Mac mini 2010 2 monitors

After digging around and rewriting this response several times, here's what I've found:.

Mac Mini with Dual Monitors

Thank you so much for posting this information. I really like my iMac, but was not happy about giving up my laptop and external moniter.

I like lots of real estate! This is my third external monitor which I've attempted to hook up to my late iMac with Thunderbolt.


I came armed with photos to the Apple Store and spoke with two reps. The Mac does not recognize any of the monitors and am now thinking there is something about the Mac which I need to change or something? Everywhere I've looked it's supposed to be this automatic thing.

It's hard to say, but what I usually do to troubleshoot something like this is what it sounds like you've started: try multiple monitors, and try multiple cables with those monitors. I have several different Macs that I purchased over the last three years, and usually when I connect an external display it just works.

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By Alvin Alexander. Last updated: January 30 Yes, you can connect a second monitor external monitor to your iMac — here's how. You can see the iMac Mini DisplayPort in this photo: Image courtesy of Apple , with a few words rearranged, and the red dot above the iMac monitor Mini Display port added by me to make it more apparent.

Mac Setups: Mac Mini with Dual Displays

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Is the Samsung any good? Image is okay. For the price, I would say it is good enough for normal day to day work but definitely not for high end photo processing etc. Yeah, I'll just be using it for work, since I have an iMac for play. Is text good on the Samsung?

iMac dual monitor setup: How to connect an external monitor to your iMac |

It is okay.. I think for the price, it is okay. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Mac Mini. Apple offers a free license for the Mini DisplayPort [6] but they reserve the right to cancel the license should the licensee "commence an action for patent infringement against Apple".

Its use as the video connector for the inch Cinema Display may complicate compatibility:.


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