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I got a refund for the Mac app store Pages purchase and was advised to purchas an old copy of Pages 09 on disc! My invoice now have to be created on the iPad and although it mostly works, I cannot for the life of me find a way to create a formula in a table cell in pages even to just add a total of the above cells. So I have to add the figures up myself and type the total in like an animal;.

You can, of course, create a new formula for a cell in Numbers for iOS as I have used it for my accounts but somehow it was deemed unimportant for table cells in Pages. Had the exact same problem. Thanks a bunch for sharing the solution! Albeit a small home business, which is more of a hobby, but still.

I have the same problems with many of my files. This is quite a disaster. But i managed to fix it by simple steps. I have only tried it on one file so far, but it worked. Better make a backup that you modify this way, and note that it will remove all images in your numbers file:. Right-click on numbers file and open package. Delete all of these: a. When i did this, i could open the file, but not only that — i could open the original file also, that was not modified!

And it now seem to work as it should. Perhaps not all those files need to be deleted, but it may only be one or few of them. But i dont see any harm in removing Metadata and preview, since it will probably be reproduced anyways.

Pages for iCloud: Sync a document across your devices

Thanks, Robert. That does sound like a good idea. I just ran in to this issue opening an older Pages file. I was able open my file by right-clicking on it and choosing Open With … then … Pages 4. Thanks for the work. More research is form of job security…. If OpenOffice created it then it might be corrrupt from the start. You could try using iCloud.

Can’t find a document created on a Mac

Numbers can surely open csv. Perhaps as I do not know your experiences. Thank you for the post. And I have Numbers 3. As it contains links it will be tricky, but you might try uploading the original Excel file into your account on icloud. Similar problem. Selected numbers on AP store and clicked install.

Your iPad OS is not recent enough. I have stacks of spreadsheets on the ipad and can no longer access any of them. I converted one to excel on my phone and emailed it to the iPad to open in the Excel app. Opened but view only. Did you try opening them on iCloud. You could try opening it there and then export it. Might work. I think it was a little premature to delete the Numbers app. You might be able to get it from an iCloud or iTunes backup?

As for the one in the Excel app, copy the data and create a new spreadsheet. Or see if you can export it to CSV. I can open them on iCloud on a PC and export to docs in excel. The point is though that the iOS numbers AP is now disabled on my iPad which is where I have been working for convenience. I initially removed the numbers app because it had ceased to open spreadsheets, hence my attempt to reload it. The Sheet that opened in the excel app, it is read only unless I sign up to a Microsoft account. Many thanks for your suggestions though.

How to recover when Apple Numbers says a file “can’t be opened for some reason”

You have the gift of healing hands sir. Well the remote tech psychic version anyway. I hit download and got the message asking if I wished to download the version compatible with my aging pad and so I did so. Loaded and worked. Nick P. Your article says it all!

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Thank you for that! Extremely disappointing, frustrating, unprofessional error message from Appel. Going back to Excel. My Numbers days are over! This thread started in and has now re-started after a break of almost two years. Thanks for the great article. I discovered the same solution after two days of frustration.

Not a fun time. The document in question would load, no problems, and I immediately duplicated it, enabled Wi-Fi and had it upload to her iCloud account. Also, duplicated the second file. There is no way for me to explain to my wife what went wrong, because I have no idea. She has a hard time handling macOSX after Windows, and is not a fan of the file management system.

I took a screenshot of the error and started looking around for this. The first version we got going with Keynote was where he could load it, but after saving he could no longer load it. I want Apple to do a better job of this. This is not cool. Heads would have rolled if this happened during the previous management. What a pain. I can recover the sheet by opening in the cloud with a Windows machine and converting to excel and saving as excel. I can then email it to myself and the open it in numbers where it works again.

To think I Was on the verge of buying the new iPad Pro. Anyone know of a Linux tablet? Stop press. Never mind the Linux tablet idea. The google docs wants a new iPad as well. That keeps going for decades. Thank you for your suggestions sp. At present I have transferred my affections to Google which appears to be working out ok.

Also, contrary to my first impressions my version of Pages also exports to google docs. I should add that I exported all necessary sheets to google docs from my iPhone, not the iPad. Anyway, a new tablet for Christmas I think. Thanks so much for getting me on the right path of a temporary solution to recover all my lost work from yesterday in a Numbers file. Thanks again! Wow, and this bug is still here. The only way this error message could have been less helpful is if it had added an LOL at the end. I guess nobody uses Numbers anymore? Whenever I try to use it I always seem to end up with multiple versions of the same file with no idea of which is the most current, or things that I know that I typed but are now just missing.

Or worse, just plain corrupted files that immediately crash the entire application and somehow all of the previous versions do the same thing. Read More , you can also restore previous versions from there. Be sure to save your documents in the corresponding folder of the drive. To look at previous versions, open iCloud in your browser at iCloud. Then click the cog icon at the top of the screen. The answer depends on what device you're currently using! Read More! Office can sometimes help you recover some of those changes. The first step is to simply reopen the app you were using.

Open Terminal, and type or paste the following command:. That will bring you to the AutoRecovery folder, where you may be able to find some autosaved versions of your documents:. Note that some files might be hidden. To start this process, fire up Terminal and enter the following command:. Here are the best free and paid macOS text editors for plain text, coding, and everything in between. Microsoft Office, however, makes it quite a bit more difficult. If you insist on continuing with Microsoft Office, the first step to take is to make sure that your AutoRecovery options are set how you want them.

We uncover overlooked Microsoft Office features and show you how they could improve your workflow. Read More that supports versioning. You should be backing up your computer anyway, and being able to roll back documents to a previous version is just a bonus. How do you restore previous versions of documents on your Mac?

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