Mac keepsakes red lip bag

It did make it home before the Christmas packaged in an enormous box, which confused me to think for a minute that my new boots had arrived yes, I also splurged on boots. I was happy to receive my pretties, but geez, it was the over-packaging of the year!

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My justification for this purchase is as follows : 1. The sale 2. I had not experienced GA makeup.

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I don't have enough nude lip colors oh, really..? This is a nice way to experience most of the GA lippies. I just They came in a hefty gift box which can be re-used for something else, like a "blogsale" box? Even this, I would say an over-packaging. But this box came in another box that is the triple size of it. These makeup companies should lighten up a little. It's roomy and light but I am not big on things with gaudy logos on. However, I can tell you I am pretty happy with what's inside.

Lets take a closer look. The coverage is semi-sheer and even, and the lipstick feels very light and comfortable with no discerning smell. The signature black tube is very cool as the magnetized cap snaps back into its position.


I show this to a couple of guys and they all seem to secretly want one. This is a MLBB nude, not a concealer nude. On my medium-pigmented lips, it appears as a pinky nude.

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Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss is a bit different in color from the lipstick since it has more yellow and orange in it. This is a very sheer high-shine gloss with sparse shimmer. It has no unpleasant scent or taste. The texture is very smooth and not tacky at all.

It only adds shine and volume to my lips. Many lipgloss end up peeling my lips, which is the main reason why I don't wear them as often, but Flash Lacquer stays comfortable on my lips without forming those icky white lines. The staying power is just okay.

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Comparison swatches with my other nude lipgloss It is wonderful to see that I don't have any close dupe. Rouge Ecstasy is a gorgeous pin-up red. Each of the bags features two rich eyeshadow hues, an eye pencil and mascara. There are three options to choose from: Smoky, Plum and Brown.

The collection also brings lovely lip bags composed of posh lipstick, lipglass and lip pencil shades. Again we have three options to choose from: Red, Nude and Coral. Gold and Silver are the color options available. There is also a special lip set, bringing two lovely lipstick shades captured inside a glam red bag.


In addition to the highly saturated and rich makeup products, the holiday collection of MAC also brings three brush kits in Mineralize, Studio and In Extra Dimension, each featuring certain brushes for perfect makeup application. The brushes are housed inside sleek, holiday-ready glittering bags in black, gray and white, embellished with a satin ribbon and a cameo medallion.

This collection is rather gigantic! The bags are really pretty, I am kind of in love with them. They are white and have a glittery white texture with pearls around the zipper, and a cameo on the actual zipper closure. So festive!

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  4. The Keepsakes Palette is black and glittery with a large cameo on the front and pearl around the edges. I am in love with this cameo theme, I have always been a fan of anything with a cameo on it.

    MAC Keepsakes Holiday 2014 Makeup Collection

    The first three shades here were really light and Her Mistress is so light I could barely even get it to show after multiple swipes. I do think Tempting is a great shade and it had a nice pigmented formula. The first three here were much more pigmented and nice than the previous row. Night Whisper was a patchy, uneven mess for me though, even over a primer. I love Omega used it on my brows for at least a decade and also Mystery is a gorgeous shade.

    Chic Supremacy is a light yellow nude with slight shimmer. This is super lip-line-y, blech.