effective when people will share your contents to some other online platforms apart from YouTube. So, if you're still wondering that you'll really need to add intros to your YouTube video contents. The answer is - Yes. These tools generally come with an array of useful features and help you to easily create YouTube intros within a snap.

So, it's important to create a sleek, catchy, professional looking intro that will immediately catch the viewers' attention.

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In general, a duration of five seconds is the ideal length of any intro. So, when you're using a professional YouTube Intro Making software, choose the theme, template, and layout in such a way that should not exceed the time frame. So, when you're using a YouTube Intro Making tool, choose the background, filter, or the font colors in such a way that should represent your brand. This effective process can really increase the return viewership. Desktop Products Resources Support Downloads. Learn More. Aimersoft Video Converter Your professional and competitive video converter.

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How to Make a Video Intro for YouTube (Full Tutorial!)

Two things to get to 5 Stars, keep building a library of Intros and secondly, think about improving the user's HMI experience. Stumbled on the fact that you could rename your saved Projects. Wish list for next upgrade: 1. Ability to trim the audio file once imported. An improved HMI for the user. Template options for Portrait. Very quick and easy to make custom intros.

Biggest missing feature is no way that I can find to export projects between devices or save to iCloud. This app needs at least iCloud data backup if not full files support. My other request: More templates! The two packs are so-so, but why not just crank out dozens and dozens of templates at 0.

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You are missing such a big additional revenue stream here, devs! OMG I am extremely happy that I purchased this app! It is soooo worth the money for. Getting a professionally-made video intro can cost an arm and a leg, but there is a way to do it yourself on a budget — and you can get great results too! Save time and download the finished Keynote file, fonts, background image, intro movie and other resources used in this tutorial!

Click the button below:. Download a background image. There are tons of great places to get free images that you can use for your intro. For this tutorial, I used this leaves image from Pixabay. Download the highest-resolution image you can and save it somewhere on your Mac. Download a music file. For this tutorial I used Jazzy Frenchy from Bensound. Download your track and save it to your Mac.

Follow these steps to set up your new Keynote document:. When creating your intro presentation in Keynote, choose the Wide White theme. Delete the default text. Repeat for the bottom text box:.

Create Youtube Intros with Intro Maker Online.

Delete the two default text boxes by clicking them and pressing Delete. Save the Keynote presentation. Looking good! To add the background image to your presentation, drag it from the Finder into the Keynote window. Resize the image to fill the whole frame. Drag the image until its top-left corner is outside the top-left corner of the white frame. The image will overlap the frame a bit.

Position and resize the background image so it fills the whole slide. Fade the image out. Our background image is vibrant and super-fun.

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  7. Type 30 and press Return. Follow these steps to add the text:.

    About Intro Maker- Opener Template for iMovie & Youtube

    Style the text. In the right-hand Format panel, click the Text tab to bring up the text options panel. In the Font section of the panel, choose the Philosopher font, click the B button to make it bold, and type into the font size box to set the size to pt. Position the text box. Position and resize the rectangle.

    Then drag the bottom right handle on the rectangle to stretch it so that it sits comfortably around the text. You can then click and drag the rectangle to reposition it; when you see the yellow cross appear then the rectangle is centered exactly underneath the text:. Make it pretty. With the rectangle still selected, click the Style tab in the right-hand Format panel. In the Fill section near the top of the Style panel, choose Color Fill from the menu, then click the rainbow icon to the right of the coloured box below the menu to bring up the colour picker.

    Style your rectangle by setting its colour and opacity. Make the text white. All you need to do now is make the text white. Click it, choose the Text tab in the Format panel, and click the coloured box to the left of the rainbow icon in the panel. Click the bottom-left white box to turn the text white:. Click the white box to turn the text white.