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Searching For Madge My Dream Before The Beginning World In Harmony Watch Out Ooh Baby South Indiana Take 1 South Indiana Take 2 Last Night Red Hot Jam I'm Worried Madison Blues I Can't Hold Out Horton's Boogie Woogie Take 1 World's in a Tangle Talk with You Like It This Way Someday Soon Baby Hungry Country Girl Black Jack Blues Everyday I Have the Blues Rockin' Boogie My Baby's Gone Sugar Mama Take 1 Sugar Mama Homework Honey Boy Blues I Need Your Love Take 1 Horton's Boogie Woogie Take 2 Have a Good Time That's Wrong Rock Me Baby Kiln House This Is the Rock Station Man Blood on the Floor Hi Ho Silver Jewel-Eyed Judy Buddy's Song Earl Gray One Together Mission Bell Drifting Watch Out Take 2 Master Remix Can't Afford To Do It Fleetwood Mac Worried Dream Take 1 Master Remix Love That Woman Alternative Mix First Train Home Rambling Pony 2 Alternative Mix Watch Out Take 1 Something Inside Of Me Something Inside Of Me Take 2 Something Inside Of Me Take 3 One Sunny Day Master Remix Coming Your Way Take 6 Oh Well, Part 1 Oh Well, Part 2 Shake Your Moneymaker Need Your Love So Bad Dragonfly Man of the World Future Games Woman of Years Morning Rain What a Shame Sands of Time Sometimes Lay It All Down Show Me a Smile Bare Trees Child of Mine The Ghost Homeward Bound Sunny Side of Heaven Sentimental Lady Danny's Chant Spare Me a Little of Your Love Dust Thoughts on a Grey Day Spoken Word Penguin Remember Me Bright Fire Dissatisfied I'm a Road Runner The Derelict Revelation Did You Ever Love Me Night Watch Caught in the Rain Mystery To Me Emerald Eyes Believe Me Just Crazy Love Hypnotized Forever Keep on Going The City Miles Away Somebody The Way I Feel For Your Love Why Heroes Are Hard To Find Heroes Are Hard to Find Angel Bermuda Triangle Come a Little Bit Closer She's Changing Me Bad Loser Silver Heels Prove Your Love Born Enchanter Safe Harbour Monday Morning Warm Ways Blue Letter Rhiannon Over My Head Crystal Say You Love Me Landslide World Turning Sugar Daddy I'm So Afraid Jam No.

Over My Head Single Version Blue Letter Single Version Rumours Second Hand News Dreams Never Going Back Again Don't Stop Go Your Own Way Songbird The Chain You Make Loving Fun I Don't Want to Know Oh Daddy Gold Dust Woman Tusk CD 1: Original Album Remaster. Ten rows back are her true fans, clad in top bats and chiffon scarves; they remember the days when Rhiannon the Welsh rnare-goddess alighted onstage like a dark-winged apparition during Fleetwood Mac shows past a For two hours, Fleetwood Mac holds its audience in thrall.

Billy sings Lindsey's pans in "The Chain," and it's real.

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Stevie sings "Dreams" awl gets an ovation. This mood is sustained as Chris sings the glorious "Brown Eyes;' her blue alto lightly dipped in melancholy. But Mick changes everything as he and Asante put on a solo drum show during "World Turning. It's a weird and wondrous techno-dance, rendered even stranger by the masked Asante's hand-drum mojo. The encores: "Blue Letter," "Don't Stop," and, at the end Christine by herself at the piano, singing "Songbird" under a pencil spot, holding Fleetwood Mac's delirious crowd as if she were alone in some smokey dive, after hours.

John McVie introduces the band. Stevie and Chris receive standing ovations and many bouquets. Mick singles out the newest Macs, Burnet, and Vito, for special praise.

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The young-prince is escorted to a reception room with his minders, his leather-jacketed girlfriend and his posh friends, to be introduced to the band. Mick makes sure Asante, a loyal citizen of the British Commonwealth, shakes hands with the prince. Handsome, balding slightly in the back like his brothers and father, the prince is cordial and co.

As alWayS, Mick Fleetwood is the last musician to have the ball. As his Daimler limousine cuts through the wet nighttime streets of springtime London, Mick asks the driver to detour, and he rides through the Notting Hill Gate area where he first came to live as a fifteen-year-old Home Counties bad in , smitten with the Beatles and ready to rock. Records gives a party in Mac's9bonor at the Kensington Roof Gardens. The entertainment is an ace London boogie band and the members of Fleetwood Mac dance with each other until dawn. On coy way home, I remember what an old friend of the band, Judy Wong, bad told me a few months earlier "There's a depth to this group," Judy said, "a 4n-like pure flame of truth and a sense of destiny.

People were meant to be in the band. No one ever auditioned, musicians were hired on intuition and instinct.

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Most of all, nothing ordinary ever happened to Fleetwood Mac. It's too late to stop now. Item must be ordered. This article is deleted and can no longer be ordered!

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To be able to use Bear Family Records in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. To category A-Z. So confused about the different track listings… 3 CD? Where can I find a high-quality mp3 download??? There must be a lot of variations of the album. Five of the old Peter Green tracks are missing for whatever reason. I hope this has been of help to you.

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You celebrate one of the biggest bands in Rock history with a series of edited versions? That is criminal.

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And lazy. On a very strange note: The Apple Music version of this compilation has a slightly different track list than the physical product I received today. That said: the above albums in hirez ATMOS on 4K Blu would be a wonderful offering regardless of band politics if handled properly, especially with ALL the viable, guitar multi-tracks still left off the 5. This 2. The live version on the recent Fleetwood Mac deluxe edition is absolutely stunning.

Also, anyone who wants decent sounding CDs of the 71 — 74 era should get hold of the Japanese SHM mini LPs, they are stunning to my ears and beautifully packaged. Why is the 3cd version literally twice as much in the US than the UK? I could understand it being more but not twice as much?

Earnestly wish someone would put some life into Bare Trees, Future Games, Heroes before the tapes crumble and the fans all fade away. Really hoped there would be an SDE CD version, lavishly packaged and with some unreleased tracks, especially from the overlooked 71 — 74 era, which is my favourite. Oh Well, thats more money saved.

When you order on Amazon UK or other Euro countries, and you live in the US and have products shipped here, it automatically comes off in the checkout stage because it does not apply to the US…simple as that…. There must be loads of different variations of this album available. This is great one of their best compilation releases yet , on a par with their 2 CD multi million selling The Very Best Of which was released for their tour in !

As bad as that album is, there is some songs that were okay. Nice to see Fireflies and Sad Angel on here. Could have added Miss Fantasy too. This was a chance to finally put the four tracks from Extended Play on a physical format. They opted for ONE, and only on the three disc set. Would it have been so hard to include a new song or two to bring it up to date?

Especially as they have 2 new guys in the band too! They need to stop re-issuing bullshit compilations and remaster everything after Then Play On and Fleetwood Mac. Stop screwing around and get these things done in my lifetime. What a wasted opportunity of time and effort. Bizarre and a waste to my eyes and ears.

As someone who only wants a Best of from all eras and in better sound than my old copy of Greatest Hits Peter Green era this will do fine. Nothing new here. The Fleetwood Mac catalogue has been sufficiently milked. Only thing missing is a 5. Come on labels, think a little more outside the box no pun intended.

Broken record I know but vinyl is more than 5 times more expensive than the vinyl. That just cant be explainable…. Your email address will not be published. Search Search.

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