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Transferring Files from a USB Flash Drive to Your Computer

Fix 'USB isn't showing up' issue; 2. Check out and follow to repair your USB flash drive to function normally again. My Mac just doesn't show any signal of the drive. I have important files on the drive and additionally would like to use USB on my Mac in the future.

Which format to choose?

Please help me to get the missing USB flash drive to show up. Thanks in advance! We collected several fixes for you to try and make your USB flash drive detected by Mac computer. Step 2: Go to the "Genernal" tab, under "Show these items on desktop", make sure External disks is checked. Step 1: Open Terminal in Utilities, type: diskutil list and press Return.

Replace 2 with the disk number of your USB flash drive. Step 4: Type: diskutil list and press Return.

Files from Mac are not showing on USB flash drive in Windows - Super User

When the USB disappear from the Terminal list, close the window. After that, your USB will be detected and work again after the operations above. There, you can open the USB, check and use all existing files on the drive again. Also, some of the above solutions Fix 3 and Fix 4 may also cause file loss when you apply to fix this error without awareness. For example, USB drive becomes inaccessible or files disappear.

If you are having file loss issue on the USB flash drive, follow Part 2 and you'll find a perfect data recovery resolution on USB flash drive. If Mac computer can read the USB drive but is unable to open the drive or the device got formatted, the data is still recoverable. This tool recovers photos, videos, documents, and music from your Mac hard drive and external storage devices in only three steps.

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Step 1. Correctly connect your USB flash drive to your Mac.

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Start selecting the flash drive and click Scan to let the software search lost files on it. Step 2. After quick scan and deep scan, all files will be presented in the left pane in the scan results.

USB - How do I format my USB Flash Drive on a Mac?

If you're the type who's constantly on the go, learning how to utilize a portable USB memory stick for transferring files between your MacBook Pro and other computers is essential. Fortunately, the process is incredibly simple and only takes a few seconds, depending on the file sizes you're working with. Once mounted, it will appear as a white icon on your desktop. If you want to rename the USB drive, simply click the icon and type the new name in the text-field.

How to Format Your USB Flash Drive to exFAT?

Save files to the USB memory stick. This can be done in two ways. If you already have a file saved you want to transfer to your USB drive, simply click, drag and drop it into the USB drive icon displayed on your desktop.

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Once dropped into the icon, a status pop-up window will appear, displaying a bar that tracks the status of the upload. For larger files, this process can take up to a few minutes.

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  6. Open files saved to the USB memory stick. Open a new "Finder" window and find the USB drive icon shown in the left sidebar. Click the USB drive icon to display its contents in the main window pane.