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How can I see what I just did on my computer? For example, an activity log showing that I copied a file from here to there? Not at that level of detail by default.

Step 2: Check Recent Items

Logging is available for many actions by checking out your console app and taking a look at contents, but it's down to each app to decide what level of system logging is needs to do to be useful. Increased logging is very useful to aid in debugging and to understand user problems, but at the cost of the management and performance hits of dealing with enormous log files.

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In your case, the finder doesn't log each individual file creation or amendment, but you may be able to find other finder replacements which have customization debug level logging to achieve this. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is there a detailed activity log on Mac OS X that lists my recent commands and actions? Ask Question.

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Chris W. Those put little load on Xcode, but involved lots of signing and documentation updating. I have explained more technical details in my article here yesterday, which explains my concept of log load, and the factors which affect it, among other things. It does, though, give great insight into the activity of different processes on that Mac over a surprisingly long period. On this iMac, my unified log files go back for around 20 days, which I thought was amazingly long. This information goes back about five times that, which is extraordinary.

One immediate use for this information is when trying to work out which specific log files to examine, when diagnosing a problem or bug.

Who's Been Using Your Mac Behind Your Back? Find Out!

Before this, you had nothing to go on other than the symptoms reported. Now you can look back and work out exactly which log files are likely to contain most entries from the process es you are interested in. I have no doubt that Apple finds them invaluable when it analyses the output from sysdiagnose. You too can now access that previously hidden information. Please use it wisely.

Using the Console on macOS Sierra and later

Like Like. The unified log runs whenever your Mac is on, and not asleep. You have fine control over its logging of certain messages and message types, but I am not aware of any way to turn logging off altogether, nor to change the period for which logs are kept. Normally, none of this information is sent to Apple or anywhere else.

However, if you send Apple the output from sysdiagnose , then all this information is bundled up in the data and sent to them.

Check which apps and websites your child has used on Mac

Apple should explain at the time that the data sent to them contains personal information, etc. I hope that is clear. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. More information I have explained more technical details in my article here yesterday, which explains my concept of log load, and the factors which affect it, among other things. I will also be developing better tools over the course of the next few days and weeks.

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