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Download Line6 TonePort UX1 Audio Driver for Windows XP, Windows Vista

Under certain circumstances, YGG may bear liability for onward transfers of personal information from the EU where its designated third parties process personal information inconsistent with the EU-U. Privacy Shield Principles, unless YGG proves that it is not responsible for the event giving rise to the damages.

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This information includes IP address, geographic location of the device, browser type, browser language, date and time of your request, time s of your visit s , demographics, page views and page elements e. We use this information to provide better, more relevant content on our site, to measure the effectiveness of advertisements, to identify and fix problems, and to improve your overall experience on our site.

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These linked sites and apps are not under our control and we are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any linked sites and apps. I'll be sure to try the Line 6 driver. I've only had it plugged in in the front of the interface, sounds like that's part of the issue. Thank you, all of you! Originally Posted by SanityTheorist. Originally Posted by bluzkat. Plug your guitar into the Instrument jack on the front of the UX1. The Line inputs are not for plugging your guitar in. Maybe you need to download the manual for the UX1 and read it. Find the download on the Line6 website link is in my earlier post.

Alright, got the driver updated. Monkey said it needed an update and I did that.

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Thank you in advance. Then go to the Audio Device setting Hopefully that will work for you. I'm just thoroughly baffled and don't even have any ideas of my own at this point. This set up is maddening. Originally Posted by Winfield.

Last edited by SanityTheorist; at PM. Thread Tools. All times are GMT If you're starting to record and make CD's, I highly reccomend this. The amp software sounds really nice, and it is a solid and simple little box, with a ton of versatility. Obviously, the Ableton Live software is very limited. You can only use 4 total built in fx at a time and only 2 third party plug-ins.

My only complaint is that there's no phantom power. For those who have outboard mixers, this is no problem, but for those who don't, beware. The tones are cool! The UX1 is by far the best interface that you are going to find. Currently offered in two versions, the UX1 and UX2, the TonePorts each have a hardware front end that interfaces with a software processing rack of Line 6 guitar, amplifier, cabinet, and effects models.

The design of the TonePort system allows the UX1 and UX2 to straddle the middle ground between outboard hardware processors and software plug-ins. Your guitar signal passes through a hardware input and is then sent to your computer through USB, where it is processed by the GearBox software.

Next it is routed to the recording software of your choice, and then back to the TonePort for monitoring. This setup lets you monitor your signal through GearBox with minimal latency while setting your host software's buffer at a high level. That results in better host performance than you could achieve with a plug-in, which would require a lower buffer setting to avoid excessive latency.

There are no pad switches. The UX2's twin VU meters light up when the interface is connected to a USB port and can display the input, send, monitor, or output level, depending on which is selected in the GearBox software. The meters do not have a numerical scale on them, just Min and Max notations. There is a clipping LED for each meter to indicate peaks. I would have preferred real hardware options for There are knobs to control mic gain, headphone volume, and output volume.

The top of the UX2 has four knobs see Fig. Near the headphone jack is the Phones knob to control headphone volume. Behind the Phones knob is the Output knob, which adjusts the volume at the analog outputs. All of the TonePort's audio processing happens inside GearBox. Signals input through the UX2 get sent directly to GearBox.

After that, the program sends them to the UX2's audio driver and analog outputs. The audio driver has four sends and one stereo return. The UX2's monitoring scheme, called ToneDirect monitoring, lets you hear your guitar signal after GearBox processes it but before it has passed to your recording software. The latency is not as low as you'd get on a device that has direct hardware monitoring, but it's low enough it was an acceptable 10 ms on my system to let you set a high buffer in your host software.

GearBox allows you to address the UX2's inputs in a variety of ways. You can plug in two simultaneous mic or line sources, plug in one instrument and one mic, or input a single instrument, mic, or line-level source. You can't use both instrument inputs simultaneously. If you plug instruments into both, only the Normal input will be heard. When using one of the dual-input configurations, you can choose the Dual Mono option, in which GearBox processes each signal separately. One signal is sent from send and the other from send I wish that GearBox had software returns so that you could route recorded tracks from your host through GearBox's processing.

GearBox has knobs to adjust the monitor signal to the TonePort, the record signal to the recording software, the pan position of the recording signal, and the master output volume to the UX2. There is also a handy button to boost the signal to your recording software by 18 dB. Another nice GearBox feature is its hum-reduction algorithm, which operates using a simple Learn button.

Although I didn't have significant hum in my setup, it silenced the little that I did have. Listening In If the UX2 is your only audio interface, you can hook it up to your audio monitors and hear the input signal from the UX2 and the output of your audio software. If your speakers are already hooked up to another audio interface, you can connect the UX2's outputs to the inputs of that interface and use its direct-monitoring capabilities. That will allow you to record the input signal from GearBox into your host and monitor it through the software of that other interface.

Instalar POD farm 2.58 MAC OSX GRATIS! - Install POD farm 2.58 MAC OSX FREE!!!

I tested an aggregate device in Apple Logic Pro 7. You can set both to control either GearBox or your audio software, or you can assign one footswitch to each. When used to control GearBox, a footswitch can be assigned to control the tap tempo function, toggle individual GearBox effects on or off, activate the tuner, advance presets, or mute some or all of the recording sends. When used in that way, the TonePort shows up as an available MIDI or control-surface input in your host software, depending on how you've configured the footswitch in GearBox.

Simply select it as a controller or MIDI destination, and you can use the footswitch with your host. Currently, Line 6 doesn't ship the UX2 with printed documentation. All About Tone GearBox has dozens of models of classic amplifiers, speakers, stompboxes, and even mic preamps. Many of the models are from the PodXT processor. The effects cannot be freely placed in the chain, but most offer pre and post switches to allow them to be placed either before or after the speaker cabinet.

You can also buy extra model packs from Line 6, including the rest of the PodXT sounds or packs of classic models, metal models, and effects models. Line 6's models range from fair to excellent, and this batch is no exception. I'm less enthused about the Fender models, which seem a bit duller than real Fenders I've owned. GearBox's mic preamp models are designed for use with incoming mic signals. They offer pleasant warmth and color, but don't expect them to turn the UX2's preamps into Neves or Avalons. Of the sounds in the optional model packs, the amp models in the Metal Shop collection, such as the Bomber Uber and Diety, are punchy yet retain the sound of the guitar.

But at its current price, it's hard to complain. If you're in the market for a stereo USB interface that offers instrument and microphone processing, the UX2 should be on your short list. Orren Merton is the author of Guitar Rig 2 Power! Expandable sound set. ToneDirect monitoring allows high host-software buffer settings.

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