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The program is entirely free, donations optional but really help the work that they do. It is a node based system, which might take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it you will understand why so many people see it as the most efficient method for editing and compositing. Fusion allows you to key, rotoscope, motion track and composite, bringing VFX into your world seamlessly. It also has internal particle systems and the ability to import and composite 3d models, not leaving much to be desired.

Though we have not seen too many tutorials from users, they host training videos to get you started. CompositedLab Pro website. Mac OX Ideal for 3-D modeling, animation, creating virtual people, anime, etc. Create your own world! CNET download. Houdini Escape may be used alone or with Houdini Master.

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Escape, as a layout and lighting tool, offers: animated modeling such a character creation , creating lights and building shaders with many options. The High-end program offers cutting-edge 3-D animation and many other special effects! Get in with the pros! Endless CGI capabilities, from compositing, realistic visual effects, particle emitters, and even scripting and coding capabilities. Offers monthly software rentals. Product website.

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Mac OS X v The program now features an integrated 3D mulitplane for 3D special effects, animated title rolls, shadowing, reflections, and even more motion graphics, and particles than before, etc. In a strongly changing VFX world, where cost pressure is often a deciding point on "to be or not to be" - Fusion is currently more appealing than its expensive counterpart Nuke. The tricky point is what one can do with these and if you can use it commercially.

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For me, Nuke free is nothing else than a limited use "learning edition". Something that Eyeon essentially had since decades before getting acquired by BMD. Michael, not every studio needs Nuke.

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I've been using Fusion since it was owned by Eyeon, and it offers great value for the cost. Even though I wish it properly supported deep, I can't deny how much they're giving to their users. The fact that there is a free version is really great news for indies and those who want to up their game are now in a great position to do so The Engine has been great for bringing assets into Maya which it would not be able to handle itself.

If the architecture allows, have you ever considered raising the annual pricing and adding 3rd party renderer support? I can't talk about the future of Houdini or Indie but if you send us your thoughts they will be considered. Anyone know a good training resource for Fusion 8? I've always wanted to learn it but I can't find any resources for beginners.


I wouldn't mind paying for it, either. I'm quite happy with the cmiVFX Fusion tutorials. Digital Tutors also has a few introductory courses. FXphd just started a subscription based service as well, but so far I believe there is only one Fusion course.

You Can Finally Get Blackmagic's Finest VFX Software On Your Mac

I think they will soon become the most used compositing app in vfx. Nuke is way too expensive right now. Here we get a superb free composting app with a really good studio price kinda a steal looking at other comp apps. I don't think After Effects is a compositing app, it's more a motion design app. Of course Fusion is not as great as Nuke right now, but it's Blackmagic - they will make it as good or even better sooner or later. Seriously this whole article is just old news And please the free version just like resolve is more than enough the the individual User!

Unless you're a professional post house you mostly won't be needing the paid version. Re: Already node-based Yes exactly, and for years prior.

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NFS needs to get some real writers who know what they are talking about instead of making crap up. And to the other point I thought they just hired new writers and moved out from the basement they were in to a real office. Skip to main content.