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No thrusters are active, and the pilot, when the program was active, always had just one chance to safely land the two billion dollar orbiter with glider aerodynamics and a lot of skill. And if he or she wanted to ever fly again, there better not even be a blown tire. Shuttle astronauts had to practice about 1, landings in the Shuttle Training Aircraft , and many more in the Space Shuttle Mission Simulator before being allowed to attempt a mission landing.

Addictive in fact. There are two ways to approach this app. You can dig right in and treat it as a game with the defaults and autopilot set to full. The initial fun and great visuals should hook you right away, especially the multi-view replays — which are incredible. The next step for those with a technical interest in the Space Shuttle program, and perhaps some flight experience, from private pilots in Cessnas to commercial and military pilots, is to read the documentation under Help, top left , familiarize yourself with the nomenclature, and learn about the Heads Up Display HUD.

The more you learn about the HUD and the landing aids on the ground, the better your landings will be. That personality trait, loving a technical challenge, learning aeronautics, finesse, patience, and accomplishment is what drives the fun factor.

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By the way, only the first few Shuttle flights, flown by the best test pilot pairs, had ejection seats. They were then removed for sunsequent, full crew flights. During the descent, touch the top of the screen to bring up a transparent overlay of view modes and the Pause button. The one on the left is the most appropriate, the cockpit view, but you can also watch the orbiter from different locations — with the HUD still visible.

One note here. The cockpit view is very flexible. Right after you start a landing, touch the top of the display and pause. You can do a two finger pinch to expand the view out the cockpit window. You can single finger swipe to pan around the cockpit. Finally, you can do a three finger swipe to change the positioning of your head with respect to the HUD. The developer has had a lot of users encounter that unintended offset, and the feature may be removed.

One thing to note here is that while the physical cockpit controls are not active, the windows are, and if you prefer a different perspective, for example, getting a glimpse out the side window as well during your turns, that can be helpful.

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Settings are in keeping with the iOS philosophy of simple rather than extensive so that the app is easily approachable. If the piloting skill is the cake of this app, then the icing is the replays.

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Just knowing that it was you doing that flying, is amazing fun. We are also implementing VR support for a fully immersive flight experience as well as support for all major joysticks and flight controllers. Space Simulator contains both historical Apollo Program and Space Shuttle missions as well as custom free roam scenarios. Space Simulator features the complete Apollo 11 program missions. Players can choose to play particular missions or the entire Apollo 11 program from beginning to end: launch the Saturn V from Cape Kennedy; perform Trans-Lunar Injection, transposition rotation and docking; land on the Moon; power through the lunar ascent and rendezvous; and finally return back to Earth with reentry and splashdown.

Space Shuttle fans can also enjoy a wide selection of Space Shuttle missions: launch from Cape Kennedy; rendezvous and dock with the International Space Station; return to Earth with reentry and play the final landing in day and night scenarios. Space Simulator is a realistic simulator of the entire Solar System with all its planets and major moons. Players can also choose to play custom free roam scenarios with general purpose spaceships. All spacecraft cockpits will come with interactive multi-functional MFDa that provide information on every aspect of your flight data.

We have orbit, surface, transfer, docking, flight, HSI and other display panels. You can run and control the Apollo spacecrafts exactly as how the astronauts did during their flight. Ultimately, our aim is to create a realistic space simulator that is comprehensive and easy to use and accessible to players at all levels with the most advanced graphics and rendering techniques.

The game also features interactive in-game tutorials which guide you step-by-step through each mission right down to selecting the right buttons and switches in a 3D interactive virtual cockpit. The simulation uses a proprietary double precision physics library, running on GPU cores allowing the game to compute all the gravitational forces, including moons and distant celestial bodies, generate orbit instabilities, resonances, etc. The physics solver allows the game as well to compute and predict real n-body trajectories that vary in real time, no longer based on patched conics or other simplifications.

This allows -for the first time- the player to design and fine-tune very complicated orbital maneuvers. All planets in the game are modeled with hi-res NASA imagery. We try to use original audio as much as possible for Apollo and Space Shuttle missions. The possibilities are endless and as unbounded as your wildest astronautic dreams!

We are delighted to announce that Space Simulator is on Steam for Greenlight. We have been working hard over the past three years to bring you a good ol' classic general purpose space flight simulator for desktop and mobiles. We have been improving the game upon the feedback of our mobile users and we are now ready to up the game to the next level. Space Simulator is more a simulator for those with serious interest in astrophysics and orbital mechanics than a game in the traditional arcade style.

Inspired by Microsoft Space Simulator and made with contemporary technology, the game runs on real physics, distances and time with realistic functional 3D cockpits emulated down to the software level. Included is a powerful numerically computed real time n-body solver orbit predictor to plan and implement highly complex orbits in a visually intuitive way.

The game features both historical Apollo program and Space Shuttle missions as well as custom free roam scenarios.

Apollo program fans - this is the game for you! Choose any mission from the full Apollo program from launch, through landing to reentry and splash down. The autopilot mode and in-game tutorials will guide you through the entire moonshot or take control of the spacecraft for full manual control. The possibilities are endless and as unbounded as your wildest astronautic dreams. We hope to bring you many more missions in future updates - Mercury and Gemini, Vostok and the Soviet space program, SpaceX missions, and much more. We are listening to your feedback so don't hesitate to let us know what content you'd like to see.

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  7. Help us through Greenlight for immediate Early Access release:. All feedback and comments welcome.

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