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Audio Recorder. Support d'AppleScript. Editeur de fichiers audio mp3. Sait retrouver les silences dans un fichier audio et permet de les supprimer ou de couper le fichier principal en autant de fichiers secondaires. BurnX Free. Avec cette option, le livret aura le quart de la taille du papier. Coconut WiFi.

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Combine PDFs. Comic Life. Cursor locator.

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Permet d'envoyer des fichiers vers un serveur ftp. D-Vision 3. DivX Player.


Edumedia Sciences. Sur un ordinateur portable, appuyez sur Fn-F9. Lire la suite FreeMind est un utilitaire de notes et brainstorming. Front Row. Ce logiciel pour Mac OS X GE typo. Goldberg 2. Is this not a good test to see if the market is ready?

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Oh by the way, here is the hardware setup I use to produce the Podcast. Posted on March 11th, by StuFF mc. Categories: Pom4.

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  • Podcast: mp4 with chapters — mp3. Of course the beachball has attacked and bad. I want to go back to something that worked, as I was happy enough until this month. Questions: 1. What about my files? Pity Safari does not work perfectly.

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    I wish Firefox still supported Snow Leopard but what can you do. I may go back to Snow Leopard one day as it is so much faster and stable compared to any other version of OS X. In reality, what do operating systems really offer that can not already be done? Just wish developers would keep supporting older operating systems, such as Snow Leopard and XP. I have a 2. These are the two that I have used several hours up getting to run again on my hardware. Snow Leopard was the first OS that was Intel only. Please correct your article.

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    This is an article about where to find and download old Mac software, not an article about which computer processor architectures can run which versions of system software. Please correct your comment. If you have an old Mac, surely you know what software it runs already. I run Snow Leopard on an i5 hackintosh. I run Tiger I have hundreds of old apps going back to MacOS 6. I also run several MacBook Pros, which are much better for web browsing and videos.

    Snow Leopard. The last competent OS for the Mac. Speed was never the issue for me but user friendliness most definitely is. Preview, TextEdit and just about every formerly properly configured Apple application of the past have devolved significantly in useability. Apple is the new MicroSoft. The computer for the rest of us has been laid in its grave. That is Tim Cooks preferred method. Your article gives me hope, now I just need some instructions to update while maintaining the use of Appleworks which I use and it is the reason I have not upgraded my Mac OS beyond I have an iMac, 3.

    Peggy, if it works for you then I would stay put on Just for some reference I have several Macs running older versions like you and they still work great. AppleWorks was transformed into Pages, for better or worse. With your Mac the main thing I would probably do is get more RAM as more memory always improves performance, as does an SSD hard disk, if you want performance boost, but why mess with software when what you have works? My opinion is there is absolutely no need to update older systems when they work well as is, I firmly believe that after experiencing huge problems with Lion, Yosemite, and High Sierra.

    Often the new updates make performance worse or stop compatibility of applications, or make things buggy or just worsen the overall experience, what the heck is the point of that? No thank you! The grass is NOT always greener! A lot of these older versions of software have greater compatibility with many apps, so if app compatibility is a requirement sometimes you have to stay with those versions.

    Attempting to browse the internet is very frustrating. There is nothing wrong with my computer, but by my not updating the system I am being punished by the WWW gods who have locked me out of doing much on the internet.