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It felt more rustic, mysterious. And he hated to admit it, but it was fairly inviting. Breaking from his silent stance, he decided that whomever he saw wasn't coming out to greet him. Coming out of the side street the red stallion looked about, catching the unmistakable sign of the giant salt shaker adorned on the parlor.

Black nodded slowly, his giant size moving with his head. Big Macintosh didn't have much to say really, so he just went over today's events for his new friend. Turning around, Black took a gander at the stage which would become the focal point of tonight's entertainment. His mind mulled around what the out-of-towner said, but didn't put all that much thought into it. Big Mac seemed a respectable pony, but to be fair he'd only known him for the day.

More like a Normal Mac to him anyway. He didn't exactly go about calling everypony 'Little Braeburn' or 'Little Silverstar'. They all seemed to fit the town's specific 'western' theme. The most normal among them had hats larger than their heads, which caused Big Macintosh to raise an eyebrow as the idea of just how these ponies kept their hats from covering their eyes. Still, he wasn't without his own fashion statements, a hoof pushing on the collar that adorned his chest. The two acquaintances sat in silence for awhile, neither really being big talkers. Every so often they related to each other's work - one a work horse on a farm, the other strong and mighty enough to pull a train full of cargo and ponies.

Macintosh barely realized the sun was going down, and Black grunted a bit. Then it's last ride out of Appleoosa for me," he mentioned. Big Mac glanced casually over to Black. He supposed it made sense - Black was a pony with only two real shifts of work, so it wasn't too far a stretch to believe he worked at night. We even have a colt strong enough to help lead the charge and light the way. Unicorns were never known for their physical strength, so Big Mac was fairly interested in seeing this stallion for himself one day.

Equestria was full of little oddities everywhere. As he lost himself in his own thoughts like he often did to pass the time on the farm, he didn't notice his own kin take up residence beside him until Braeburn jostled his flank with a hoof almost two hours later. Shifting himself to his haunches, Mac stifled a chuckle before nodding in apology. Black looked beyond Big Mac, seeing the disheveled Braeburn talking lowly of his new friend. Big Mac's expression melted into befuddlement as Black cautioned his cousin. Turning to look at the counter, a number of saspirillas lined the seat where Black had parked himself, fueling the confrontation.

Braeburn, on the other hoof, just looked confused and slightly amiss as he looked between the two. Can I help you? Big Mac stared impassively a moment. The sentiment didn't make much sense to him, as usually teasing tended to come from the bigger to the smaller. Whatever was in Black's head made him sensitive to his size, Mac couldn't guess. Braeburn smiled, although this time he seemed a bit more timid about it. I was just remarking on how you and Big Mac have similar sizes, is al-".

Applejack and Big Mac Get Intimate

It was at this point the Big Mac had certainly had enough of the misunderstanding, and stood up rather slowly. It wasn't a threat, and there wasn't a quantum of malice anywhere on his features. Both Black and Braeburn looked down to the silver star adorning the latter's vest, either taking something different from it. Braeburn felt a feeling of possibility, or pride, and responsibility. Black saw it as a challenge. He hadn't expected a pony to have run off with a buffalo, nor had he heard of such a thing happening. But to him, no harm, no foul. I'm sorry if'n I might of offended you, Black, I sure didn't mean anything by it.

Black looked Braeburn up and down as Big Mac eyed him coolly. He mentally hoped the big black stallion would just leave it be, but instead he took a step forward, less than a hoof's length from Braeburn's muzzle. Braeburn didn't mean to offend," Big Mac started, but the large stallion looked over at him, almost dangerously. You need to time get that drink through your system 'fore you're called to work, and you can't be riskin' hurtin yourself while yer stupid. Braeburn gulped a bit, but he held his ground regardless.

Black looked between the two of them.

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He hadn't much reason to fight, but his blood was boilin' something fierce for some reason or another, and he wanted it sedated. You want to defend this little pony? You take his place. The gentlecolt behind the bar looked feverish, as if he knew something Mac didn't. Looking about the parlor, all eyes were on him, even some mares from behind the stage were taking a look at the big red pony. Now how did I get myself in such a mess.

It felt more statement in his mind than fact. Then he noticed her in the back, that same giant hat adorning her head. That Caramel look-alike. Turning between her and Black before him, he realized he kept seeing more and more sweat fall from the brows of mostly everypony here. Black must have had a history here, and it was coming to light just what kind of history he had.

Some of the furniture looked newer than most, and the older tables had obvious glue lines holding them together. In just over a year, Appleoosa's primary parlor had seen quite a few fights. Black snorted, his breath ragged from drink. Walkin past him, Mac looked back at the mare he'd been seeing all day, and then to Black. Hope I won't have to miss the entertainment tonight. Come on, Black. You too Braeburn. I'm countin on you to make sure things stay fair. Smiling with an air of drunken maliciousness, Black confidently and clumsily strode out of the bar, Braeburn close behind.

The town an' the Salt Block's seen a lot outta this colt - he ain't gonna go down easy. Silverstar's simply stopped trying after he nearly broke his hip. Breathing in deep, Big Mac shook his head. I'm a bit rusty at this. As he did, a number of patrons from inside the Salt Block to the outside, intent on watching the fight. As they came out, from alongside back of the parlor came the Caramel-mare, who strode up to Black. He couldn't hear what the two conversed about, but it didn't take long before the mare looked hurt, and deftly avoided a swinging hoof from Black towards her face, causing her hat to fall off and get caught in his hoof, crushing it into the dirt.

This rustled a deep anger from Mac, who stood straighter just as the collar came off. The mare took off running, Black yelling obscenities at the top of his lungs after her. Braeburn looked over toward Black and what was apparently his girl. She's such a nice mare, but Black took a shine to her and that really was it.

Nopony should have to follow orders from a bigger pony just 'cause he threatens violence. Her name was Butterscotch, apparently. Still, there was the matter at hand. You're startin' to sound like a sheriff. Braeburn paused, thinking about what Big Mac said. As he did, he slowly walked off, and then started to gallop towards who knows where. Big Mac rolled his neck around, getting used to the fact the lessened weight around his neck could let it move a bit more freely. He waited patiently for Black's move, reading the body language of his opponent.

It wasn't more than a second before Black rushed blindly, his hulking body roaring towards Big Mac. He could feel the strength the stallion packed behind his legs from moving that train. However, it was unexpected when Big Mac merely stepped forward, his muscles tensing as Black came into contact with him. Sliding back, Mac took the brunt of the charge, but held his place.

His face darkening, he locked his neck around Black and twisted his body quickly, sending the black colt into the ground, his excess momentum carrying him into the ground. Mac trotted around again, spitting out the grass that had hung from his mouth since the start of the day. Scrambling to his feet, Black's eyes were blazing.

Angry that his opponent had so deftly redirected him, he charged a second time. This time he kept his head forward, his hooves beating against the ground below him. The red stallion galloped forward, his mane blazing like the sun behind him. As they met, Black shifted his front hooves forward, intent on tackling Macintosh in a strong clash. Suddenly, the red pony shifted his route, and ran off to the left the moment Black raised both his hooves up, causing the black colt to again crash into the ground, the red colt rounding about to look down upon his opponent.

He wasn't one to belittle an opponent, but seeing the tired, hopeful faces of some of the patrons - he had to bring Black down. He felt it The adrenaline of the situation had all but negated his clumsy hooves, but the anger, brought on by a bit too much ale, was all but gone in his head. He had to admit - he was taking a little fun out of this.

Black snarled and rushed forward again, Mac reading his every move. With speed borne of the loss of the collar, Mac trotted left of Black's rushed, before a sudden, powerful hit caught his flank, causing Mac to lose his footing, sliding his back end down. However, his forehooves stayed grounded, and the pony stood himself up. You addin' buckin in this match Smirking, Black lowered his head down as his hoof scraped across the dirt, readying his charge again. He had him. He was making excuses. Black charged forward with a whinny, picking up speed. Mac bent low, before charging solidly ahead.

Hoofbeats were thunderous as the two forged their way ahead toward each other. Just as Black started to turn his body, there seemed to be a flash as Big Mac spun in mid-gallop. The train-leading pony could only look on as he couldn't stop his body from spinning so agonizingly slowly compared to the farm pony. Mac's face looked almost Nopony really expected it. One second Black was against Big Mac, and the next the dark stallion was airborne, flying in a brilliant arc from where they collided, the red colt merely dropping his hind hooves down as he turned slowly to look at his opponent.

By the time Big Mac was finally finished spinning all the way around did Black have the decency to hit the ground in a heap. Striding up alongside his fallen opponent, Macintosh merely shook his head. Turning around, Black grunted painfully behind him. Tilting his head to the left his next move was to press deeper in her mouth, gingerly moving her tongue to the side and rubbing the inside of her cheek.

Applejack gasped, that was all she could do, besides blush and whinny, her tail flicking hard. Macintosh snaked his tongue every which way it could go, coating the soft tissue with his saliva. Applejack couldn't think straight, her mind focusing on the handsome stallion. She pressed up into him, rubbing right back. Their tongues wrestled together for several more minutes, their breath strong with the taste of apples, until Applejack pulled away, saliva coating her lips. They looked at each other again, staring into each other's eyes.

They now saw each other differently with that single, but very passionate kiss. It was getting very hard to control themselves; especially on Applejack's part. When her brother touched the side of her face with his paw and when Applejack saw he was about to sit down, an absent flick of her head sent her hat flying off as she practically tackled him onto his back. Having almost his head on the back of the tub the initial surprise and sensation was not very pleasant, grunting loudly and looking at her. Now, Applejack was straddling him.

She said nothing about this, because she was too busy kissing him deeply. She was getting very excited, as Big Macintosh could see. In this position his stallionhood was sandwiched tightly between them. Applejack blushed, not moving her mouth away for one minute while she blushed so heavily at the feeling of it touching her, her body reacting by making her wet in a way that wasn't caused by the warm water. Even with her kissing him Macintosh could see how she was pressed down on him. The orange pony moaned into her brother's mouth, smiling at him gently and licking at his lips.

He groaned and smiled back, his chest and stomach rising under her, flicking his tongue right back to her, holding her sides with his hooves. Applejack closed her eyes and pulled her mouth away, shuddering hard as she smiled down at him slightly, gasping softly as she felt Macintosh press up into her.

The stallion's eyes were closed, his hooves slightly holding her. She could feel his thick stallionhood throbbing under her, also getting a bit bigger. She didn't have to look at it to tell how big he was. It made her female body shake. He knew his musk must have gotten to her. Applejack nodded, panting and whinnying at the same time. In addition to his smell, a sweet aroma hit them, mainly with Macintosh. The smell was very, very sweet, coming from Applejack; her body was releasing its own pheromone-like scent in response to his strong, stinging musk. Oh, the smells, both so strong and intoxicating; within seconds they were both drowning in it, the cramped confines of the wood tub getting increasingly humid.

Applejack gasped when Macintosh's lips touched the soft flesh of her neck. She moaned softly and moved her head down, smiling at him nervously "T-Tarnation Big Macintosh groaned and pushed up carefully against her, stroking her mane twice like he was brushing the soft blonde locks. His mind swam in a large ocean, no able to keep himself from whinnying out his growing excitement. He wasn't sure how much further she would want to go with this, so he tried to keep himself from going too fast.

Wiggling under her, he didn't mind having her on top of him anymore; he just focused all his attention on her creamy orange neck, licking and nibbling at the skin and fur while listening to the soft moans she made. She could feel his well-toned stomach pressing on her belly. He was so strong. It just made her quiver, her insides tightening up in a strange way she never experienced in her young life. Able to keep the slow progression, at first, forcing himself to do so as hard as it was. A sweet small amount of pleasure went through his sparking nerves, and after that all inhibition just seemed to crumble into a million little pieces, and he lost control of himself.

He pushed up hard against her soft grinding, licking and biting her neck harder while wrapping his forelegs around her back. Applejack had done that on purpose, but she didn't expect him to react like that. She gasped, pulling away and shaking his hooves away, then nuzzled against his warm chest and neck. Big Macintosh nodded, mad at himself for losing control like that. They were both virgins here, but Applejack's welfare was more important; if she didn't want to go too fast, he could only comply. She was still his little sister and would do anything to make her happy.

Applejack smiled at him, kissing him once more and nuzzling his cheek. Macintosh was relieved she didn't get mad at him. Neither of them expected to be doing this with each other, their sibling. Now that this was actually happening, they were really nervous. Applejack giggled and nuzzled into his strong chest, breathing in his odor. Macintosh smiled and blushed softly, his face just as burning-hot as hers. Applejack spent the next few minutes prepping her body and mind, her crotch soaked with water and a different fluid.

She shivered and an absent flick of her head sent her hat flying off to the side. Even though she wore that hat all the time, it hadn't messed up her nicely made hair, brushed neatly to the right, but with a bit of sweat shining here and there along the blonde strands.

Managing to lift herself up slightly Applejack pushed down, her young wet pony folds rubbing on the underside of his male sex. Hooves hooking around her lower back, Macintosh held her in place to help guide her movements so they would be spot-on, even though there was no penetration; they moaned like there was though. Applejack exposed her neck to him again, whinnying and moaning with the tip of her tongue poking out the corner of her mouth. The water was now lukewarm and was simply a nice surrounding liquid, the soft sloshing a bit relaxing.

The ecstasy was building, and it was past the point of no return. They were inebriated by the incredible scents, just holding each other. Big Macintosh stroked his sister's hair, grunting as she grinded herself on him a bit harder this time, kissing her on her soft hot creamy cheek. Applejack knew about some of the basics of sex she and her friends got into a little discussion about it one night. She knew the first time, it would hurt. She hoped she would be strong enough to handle it; Macintosh was a big boy. She did answer his question with a little nod, getting up off him and panting deeply, licking his cheek.

Applejack pulled herself all the way off of him, about to answer until she looked upon the thick rod she had been sitting on. It was at least…well…Applejack wasn't good at measurements right off the top of her head, but it was long and thick. Her body suddenly screamed in want and need, her wet slit tightening up automatically. She didn't know why, but she felt…almost drawn to it.

Applejack went in and gave it a little sniff. Macintosh lifted his head up, panting softly as he watched her. Her green eyes fluttered up to meet his sap-green ones, open as wide as she ever saw them. She just wanted to give him a little taste test. After making sure her tongue was nice and wet, she stuck it out slowly and planted it on the hot skin of his stallionhood, a great almost earthy but masculine taste to it.

She heard the deep moan coming from her brother, which was all she needed to slowly run her tongue up his length. A loud snort erupted from Big Macintosh's nostrils, his panting getting louder. Applejack's tail wagged lazily, her eyes part of the way closing as her tongue traveled up and down slowly, tracing little circles here and there. She had no experience with this so she really hoped she was doing good. The orange pony moaned out softly, running her tongue up to the enlarged head of his meat, swirling her tongue around the underside of the head.

He expected to feel another lick or two; he did get them, but before a third one could come Applejack pulled herself away, licking her lips and whinnying loudly. I want to get to s-some ruttin' with ya Macintosh blinked, then blushed, then chuckled. Shoot Applejack, you make it sound so dirty Applejack giggled as her cheeks flushed, then turned and climbed out of the bath but not before accidentally giving Macintosh a little glance at her rear and shaking the water out of her coat. This was it, this was the big moment; and she was as nervous as could be. Her strides were slow when she went to a spot a few feet from the wide barrel, her legs shaking with anticipation.

Big Macintosh's back hurt; it felt like he had been sleeping on a hard stiff mahogany board for the past week. He groaned and rolled over onto his hooves, stretching the muscles and cracking the bones in his back before climbing out with her. The water dripped from his crimson coat for a few seconds before he shook it off as best as he could. Applejack's back to him, he swallowed nervously; his throat was dry. Quickly he went to the water pump and got a drink of cold water, which really helped a lot. He took a deep breath, huffing out hard. Shaking nervously, Applejack looked back at her older brother.

She couldn't stop looking at his muscles, and neither could she stop from getting more eager. Blushing and biting her bottom lip she slowly raised her blonde tail in the air, lifted her rear end high in the air, her tail arced back in a slight circle. Her teeth clamped down on her tongue her nervousness just went up no matter how much she tried to relax herself. Applejack kept looking at him nervously, holding her tail and butt up as Macintosh came in closer, his head suddenly disappearing as it was obscured by her rear.

Carefully as to not frighten her he carefully sniffed at the creamy orange slit and receiving the quite sweet aroma that had the lightest hit of apple; sweet, juicy apples. Applejack shuddered and moaned softly. At first Macintosh was a bit hesitant, but who wouldn't be in a moment like this, licking out his own sister. He was nervous about how she would react to what he did so he slowly slid out his warm red tongue and carefully touched the very surface of her left vaginal lip.

It didn't bring a lot of feeling with it but the pony still shivered at the sensation spreading across her bottom. His tongue did get a bit of her sweet juice; she did taste like the freshest apples on Sweet Apple Acres. The licking also brought it, the pleasure that she was supposed to feel. Unable to help herself she started to giggle, her tail wagging and rear wiggling almost playfully.

Big Macintosh chuckled and smiled. That helped relieve some of the tension, her giggle. It let him know she wasn't as fearful as he thought she was. Resuming, he gently circled her lips with the very tip of his tongue like he was teasing her. Her body told her that, begging for more of the sexually stimulating pleasure he was giving her. Applejack whinnied with want and lifted her bottom up, pushing her hips back in an attempt to get more of his tongue and the sensations it brought with.

With her inexperience came the lack of lengthened endurance; already she was getting close to the special point where she would feel the most of what she was getting. Macintosh dragged his tongue up and down along her sweet folds, then Applejack whinnied again, and again. She wanted more, was what they were telling her.

He was a bit tentative here too, but he didn't want her to be unhappy. So without wasting another second he slowly pushed his tongue in through her lips, rubbing the pink inner lining of her womanhood. Applejack's eyes went wide and she gasped, her forelegs shaking as her insides were swiped lick a dust rag on a table. Her body temperature shot through the roof and a little bit more of her fluid seeped out, lubing up her tunnel.

At this point, she already wasn't going to last much longer. Another swipe here, a soft poke there, Big Macintosh made sure to get everything he could possibly reach. The sweet tangy of apples was all he could taste now, that he was complaining or anything. She was so soft to the touch, and he did his best to control himself and not speed up. It seemed to work.

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Pulling his tongue out slowly with a wet sound that was hard to describe, he kissed her outer rim softly. Applejack blushed hard at this. Did he just? She closed her eyes, pressing her hooves into the dirt.

Pony Tales [MLP Fanfic Reading] To Remember Tomorrow (romance/sadfic - Fluttershy/Big Mac)

What a sweetheart… Then, Macintosh headed due south and ran his wet tongue along the pinkish nub situated just barely between the crease where her folds met. That simple touch made sparks shoot through Applejack's body, and for a brief second she seemed to be lifted off the ground and into the air just like the time Rainbow Dash carried her around the Ponyville skies.

A semi-loud cry of ecstasy erupted from her throat as her pleasure spiked madly, Macintosh receiving all the product of her sexual sensations. Applejack clenched her eyes shut and held her breath, almost collapsing on the ground. For just one second she couldn't think straight, almost not aware of where she was. And it only lasted for roughly two minutes, if not three or four, but she couldn't tell. It just didn't stay long enough, and now she found herself wanting more of it. Applejack looked back at him, squinting in the soft sunlight. She nodded, whinnying happily. He swallowed, his tail flicking to the left.

He was surprised she would be ready this early. Applejack nodded in excitement, but also in nervousness. Big Macintosh smiled and laughed, rubbing and giving her side a little nudge. She blushed and turned herself back to the scenery ahead, which just consisted of the hay bales and the tops of the trees sticking up above like the caps of mushrooms. It never occurred to her before, but she just realized Granny Smith and Apple Bloom were still somewhere on the farm.

Applejack's Love | My Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

What if they were discovered, caught in the middle of this act? Her lungs tightened with the fear that suddenly filled her. Now all she did was pray, pray that they weren't discovered. This would be so hard to explain, impossible to make up an excuse for. If they'd made it this far though they mustn't of been heard. One could only hope. Applejack pushed her tail to the side and out of her brother's way, biting her lip nervously and shivering at the smell of male.

She couldn't get enough of that smell, it just smelled so good. When Big Macintosh's hooves touched her sides, she prepped herself for it. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as she felt the larger equine climb up and mount her, his hooves seizing hold of her hips like a vice; their slight size difference made his hooves slide up to the sides of her stomach. Applejack snorted slightly as his weight pressed down on her, her legs gently spreading apart as a result. Macintosh was heavier than he looked; had he not been balancing his weight she would had to of held it all up herself.

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Applejack's lowered to face the ground, looking out the corners of her eyes and groaning ever softly. There was a lot of heat coming off from one particular area and as he stomped the dirt right behind her forelegs she felt the thick head of his member touching her opening, slowly pressing forward. Applejack let out a deep, pleasured grunt at the feel of the enlarged tip trying to slide into her. It felt so different from his tongue, there was absolutely no comparison between the two. Big Macintosh's hot breath billowed out against the back of her head.

Her ears flattened, her eyes closing as she felt him press just a little bit harder. Looking back at him she gave another soft whinny and lifted her butt a little further up, trying to make his job a bit easier. The worst thing that could possibly happen was he could be too big for her.

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  • He was a big horse yes, but it felt like he might actually fit, considering how wet she was. Her tongue fell out of her mouth when the head finally worked inside. A snort and a lick to the back of her neck told her he would do just that. Macintosh's hooves stamped the dirt like he was putting out a fire, sending up little clouds of dust which quickly dispersed into the air.

    His tip was still inside her, tightly held in place by her tight body. With a single thrust he pushed forward and slid in a few inches, careful not to hurt her. Applejack did breath harder, her legs starting to shake as a dull pain appeared, dull and enduring as long as he stayed inside.

    Macintosh licked at the back of her creamy neck as he balanced his weight on her back, his hooves going around her waist. He whinnied as he pushed a little bit deeper and made Applejack gasp loudly, the young pony groaning and shuddering. Her tail wacked his rear lazily with her tail, rubbing him with it softly. Big Macintosh smiled and kissed the back of her neck, bringing a soft and slightly pained giggle from her. She gasped when something inside her prevented him from moving any further. He felt it too, and that's why he stopped. Macintosh stood in place, panting softly in her ear with his hooves still around her waist like he was hugging her from behind.

    The effects of his bath had now wore off and sweat dripped down his neck and sides, giving his musky scent an extra kick in the spicy, stinging smell. Applejack couldn't stop herself from shaking, the enlarged head pressing on her barrier and spreading her open like that causing a bit of discomfort.

    The pain was searing. Burning hot, gripping her like his hooves. She clamped her jaws shut, trying not to cry out in pain. Darn it Applejack you are tougher than that. You've been in…worse jams than this. That was a dumb thing to say. It hurt badly, her mouth coming open slightly to release a soft cry of pain.

    Applejack's Love

    She tried not to be loud; she had to be quite, Granny Smith or Apple Bloom might come looking for them if they hadn't already. Applejack groaned and clenched her teeth shut, pushing back automatically into her brother. He smiled back softly, seeing she tried to keep her pain from slipping out. Such a tough little apple you are Applejack. Macintosh gently pushed deeper to help her get used to his presence. Applejack groaned and rocked forward, shaking and moaning in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Tarnation, this feels so…strange, thought Applejack, the pain starting to dwindle away very slowly, and the levels of pleasure started to increase.

    Big Macintosh straightened himself up on her and clopped on his back hooves. Pulling out a few inches there being a number of inches inside, the cause of her considerable amount of discomfort , he slowly thrust back home, pulled out, then thrust inside. Applejack gasped and shuddered again, closing her eyes tightly. Now, she was okay with it. He was greatly relieved, more than he had been before. His forelegs hanging at her sides and pressing in to keep her in place he pulled out again and waited for a few seconds, the tip just barely in, then drove slowly back in.

    Applejack moaned out loud, still trying to keep quiet. But even that was a tough job. His thrusts glided through her like a hot knife through butter, nice and easy with no obstruction or resistance on her part. She couldn't even begin to describe how this was starting to feel now that there was no longer any pain. It was a combination of how she felt after finally getting to sleep after that applebuck season, with the fun moments she had with her friends.

    Oh, she just couldn't place it. Her hips began to slowly rock against those of her brother, trying to meet him and take him in as deep as she could. Macintosh grunted and moaned in her ear, his tongue running across the back of her ear. She giggled and moaned, barely able to contain herself now. She just moaned over and over again, the insides of her legs now soaking wet. Big Macintosh slid out halfway, panting and snorting his hot breath. He did so, sliding in over halfway. This was a bit deeper than he'd been before, and it brought more pleasure with it. Despite his non-consistent thrusts he was able to set up a rather nice rhythm, his strokes long and hard and reaching deeper than before.

    Applejack took another breath of the scent that was permeating the air. Oh, it was so good, that smell, the pleasure, all of it. Macintosh took longer pauses between his thrusts so he could last longer and Applejack could really enjoy herself. He was pushing his way further in, almost all of it in her now. Applejack whinnied excitedly and spewed a little bit of love juice on his member, trying to control the large amounts of exhilaration she was going through. She moaned and grinded back harder against him, keeping up with his rhythm successfully.

    Tail flicking and wagging she felt more drip out of her and add to the large puddle beneath them, Applejack's moans got a bit louder as her insides tingled up, her nerves sparking up everywhere. She was getting close to what happened before, but this was going to be even better. She still couldn't believe she was doing this with her brother though, but she didn't want it to end as his pelvis hit her over and over again. Big Macintosh whinnied sharply. Strange warmth, wet at the same time, filled her. Applejack had a feeling it was coming from him and she blushed very hard.

    Big Mac was getting close too. She moaned and pushed her rear end into his crotch, gently grinding against him, small shivers of pleasure flowing through her body as it kept flowing. Her folds flared up with pure excitement, ready to take whatever he was getting ready to do. Macintosh could feel it going inside; he couldn't really control how much he released until it actually happened, but he started to pull out.

    Applejack whinnied and looked back at him. Biting his lip hard and grunting with nervousness, he shuddered and hugged her tighter. Applejack nuzzled up into him, panting and whinnying louder than ever as the pleasure took over. She couldn't handle it anymore; it was just too strong now. She was losing the battle of prolong the inevitable end, to make the pleasure last as long as she could make it go.

    She had to let it go, and she did. Applejack closed her eyes and cried out, as softly as she could, crying out her brother's name as the heavenly sensation of orgasm took her away from the farm onto the otherworldly plateau, coating everything behind her in sweet fluid. Macintosh licked the side of her face, nuzzling her and rubbing her sides with his hooves. He resumed his thrusts and got a soft "Ah" each time he pushed in. Because he wasn't too far behind when she reached climax, it didn't take very long for him to get to his finish. The muscles in his legs flexing and locking up, he pushed in all way up as far as he could, connecting their bodies together.

    Applejack whimpered, as the next few moments felt like an eternity. Big Macintosh kept himself in place as he started to fill her up, his thick seed flowing into her young body with strong force that made her shiver in a mixture of pain and pleasure. This continued for the next few minutes. He lightly nibbled the back of her neck in a comforting way, which really helped out a lot. Applejack opened her eyes, looking down at the dirt. How much time passed? It felt like so many hours went by since they first started; the sun was still high in the sky as if time had stayed still for them.

    Her body warming up from the inside out, Macintosh was locked inside her, so he couldn't pull out right away. She nodded, lifting up on of her hooves. They stayed in place until Macintosh went limp and he finally pulled out of her, climbing off her back. Applejack wobbled on her weak legs before collapsing on her stomach. Big Macintosh appeared in front of her, placing her hat back on her head. Big Macintosh flushed and smiled, hugging her with one foreleg and stroking her back.

    He was a bit surprised she still had the energy after all that, but that was true, the harvest still wasn't finished. He nodded, and before Applejack could run off down the path to the orchard he stopped her. Applejack looked at him funny, then crossed her front legs. Naw, you're still my big brother Macintosh. Nothin' can change that. Applejack smiled and winked at him. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons My Little Pony. It's another harvest season at Sweet Apple Acres, and after a lot of hard work, someone starts to stink.

    Is this really a bad thing? Applejack finds out for herself. One-shot Applejack x Big Macintosh Incest warning! Don't like, don't read! I am a bit nervous about how this would be received, but hey, the tagline for this site is "Unleash your Imagination"… The main warning here is incest, so if you don't like it or if this would disgust you please click the back button at the top left of your browser window.

    Plain and simple. So just enjoy! You finished up with your half sis? For what? Oh the sight of that male body, water running down those muscles… Big Macintosh still hadn't noticed his sister watching him. I can take it. Just…don't you p-pull out now…" Biting his lip hard and grunting with nervousness, he shuddered and hugged her tighter. We've still got a job to finish. Love you Applejack. Dx I do hope you enjoyed this however, so read and review on your way out if possible!

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