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Note: If you use QuickBooks Online, click here for instructions on how to send us your data. The instructions below only apply to desktop versions of QuickBooks. Our next-best alternative is to receive documents using our encrypted file-sharing service, ShareFile. If you need help figuring out how to use ShareFile, we have a page to provide help here.

Note that we will also need the administrator password for the. QBB file to restore it on our end. We use QuickBooks backup files most frequently because backup files can work between different versions of QuickBooks. This is true both for versions of QuickBooks from different years and versions of QuickBooks designed for Mac versus Windows. A more detailed explanation of this reasoning follows below. One type of updating is when you download updates for your particular version of QuickBooks often for things like bug fixes and security updates.

The other type of updating QuickBooks is purchasing the latest version of the QuickBooks software from Intuit. Intuit releases a new version of QuickBooks each year, often with a few new bells and whistles. And their idea is that business owners should purchase a new QuickBooks product every year. So for example, if you have QuickBooks , your accountant has QuickBooks , and you try to send your accountant a copy of your company file the one with the. QBW extension , your accountant may not be able to open the file because your version of QuickBooks may be too old compared to his or hers.

Pay special attention to the differences between the file extensions for different types of files. This is a regular, vanilla QuickBooks file. It has the extension. If you have the latest version of QuickBooks QuickBooks as of this writing and you are a Windows user, sending us the. If you choose to provide us your QuickBooks data as a.

QBW file, we will generally need to know a password to the file to use your data often your administrator password. Partway through the process it will recognize that you already have an export available, and give you the opportunity to download it. Alicia, If I have uploaded invoices and reciepts into quickbooks online as attachments, are those accessible from the export?

I am trying to figure out if I need to attach them to the transactions AND save them on my harddrive, or if the exports would effectively save them for me. Hi Charlie, You know, no one has asked me that question before! If you have a folder of attachments on your hard drive, definitely hold onto them! I have been trying to export this file now for a few weeks and ive tried a million different things, but it will not convert over. If I do the compatibility mode step my screen goes white. When I hit convert with pro open to the no company selected page it gets to about 6 percent every time and completely crashes and asks me to try it again.

I have calls into support but constantly get the run around.

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Is there any light you can shed on my situation? Have you head of this issue before? Hi Matt, Have you tried it on more than one computer?

Set up Intuit Data Protect

Please help. I am confused as to use which version. I have QBO Accountant, however the client is not my direct client and the client data is sent to me by another Bookkeeper who has subcontracted the work to me. Pl advice which version of QB I can use to do this work and export it back to the main Bookkeeper. Hi Raj, You need the Bookkeeper to add you as a member of their Team and then assign the client to you. I have followed all the steps and it appears that my desktop version is not finding the file, it will say there is an open window of Quickbooks running and it will use that one but nothing happens.

I have ensured all company files all closed on Desktop version. I am running a QB Accountant Desktop I pretty much can get through all the steps of downloaded, converting, picking the file location of where I want it saved and thats as far as it goes. Any help would be great! Try restarting your computer, and also run any updates on your copy of QuickBooks. I read all above comments, and followed all the prerequisites Bit, IE11, Company Admin, all security settings, etc.

Am I missing something here? Hi Gekke, Be sure to submit Feedback under the Gear to let the team know you need the Canadian version to export, too! Alicia, Do you think this would be a viable way to transfer a qbo account to a new qbo account? For example, downloading it to the desktop version and then uploading it back into a new qbo account.

Export data file from QuickBooks Online to QuickBo - QuickBooks Community

How do I convert it to a QBW file? It sounds like you stopped the process before clicking that button! I cannot, for the life of me, get QBO to give me the prompt to convert. Hi Mike, Sometimes the window is hiding behind other windows. Look in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen and see if QuickBooks has an orange line under it, or another indicator showing that a dialog box is open and waiting for you. I have redone the export function several times and QBO keeps omitting this 6th customer.

Among many this tried already include I have alread clearing the cache in my internet browser and making sure customer data meets export requirements…any suggestions????.. You can either call QBO support, or we can book an appointment for me to take a look. I have done everything listed and requested data export waiting to receive email. If this data exports correctly, will I have to convert it to desktop before bringing it back to QBO?

This is a maddening process. I am on QB Enterprise I was told by QB I have too much data created over too many years to have a stable system, so they said to start a new company. Any suggestions how to get the data from loaded into the new QB Company so I can proceed on? Hi James, There are two people who can condense your file well. Contact either of them.

Good luck!

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I followed all the procedure. And got as far as downloading and clicking the convert button. Nut nothing happens. I left the computer on for a couple of hours and the company file does not appear…. Hi David, If nothing shows, check to see if the window is hiding behind others. Sometimes it also takes a couple tries. You do have to do the steps in the exact order, right down to which windows are open. God bless you for this. After quite a bit of frustration, this worked like a charm. I would hug you if I could.

Backup And Restore Quickbooks Company file (Flash drive)

Thank you so much!!! I took the back up of Quickbook online. I got notification from website saying that the task is ready. I followed the instructions and downloaded the file on my desktop. I cannot find the file on my desk top. Can you tell me what the steps to follow after downloading file? Hi Rina, Follow all the steps very carefully. Make sure you have QuickBooks Desktop open to the Choose a company screen. I am trying to do on a mac — I thought since your original post was 5 years ago this would now be an option but I am advised there was a problem and to try again later.

Hi Alicia, My name is Michael. I am new to quickbooks online, actually I am new to quickbooks completely. I was looking for a tutor on quickbooks. That I can pay and get some questions and detailed answered. Do you offer that kind of service? Hi Michale, Alicia offers a wide variety of QuickBooks classes and self paced courses, as well offering 1 on 1 time for QB review and assessments. Please feel free to view her schedule or book an appointment.

When you try login to your QuickBooks online Mac app, then it starts running into looping cycle. To resolve this issue, you can follow few steps:. Now, launch the application by keep pressing on Function ctrl key. This will make you to have a prompt to reset this app. Name required. Email will not be published required. Leave this field empty. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive "3 iPhone and iPad Tips. We have Incorporated!

Sending Us the Backup File

Joe March 26, at am. Pete May 11, at am. Does this still work? Alicia Katz Pollock May 15, at pm.

Exporting a Copy of Your QuickBooks Online file

Nancy June 9, at pm. Alicia Katz Pollock June 10, at am. Hi Nancy, This article was written in , so the menus changed. This is why for over 30 years use QB desktop… Reply.