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A lot of people get really excellent sound out of EWQL libraries, but it takes a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, NP is not for everyone. There are very few places in my composing workflow that I can use NP.

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I seem to do a lot of starting and stopping playback. I find that so frustrating that I use Sibelius 7 Sounds - regardless of the quality - when composing. I must compose very differently from others. I've never heard anybody else complain about this. I've never tried Noteperformer, but have not like any of the demos I've heard. As far as I know I followed Johnathan's instructions carefully, but dynamics were a mess! I assume Sibelius would have complained if it could not find or use the soundset but there seemed to be no match between the dynamics in the scores and the sounds being produced.

As far as comparing it to NotePerformer, I feel that a few strange things happen. Even though some EW samples sound more realistic, when they playback the performance sounds strange I'm just beginning to use NP bought it exactly one day before NP3 came out , and what I did with one score was to export audio from both sound libraries and tweak them in a DAW.

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I haven't re-installed the app yet and am quite inexperienced with VI's. You may just need to install a fresh copy of it rather than the VI itself. If the problem goes away, uninstall and reinstall fresh audio interface drivers. Be sure to shut down your audio interfaces at some point, then reboot them and the computer. If the problem persists, then it could indeed be the VI.

Do a full uninstall of the VI -- even of the samples in case they somehow got corrupted. Use a third-party disc utility to tidy things up-- and defrag all of your hard drives. For good measure, repair permissions with Apple's Disc Utility. Then reinstall the VI. Start by checking cables-- new audiowire would be a good place to start checking-- from the PCI card to the interfaces.

Then check all other cables attached, testing each connection with a new cable. If you have one new audio cable, it will be enough to check each signal path. Replace any cables that you find to be defective. If you don't have a new cable, you may want to check the old cable on different equipement.

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Also, check any external hard drive cables housing your samples. Different people have different opinions about this, but an external word clock can keep your computer and all external digital devices playing nicely together. Currency: USD. Instructional support video: Composer Cloud Downloadable Products. Browse All Support Videos Trouble getting your virtual instruments up and running?

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Check out our support videos for a complete overview of the process and more. All users should update to the latest PLAY software. EastWest urges users to consider the timing of updates. If you are in the middle of a project, it may be prudent to wait until the project is complete.

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PLAY Version 4. PLAY 4 system manual. Note that this update is only required if the software you received in the box is older than version 1. Download and run the installer for your operating system. This addresses the issue of missing close mic samples for solo flute.

Platinum PLUS and bit users download here. Addresses the issue of missing close mic samples for solo flute. PLAY 2.


PLAY version 3. To download the full version of Spaces with impulses, click here. This sample library update includes new samples.