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All still good for me running iBiz client on Mavericks with App Nap turned off.

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I have the server running on an older iMac running Leopard, so admittedly my setup would be different than most. A few years ago before settling on iBiz I actually tested close to 60 apps! I even kept notes and ratings on every one I tested so I could refer back to it later.

TimeLog was another hopeful, but I noted that it had an unintuitive interface. Similar with StudioCzar. Although I appreciate that apps get updated, and the options may have improved since then. Frustrating that iBiz was discontinued. Why not offer some kind of discount for the faithful? Like a free upgrade to iBank 5? Or at least a discount. We were able to get iBiz working after giving it permission to use Contact List. I do not know about all features, but were at least able to enter data.

We do not use the time tracking. We will look at Fanurio. I upgraded to Mavericks a week after it was released. But as a precaution i am buying Invoicing as a backup …it just produces invoices. Does anybody have Yosemite and iBiz running?

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Wondering whether I should partition my disk to keep Maverick running for iBiz — at least till end of year. I am very sad to see support for iBiz going away. I have used the product to run my business for several years, and love it. While I understand your position, it creates a dilemma for many of your loyal users. Please seriously consider releasing the source code, or work out a deal with another developer so we can continue using this fine product in some form. I also use iBank, but will have to think about if that is wise considering this development.

Thank you. Considering upgrading to Yosemite and wondered if anyone tried it? Thanks in advance. I have been using iBiz on Yosemite. The only problem I had was converting contacts to sync with iCloud. It was a mess to clean up but all is smooth now. Using iBiz 2. The only annoyances are 1 long-standing bugs that never got fixed and 2 allowing iBiz Server and iBiz Client to use Contacts, etc,, at app launch time. After taking a serious look at alternatives back in early , I purchased a Studiometry 2-user license.

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One of its compelling features was importing iBiz data. However, it made a mess of Job Event Groups, which I use all the time. So I have not yet made the switch from iBiz to Studiometry. No problems with recovery afterward. Yes, there was a bit of a learning curve, but that had more to do with familiarizing myself with accounting practices.

Once I got a grip on those, adapting to the software was easy. Just want to thank you for iBiz and I plan to keep using it as long as I can. El Capitan not working for me. Server and Client both launch, but iBiz Client window is totally blank, as though there are no clients and no projects. I waited for This is a pretty big blow.

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I stopped by here as I was doing my annual search for alternatives. Crash on startup. Most of iBiz worked fine in el Capitan. Does anyone have a workaround for Sierra? Does any one suggest any other program besides Studiometry? Some popular 'keygens', which help many pirate releases run, have been broken by the update. But of course, persistent pirates aren't far behind with a fix. Those who prefer to pirate rather than pay for their software often face installation issues.

These range from the very simple to the fairly complex, depending on the strength of the anti-piracy technology deployed by manufacturers. At the lower end of the scale, users are sometimes required to input a fake serial number into their software.

The Story of iBiz and Saying Goodbye

Choose a template, add your time and expense slips, then send. Learn about Invoicing. Keep track of all your invoices and client payments in one place.

Fix iCloud problems due to missing Mac serial number.

View the account balance and retainer balance for each client. Run simple reports on your Mac to view your account summaries, total amount billed, and more. Learn about Account Management. Get the flexibility of working the way you want. Start a timer from your Apple Watch. Create an invoice on your iPad. Track payments on your Mac. Resume a timer On your watch. Send an Invoice On your iPhone. Track overdue invoices On your iPad. Run reports On your Mac.

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