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How to make a bootable Mavericks install drive

You mixed backward and forward slashes and you need to look carefully at every character of code. Rebecca Book. Can you help? Cheryl Bentley.

How to clean install OS X on your Mac/MacBook Pro/Air?

Hi, so I managed to make the portable USB drive…. Andrew Norton. Bethany Spain. Tim Tribe. Michael Lustig. Beth DiGiambatista. Can you do the exact same thing with the OS X Lion? Cali Z. Sam Wilson. Follow Prompts to install your new OS X I went through Apple's h e l l h o l e and back to bring you this step-by-step guide. Sevan Vlieghe. Fawad khan. Mahira Khan. Muhammad Sajid. Paul Ross. Alyssa Swanton. Fahad Malik. Ross Mark. Abrar Hasan. Brian Dean. Mehvish Noor. Alina Malik. Nouman Rao. Why Telling You. Download zone. I have had the similar errors on Thanks again, Nisha.

Lilly Chen. Elisa John. Xmart Malik. Robia Albert. Recent Posts. But it also introduced some bugs and even took away some features without good reason. If you've been frustrated by Mavericks, or have found that an application you frequently use doesn't work with it, here's how to downgrade back to OS X Mountain Lion. First make sure you have a backup of all of your data. Time Machine is a pretty simple solution for this, but Leo has also recommended Super Duper in the past.

If the command fails, check your command syntax. It must be precisely entered with no additional characters, spaces, or breaks to function as intended. Do not modify the command beyond specifying the volume name. Because the command uses sudo you will need to enter the Macs administrator password to continue the process, note that when typing admin passwords into the command line using sudo or su the password text will not display and it will appear as if nothing is being typed, that is a security feature, just type the password as usual and hit return.

Copying installer files to disk Copy complete. Making disk bootable Copying boot files Exit out of Terminal and return to the Finder if you want to confirm the OS X Mavericks installation drive was created. You can now choose to install Mavericks with the original installer that you stopped at in the first step, or use the installation volume you just created. This will boot directly into the Mavericks installer where you can upgrade or reinstall OS X.

The install is almost entirely automated once you select the volume, and the total installation time is usually about 35 minutes to 1 hour, though it may take longer depending on the Mac model. Enjoy Mavericks! Enjoy this tip?


Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. I get all sort of problem in the terminal. Command not found. You need to specify a path. I am using now this scripts someone did. Mavericks Bootable Installer v1.

I just followed the instructions with the El Capitan installer app substituted appropriately. I just downloaded it May 31st You can just open the App store, type El Capitan in the search field then re-download. Little more investigation left. This tutorial is no longer valid as you cannot get the software anymore. Please remove this tutorial and save other people time! You need to download OS X Mavericks from the Mac App Store and create the boot installer on a Mac, it is crazy to get a software installer from a third party source which can not be trusted in this day and age, lord knows what they stuffed in there.

But i really need to get it going because i have work to do. My mac is completely formatted, how can i instal mavericks in that though i have downloaded mavericks. Plz help! Thaaank you so much, I was having a lot of trouble restoring to one partition my HD, finally something worked!!! Thanks :. Way to go, thank you , created an install disc first time. Only had a couple of minor glitches and that was me not copying the script exactly and then forgetting to change the volume name, once I did that, spot on, thank you Ian.

It worked! I felt like a kid on a first date. Very clear instructions works a treat. I watched a film. Which is the same as what you say here. Would this not do it the same way as the old way? If so, why not? It was so much easier than typing all this crap. This is stupid. Thank you I have tried many methods and none have worked and blissfully I have no idea why. Yours worked first time and I thank you for taking the time to help others not so talented as yourself. All of the steps seem to work fine and the Install is on the USB, but when I remove and place in another macBook Pro it goes through all of the steps and says it is installing.

OSx has been DLed. Please help. Repairing permissions through Disk Utility best done by way of booting into Recovery Mode should resolve that. Just as a note to others out there. I am getting the following error code — Mount of outer dmg failed. Anyone know what this is and how to resolve. When I reboot and hold option the Installer does not show. I got this exact same message. Re-downloading Mavericks from the App Store does not fix the issue. Something has clearly changed and this method no longer works.

The instructions above for using Disk Utility to format the drive uses the default volume name…which in cases varies. You will note when in the Disk Utility on the Partition tab, the right hand side will have the Partition Information. The command should work this time. However after i selected, it went to grey white screen and continue spinning and eventually the apple icon turn to another sign.

I notice a comment above said it takes a while and that it might need an hour or so but 2 hours seems a little excessive…? That really s NOT as intuitive as you might think, giving how odd the terminal looks to a novice. Yes this creates an OS X Mavericks bootable installer drive. You should always back up your Mac before attempting to erase or clean install. But everything went perfect from there..

Same exact thing happened to me.

The easy way

Did I miss something? Or they entered the command wrong, which is why everyone must be sure to enter the command onto a single line. The command is broken down as follows:. I see that the command line points to the Mavericks. Problem is after downloading it the app does not appear in my applications folder, all i see is an install OS X Yosemite app, nothing for Mavericks.

How do we overcome this? This article is for Mavericks OS X Simply change the 2 instances of the word Mavericks to Yosemite. So, it will look like the below:. Once the new version of mavericks is installed, can I restore from a time machine back up to retrieve my old desktop, apps, music etc?

As the whole reason this situation started with the grey screen is due to the fact that I was trying to do a restore from my portable hard drive. Great job with the instructions. I was able to make it work the first time out of the gate. Any ideas? Yes you can resolve disk erase error by formatting the drive beforehand to be Mac compatible and making it GUID partition.

How to Unlock Recovery HD on Mac OS X Lion

Also run the command from a new version of OS X, it seems Snow Leopard has problems formatting the drives. But I have another question: I tried using a 16GB SD card as a temporary store, but something went wrong and I could not get it to show up in the reboot-option menu — it does however seem to have the installation data.

I then erased an external HD I have lying around, and repeated — this worked like a charm and I got the Maverics clean installed. The problem I have now is that disk utility of OSX or any other app I found and tried is not able to format the SD card, but whatever I do, the content persists even the name does not change, though it says formatting was successful. Which effectively renders the card unusable. Anyone have an idea what happened, does the command used here somehow break the protected area of an SD?

Please double-check your typing when using sudo. Hi all. Installed it on my MacBook Pro, then on some iMacs. Everything went well and exited properly. I tried on other machines and still have same problem.

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When done copying, expand the dmg and it gives a lot of mkpg files packages. So this process will not work on an older Mac running Still getting the: Failed to start erase of disk due to error , 0. A error occurred erasing the disk. Answered my own question. Got past this error and successfully created the bootable drive using this process instead.

You can resolve Error by formatting the destination disk first with Disk Utility to be Mac compatible. Then set it as a GUID partition and follow the instructions as usual. You can also follow the more technical approach from the original installer, which continues to work with new versions of Mavericks:. Has anybody solved this error? Once OS X Mavericks Enter the command as shown. DO NOT add extra spaces. I repeat: do NOT add extra spaces to any commands. Modifying the command in any way other than changing the name of the destination volume may result in the command not working.

The command line operates on a very precise level that requires exact syntax. If using the Terminal or command line is beyond your level of technical competency or comfort, consider installing OS X Mavericks as normal from the App Store. Really easy installation guide, the longest part was transferring Mavericks installation stuff on to the USB key.

Thanks for the information, very useful. Just for information, I actually tried the installer out on a brand new drive and can confirm it works like a charm. One thing to note though is when you begin the download from your USB drive the install window initially starts and the progress bar suggests to wait for 9 minutes, but. NOTE …. This got me fooled twice and I mistakenly rebooted manually but then ended up having to begin the whole install procedure right back from the start. Works like a charm. Many thanks. A question though. Can I repeat the clean install on other machines without first downloading Mavericks on each machine individually?

Yes you can use the installer on multiple Macs, it only contains the installer. Once you make the install drive you do not need to download Mavericks again on any other Macs, just use the USB drive to install on as many as you want. Shilo, see my Post below, I got the same error as you but it was because I thought the process had hung. Less technical and actually worked.

For the record, I work a lot on the command line and it still was not working.

How To Recover Recovery HD Partition in OS X Mavericks

If i perform this type of clean install of maverick over mountain lion MBA — and then decide to do a factory reset some time later — Will it still be an out of the box mba with mountain lion??? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for the excellent guide it really did come in handy when truing to do a clean install on an old MBP.

If following the instruction above to create a bootable GUID partition, make sure your partition is named untitled and not untitled 1. Can only choose between Machintosh HD and Recovery..

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  8. Help is much appreciated. You need to make the drive bootable by setting up a GUID partition as described in the steps, without that the disk may not always be bootable to install Mavericks. It depends on the partition format to begin with, of course. How long should it usually take to do all the copying? I had a stubborn drive that would not erase because of that, so just format your install media. Hi Ray, I was getting the same errors, I was able to fix it by changing the name of the GUID partition to something other than Untitled, I changed it to Yosemite, and changed the terminal command as well to:.

    Thanks, Dan.