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macos - can't ping from mac host to windows guest in virtual box - Super User

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    User profile for user: Toontje Toontje. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0. Check the network profile. In Windows 7 you have a firewall for each network profile.

    How to Ping IP Address on Mac: Three Methods Explained

    Since the OP mentioned he turned off firewalls, and since there is a No route to host reported; this suggestion would perhaps be better provided as a comment. There are circumstances under which Windows 7 will not respond to a ping request. These include: From time to time there is an issue with Windows 7 computers in the network: they do not answer ping requests although everything seems properly configured and other clients in the same network work fine. I could solve this by following the steps below. Created a host-only adapter by going to setting of virtual machine as below Check the first three decimal parts of windows 7 virtual machine ip address ex : It is Select the host-only Networks tab.

    Change the first three decimal parts of IPv4 address of Adapter tab as in windows 7 virtual machine ip address.

    how to ping ip address on mac

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