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This section will look into the installation of Erlang and its subsequent configuration on a windows machine to get started with Erlang. This page has a variety of downloads and also the steps required to download and install the language on Linux and Mac platforms.

After the installer starts, click Run. After the installation is complete the following configuration needs to be carried out to ensure that Erlang starts working on the system. If you now open the command prompt and type erl , you should be able to get the erl command prompt.

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Click Ok. Check the plugins and click Next. Click Next. Finally, click the Finish button.

Final Remarks

Once Eclipse is restarted, when you create a project, you will be able to see Erlang as an option as well. You will get Erlang plugin on the right hand side of the screen. Soon I will probably write an entry about customizing it to be a mostly amazing experience. Earlier this year I joined Mainframe as a backend engineer.

Downloading Erlang

When it comes to elixir there were some good books to help me understand it better, but I also needed an editor or and IDE that would give me the necessary tools without getting in my way. TL;DR: You might want some plugins. Use sync-settings and use my saved settings to have Atom set up exactly as I have.


While Atom is a great general-purpose editor out of the box, it really shines if you adapt it to your needs using plugins. Unlike some other editors out there, the plugins are all in one central repository and can be easily installed and purged from within Atom interface, without messing with any config files or cryptic commands. While very simple, helps turn Atom into an IDE. Enables you to create console based tasks to be run in an Atom pane.

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I set it up to run elixir tests in the project either all or a subset and recompile the whole project and show generated warnings. Double-clicking a word in the code highlights it the whole file.