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Whatever the reason, you're in luck — resetting a Mac password is a breeze. Just follow the short steps below and you'll be logged back in. If you know your password, you can login to your account and reset it with a few easy steps. Open the Apple menu the Apple logo at the top-left of your screen and choose "System Preferences. Select your user account on the left of the box and click the padlock in the bottom left to make your changes. You have to click the padlock to be able to make any changes to your user account.

Click "Change Password. Enter your current password, your new password twice and a hint to help you remember your password don't make it too obvious. Click "Change Password" to complete the process. Complete all the fields and then click "Change Password. If you've totally forgotten your Mac 's password and cannot gain access to your account, then you'll need to reset it. Before you attempt to reset your password, check that you're typing the correct upper and lower case letters and that Caps Lock isn't turned on.

Your password field may also have a question mark, which will display a password hint when clicked.

macOS Sierra: Set up users, guests, and groups on your Mac

If this doesn't help you remember your password, then follow these steps. You may be able to reset your password using your Apple ID. To trigger this option, keep entering passwords until you're given the prompt that you can reset your password using your Apple ID.

Unlock Any MacBook Without The Password

Note: If you don't see this message after 3 or more password attempts, then you don't have this option and will have to try another method. Click the arrow next to the prompt message and enter your Apple ID. A group allows multiple users to have the same access privileges. For example, you can grant a group specific access privileges for a folder or a file, and all members of the group have access.

You can also assign a group specific access privileges for each of your shared folders. Use Sharing preferences to specify whether the group members can share your files and share your screen.

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You can let other people use your Mac temporarily as guest users without adding them as individual users. You can use parental controls to set restrictions so guests can access only items that you want to share. Files created by a guest are stored in a temporary folder, but that folder and its contents are deleted when the guest logs out. You can locate your Mac if someone finds it, logs in as a guest, and then uses Safari to access the Internet.

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See Use Find My Mac. If you choose a user, then whenever the Mac starts up, that user is automatically logged in.

7 ways to lock your MacBook

If you choose Off, then at startup the Mac opens a login window showing all the users. Automatic login takes effect the next time you restart the Mac. Note: Automatic login allows anyone to access your Mac simply by restarting it. When FileVault is turned on, automatic login is disabled. Select the options you want. If you have any questions, click the Help button for detailed information. We just gave the change directory cd command and pointed Terminal straight o the desktop. To archive a folder I have found that typing out the directory path like we did before does not always work so specifying the save directory prior to giving the zip command is far more reliable.

The command to archive a folder is also slightly different: zip -er As with archiving a single file, "zip" tells Terminal what kind of archive to create and the e in -er tells it to encrypt the file.

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In this case the r means recursive which tells Terminal to grab all the folder contents. Since we're already pointed at the desktop, specifying the saved file name does not require any path information, In my case I am saving it as "files. Your Mac may be set up like Fort Knox , but your backups are done on an external drive or server.

If your backups are not encrypted an unauthorized user doesn't need to go through all the trouble of accessing your Mac, they can take your backups instead. Luckily, Apple makes it very easy to encrypt your Time Machine backups. There are two ways to go about this, I will cover both.

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In this example, I will walk through the first time setup of Time Machine. The process for backing up to a server or Time Capsule is mostly the same as backing up to an external drive or external drive partition. Follow these steps to backup data to a server or Time Capsule:. If you need to send a file to someone, see if they use iMessage.

For sharing files between two or more Macs that occupy the same space office, Starbucks, etc. As long as your Mac is within 30 feet of another Mac, you can use AirDrop to wirelessly send files. No existing Wi-Fi network required, so this will work even in the middle of a park. The sender and recipient Mac create a network between them which is encrypted and secured by firewall, so it's a secure connection even if other Macs are within range and have AirDrop enabled.

There you have it, all the built-in ways macOS lets you use encryption and password protection without spending a dime! Do you know how many people post this information, yet fail to give clear instructions?

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It is truly amazing how clueless some people are — all that work for useless information that ends up confusing and frustrating people. You are not this at all.

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  • You are outstanding! While I am somewhat skilled with the terminal and computers in general, your instructions could be followed by my mom no offence to mom, but she is not a tech head. Thank you! Thank you for taking to the time, and having the skills, to create useful and usable online content!!!! I am looking for information on securing files so they cannot be copied, edited, shared, emailed etc. How do I go about doing this with a mac. Follow IntegoSecurity.

    How to Password-Protect Folders on Mac

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