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Please consider calling your local support centre for additional information. Xerox should officially admit that.

Fix “Cannot Install the Software for Printer” on OS X

My Phaser is listed as type 1 compatibility. I understand this to mean that a driver is available for El Capitan now, but when I search for it on the Xerox site I get a response that none is available. In the compatibility document I am reviewing the Phaser is listed as a 4. The 4s are to use the Mac OSX If this does not work for you please consider contacting your local support centre. Cheryl, how is it that Xerox cannot keep up with Apple? That being said, I appreciate the work you are putting in to answer questions.

However, I too have a , but a DN, and none of the work arounds are cutting it. Do you have any other suggestions besides me moving my company off to a different printer company? I just cannot tolerate this kind of corporate hostage routine. It smacks of unprofessionalism and extortion to purchase another machine when this one works really well with antiquated operating systems but not ones that are designed to be EASY. Hi Sean-Patrick, Thanks for reading the blog.

If you have not been able to use that driver with your machine please call the support centre for additional help. So let me understand this…I cite issues related to a clear lack of confidence in Xerox by a customer and you respond with a formulaic answer? Canon, here I come! Hi Sean-Patrick, I am not sure what kind of answer you are looking for. I understand your frustration and I can only offer the answers I have.

I write a blog, I do not have any contact with the people that write the drivers. I escalate all these comments to management and they share them with the engineering teams that is how we got some drivers pushed through. For your machine they are telling me that the driver for the Apple Mac X I do not have access to that operating system or the printer you have in my facility which is why I suggested calling support. They have a lab with many of the OSs and machines available for testing.

I apologize if you feel I have not provided the information you were seeking. Respectfully, CherylO-Xerox. The list is only J75 without FreeFlow. Does not display the queue. I am not sure what you are asking. I would suggest that you contact your local support centre or consult the online support for potential solutions to your issue.

I am not sure what you are asking but thank you for letting us know that the Color driver works with the J I am sure others will find this information helpful. Since installing the new driver compatible with OS I have to unplug the power and replug it to get a new job to run. Hi David, I have not heard of this being an issue caused by a driver or anything else. One thing you can try is to check the settings for the low power and sleep modes.

Make sure they are not set to the same number of minutes. For instance if you have low power set for 30 minutes set the sleep mode for a minute or two more, 31 or 32 minutes. Make sure you have the latest firmware installed on your machine. If none of this fixes the problem then support would need to be contacted for further information and possibly service.

Hi Vincent, Thank you for providing the model number for your machine. If you are referring to drivers there is a driver available for your printer. If that is not your issue please let us know what problem you are having. However, since then, I have that second issue we are talking about : The printer is not walking from sleep. Even sometimes after reboot, the print does not launch even if I restart it from computer.

And then, sometimes, in the middle of the day, it decide to print…. Hi Vincent, Thank you for your clarification.

Apple HP Printer Driver for Mac OS Driver - TechSpot

Please see this post on the support forum for the answer to your situation with not waking from sleep. For any additional information please contact your local support centre. Thank you for the information. However it does not work. I update the firmware via USB. But when I print printer settings page, firmware version is still the old one…. Hi Vincent, Please make sure you have Software Download enabled.

Here are the steps to do that: 1. Select the Menu button 2. Scroll to Admin Menu, press OK 3. Scroll to Secure Settings, press OK 4. If it still does not upgrade then you would have to call the local support centre for additional help. Hi Vincent, Thanks for reading the blog. What problem are you having? Have new iMac for wife-not me with El Crapitan. None of the above worked so I installed the drivers. But, I will get a Hi John, Thanks for reading the blog and commenting to let us know what worked for you. I am sure this information will benefit other users.

Does anyone have any information on drivers being created so that the scanner works with Mac All in one computer?? I can no longer scan items from printer to computer folder. HELP please! Please make sure you have downloaded the scan driver from the drivers and download page. If you have already downloaded the driver and are still having issues please consider contacting your local support centre.

This is very disheartening. I just ordered 2 Xerox printers, the Phaser and the WorkCentre , they will be delivered in 4 days. I see that there are drivers available now, but after finding this blog and reading the complaints, I have to wonder 2 or 3 years down the road if you will be continually late in releasing drivers after a Mac software update, or just discontinue releasing drivers for them altogether. I know they keep up to date with their drivers, certainly releasing them much sooner after a Mac system software update than you appear to.

I understand your concern. I can tell you that every single comment about the delay in drivers for the MAC OS have been forwarded to the team and management that handle the release of updated drivers. We understand the concern and are trying to fix the issues we have had with getting the drivers out in a timely fashion.

I hope that you do enjoy your new machines and please do not hesitate to contact your local support centre with any questions or concerns. Cheryl, the tech was here a week before I posted here. He was not able to get drivers or get scanner to work. His suggestion was to get the replacement model as this model is no longer available new. All my systems are Mac. Hi Andrea, Thank you for reading the blog.

You do not mention which machine you are using. Please take a look at the compatibility document to see when and if your machine will have updated drivers. As for the Mac updates, I have been forwarding all these comments to the people responsible for issuing the new drivers when new OSs are released. I hope that in the future the drivers will be released in a more timely manner. Please also consider contacting your local support centre for additional information on getting your machine to print and scan.

How do I stop receiving notifications from this thread? Hi Scud, I will remove your subscription for you. I apologize for any inconvenience. Please take me off again as well. Hi David, I will remove your subscription from this thread as well. Now, while looking at the piece of junk in my office that only serves to place papers on top of it, I rechecked the site for info and was glad to find a new driver released in December…. I installed in both my desktop iMac and in my Macbook air.

No success! The drivers installed perfectly, the printer is detected, but all documents remain in the printing queue, also no access to the scanner. Boy, what are your engineers doing??? I am about to throw the printer out the window…. First remove any Xerox drivers on the Mac and reboot the Mac. Re install the driver.

Please make sure you are downloaded the driver for the NI not the B.

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Follow the installation instructions: Download the. Once downloaded, double click the. Then follow on screen prompts. If the problem continues you will need to contact your local support centre. I understand your frustration and I apologize for the delay you encountered.

How to Install a Wireless HP Printer in macOS - HP Printers - HP

The one I have installed last year in April works flawless. The one I added early march on our different office is not working. For whatever reason they have both been installed on my Macbook Pro, the second one while I am running El Capitan, and the recent one does not wakeup and I cannot find the Workcentre on AirPrint as well, iPhone does not find it It seems that it disappears after awhile.

Having deleted the drivers for the new one and re-booted my Macbook Pro and re-installed with several different configurations, it does not work. Can anyone help me out here. Please make sure you have the machines set on the same time for sleep mode.

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Also please take a look at the instructions for setting up AirPrint. If these links do not help please consider contacting your local support centre. I will appreciate your help. Your last note is dated Dec.

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Thank you Lizardo Ortega. Hi Lizardo, Thank you for reading the blog. If this driver does not work for you please contact your local support centre. Still no driver! You guys say that the This is really disappointing and makes it impossible to actually work.

Hi D, Thank you for your comment. Have you checked in the compatibility document? The document will have the latest information on the drivers. If you are still having issues I would suggest contacting your local support centre , they may have additional information to get you printing.

I have just read the comments above after landing here desperately trying to find an answer to my incompatibility issue. Not feeling confident now, but here goes…. I have a new Mac running Seems there is no driver option at all? Please try installing and using the Mac X If this does not work for you then please contact your local support centre.

I do not have access to that machine here in North America. The driver just for Mac OS X Any solution? The latest driver I see for that machine is the Mac X I do not have access to the machine you have as I am in North America. Can you offer some hope on this? Hi Deb, Thank you for your comment and your dedication to your Phasers. Unfortunately there will not be Mac X Both are more than 12 years old and yes workhorses. I would suggest checking with your local support centre for any workarounds etc.

Can you offer some hope that these drivers will be updated for El Capitan? Hi Deb, Thanks for posting. I answered you question in the previous post. The comment section of the blog is not really a support channel so if you need more timely support please consider using the online support , the Customer Support Forum or contacting your local support centre. The problem is; I cant find out how to remove it! I do not find uninstall directions so please consider contacting your local support centre.

They should be able to help. Where would I find directions to do that? I see you have made a print driver available. What about scanner drivers? Where would I find those? Please take a look at the instructions for scanning using the Xerox scan utility. If this information does not help please consider contacting your local support centre. It is simply so sad where all and I mean ALL corporations have found themselves. Except for perhaps 10 companies. None are innovating. Because they cannot. Innovation requires investment and investment means losses.

And that would mean poor ratings from the analysts on Wall Street. He showed me an annual report where his letter on page one outlined PLANNED losses for — get ready — 8 quarters in order to ensure sector dominance in a particular processing technology. That means 28 years of profit in one sector after 2 years of losses. Today they are almost all Finance majors with little actual understanding of the company core competency. I have a Xerox that I kick everyday when I have to delete it and reinstall it to get it to show up on a local network.

Hi David, Thank you for reading the blog. With the little information you provided about the situation with your Xerox Phaser I would recommend that you take a look at the solution for Unable to Print over an Ethernet Connection. If this solution does not help I would suggest you contact your local support centre for additional assistance.

As for your concern regarding innovation please see the information provided about the Xerox innovation centres and their work. And now to look at my beautiful condemnation along with whoever else suffering with Xerox gear happens to be on this page. Hi David, All comments are moderated to prevent spam.

This is not a support channel, it is an information blog. I try to answer questions and concerns as they arise with the online support we provide. We suggest you use either the online support, the phone support or the Xerox support forum for timely support help. Thank you CherylO-Xerox. Each time I install your bloody driver ver How long does it takes to provide us a proper driver to resolve this bleep problem.

Seriously your product and service bleep , am not gonna buy another fuji xerox products in future; neither recommend anyone. Its just completely bleep! First I am sorry you are so frustrated. Second we do not have Docuprint Mb here in the US so there is no way for us to do any testing. If the driver on the Fuji Xerox site is not working for you then please contact your local support centre for additional assistance. If you have the courage, just publish my comments above to see how many people will give u the same bleep. Hi Alex, Our publishing of comments is not immediate so that we can monitor for spam and foul language such as some of the words you used in your previous comment.

We will publish your comments but reserve the right to edit any comment for language, inappropriate content or spam. The installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail.

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Contact the software manufacturer for assistance. Any help would be fantastic. Please take a look at this forum post about installing the driver. It is for a different machine but should work the same for you. If this does not help please consider contacting your local support centre. Mac OSX Hi Joel, Thank you for reading the blog.

The driver for Mac OSX I have added the link here. When will this driver be available? Hi Joel, Thanks for your clarification. Please take a look at this forum post the steps in the first reply should help you load and use the Mac OSX Oh it installs but good luck waking the printer up by sending a print job. How long has this OS been out?

Xerox your only partially compatible. Now why should I buy a Xerox printer? Time to get rid of this one for a company that gives real support. Hi Ed, Thank you for reading the blog. I understand your frustration but with no information on which Xerox printer you are using I will not be able to offer specific any solutions but I would request that you check to make sure that you have the latest firmware loaded on your machine. You can find the firmware on the Drivers and Downloads tab for your model machine.

I would suggest that you contact your local support centre they should be able to help. I am unable to find a listing for the Phaser It is not a model we have here in North America. Please consider contacting your local support centre for further assistance. Thanks, Cherylo-Xerox. None of these workarounds seem relevant. Please help. If the workarounds did not help please consider contacting your local support centre.

The problem is, there is no software to enable me to scan to Mac. Please help, as I am desperately in need of this feature. Hi Clyde, Thank you for reading the blog. Please make sure you have download and installed the latest driver for the the Mac OS version you are using and the WorkCentre Once installed follow these instructions for setting up scanning.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. All rights reserved. Skip to main content. Printer Supplies Printer Supplies. Shop Online. Other than printing, employees can appreciate their scanning and copying capabilities. There is no requirement to have several connection cables to utilize this HP printer design because it supplies regional Wi-Fi connection.

If a computer system is not readily available, you can connect your smartphone and have your prints in secs. NET provide a download link for HP ENVY Printer driver directly from the official site, you will find the latest drivers for this printer with a few simple clicks, download without redirected to other websites. Please download the drivers on the link we provide, If you find broken links for this printer software, please feel free to send us a message through the comment form below. Description The full solution software includes everything you need to install and use your HP printer.

This collection of software includes the complete set of drivers, installer and optional software. Description This basic feature software solution is a driver-only software solution intended for customers who only want a basic driver to use with their HP printer. Additionally, you can print to your HP ePrint-enabled printer via the cloud at home, the office, or on-the-go, whenever the printer is connected to the Internet. Simply run the tool and follow the on-screen instructions. Driver Detail Type: Utility File version: 5.