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Almost all of the complaints are grounded in the fact that one USB-C port isn't enough, and using dongles to connect existing full-sized USB devices is a royal pain. Not to mention that the dongles all come at an extra cost.

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While most reviews — Mashable 's included — lament the loss of the magnetic MagSafe charger, there's actually a light at the end of the tunnel. As we've explained before , USB-C is a versatile connector. It does data transfer, outputs video and can send and receive power.

That last one is really useful. That makes it the first MacBook that can charge from a portable battery pack.

The one Jim pointed to doesn't have the Magsafe 2 tip.. I use a PSW Inverter to power our MacBooks, it is also useful for charging camera batteries which don't have a 12v charger option. Note: Use any third party power supply at your own risk , warranty will be void if it damages the Mac. Last edited: Apr 19, Note: Use any third party power supply your own risk, warranty will be void if it damages the Mac. Alistair33 Free Member.

Belkin USB-C Car Charger

Nuts though it may appear this one works a treat, on both a small Mac book and the 15" macbook pro, wired to the 12v system, either engine or habitation battery. A small caviat, I'm not brave enough to use the attached USB port at the same time. Alistair33 thats the one I have. Show hidden low quality content.

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You must log in or register to reply here. Any other suggestions? Problem is most vehicles can't supply enough power to charge a MacBook Pro battery, not without placing a generator in the engine compartment someplace like police cars and campers have. Apple provides the MagSafe Airline Adapter but it's designed for 15V, not the 12V of vehicles, then it's only to keep the battery from discharging on airplanes, it won't charge it.

If you are the DIY type, you can make your own 15V DC automotive socket by using an automotive universal laptop supply to step up the car's 12V to 15V". It would be nice if they did though.

Apple MacBook Pro: DC Power Input for Efficient Battery or Car Operation? (bypass DC-AC-DC waste)

Mar 4, PM in response to ds store In response to ds store. This is simply not true. I use a watt inverter in a car to power and charge my 15 inch macbook pro. Further more I use a marine batter and a watt inverter to charge it at home because I have no conventional electrical supply.

Recommend a 12v charger for a new MacBook Air

I think the solution is just to run the macbook off of an inverter. Even though the power us is highly inefficient. Mar 4, PM. Mar 4, PM in response to woodchopperak In response to woodchopperak. Also your cars' engine is effectively a generator it has an alternator on it so simply using an inverter through your cigaretter lighter should do the trick.

Oct 4, AM in response to maryfromheber In response to maryfromheber.

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I think you misread 12 volts as 12 watts. He is looking to charge the MacBook, from a car battery. Oct 4, AM. Question: Q: Is there a volt adapter that works with macbook pro? More Less.

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