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I normally use Lluminous silk Armani foundation in shade 9…. I am a neutral undertone. Hey Huda, I hope you can help… Firstly I would like to say that I absolutely love Huda, you are truly an inspirational person and I often watch your videos and wish to be guided in my dreams like you are… I would like some guidamce if you can help with colour matching. I have a close wedding coming up and I want your foundation to be my go too but I am struggling with the colour matching..

Thank you so much in advance.

Your Ultimate #FauxFilter Shade Comparison Guide

Hi gorgeous, Our Macchiato G — golden undertones shade is our closest match to the Mac NC42 shade, but Mac is a little more orange than ours, so depending on your skin tone, this could be a good match for you as well. Otherwise, our next shade up is Brown Sugar, which also has golden undertones. Hope this helps. My colour match for M.

C is NW20 what would be the closest shade to purchase from here? Also the right shade for the loose powder and concealer to brighten the under eyes. If you could try and help me find the best match that would be great! Please can you advise me of a shade. I currently use ex1 cosmetics shade 5. I need a colour more of a yellow tone. Hey my love! Unfortunately we do not sell samples, however, you can try the product in store at Sephora, Harrods, Selfridges, and Brown Thomas. We hope this helps xo. Hello I am a combination of warm and neutral with an olive undertone.

I have a completion similar to Kerry Washington. I have tried Cinnamon, Mocha, Nutmeg, and Gingerbread because my store does not have all the colors in stock. I will be really thankfull to you if u tell me which is the right shade for me to use in FauxFilter Foundation. Hi Huda beauty team, Would like to know my shade in faux filter foundation I am in nc 42 shade Mac ,also need conceler to brighten up the under eye area. Kindly let me know my shades in both concealer and foundation. Hi huda, I currently use MAC NW35 concealer, which is a good near match to my face, which colour shade should i use in your products please??

I want to buy the faux filter foundation online. What colour faux filter foundation would match? Our FauxFilter has not been tested as non-comedogenic so we cannot confirm this. However, we have tested the formula and we believe it is suitable for Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily skin. We hope this helps xxx. The bottles are 35ml.

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If you email shop hudabeauty. We hope this helps xx. We hope this helps x. Hi huda please can u tell me the rough weight of the huda foundation including bottle. As I have just received mine today and it is so light like the bottle has hardly got any product in it. Thanks Hun xxx. I would love to try your foundation can you please help me choose my shade? Is Huda Beauty foundation non comedogenic? My skin is full oily and i use maybelline sun beign but plz help me about which shade i use in huda foundation plz help me.

Hey gorgeous! It means that the Fenty is cooler toned than Gingerbread, Gingerbread will be a little warmer. I love this! I wanted to know if you could please do this for your overachiever concealer? Please recommend me the perfect shade in your foundation and concealer shade too please?! Hi huda and the Team, i have always wanted to try your foundation, and i have looked through comparison, I still cant find the right shade, I use Maybelline Sand. She said NC50 not NW50 ….. Chocolate Truffle would be extremely too dark. Yes they were!

For your FauxFilter foundation we would recommend Dulce De Leche and for your concealer, for a shade match you would use Graham Cracker or Toast Almond and to brighten we would recommend Sugar Cookie or for a more enhanced brighten we would use Cookie Dough. Hi Huda and team!! I want to buy the FauxFilter foundation and the Overachiever concelear.

However I am having a tough time picking out a shade. Is the match to Nars actually Dulce de Leche? I feel like that looks really dark! Were these foundations all compared side to side? Which shade best matches either? Please help. Hey Huda!! Thanks so much! Mocha shade G might be better for you but then again you might be the shade G Chocolate Mousse. What color would you recommend that has the closest match? I have a yellowish undertone Asian please advise. Hope you can help me.

But not being able to swatch them because stores here in vienna, austria europe do not have them in store.. Would you be so kind and help me out? HEy Huda.. I desperately want to order thid foundtion but i dun hav clue abt the shade whic vil b my shade.. So far every foundation I tried was too dark for me to use it in winter. Can you maybe help me? Should I buy custard, toasted coconut or latte? Can you please help me with my true match? The closest shade match for your skin tone would be Toasted Coconut or Cheesecake, for a slightly warmer finish, it just depends on your preference. And I think short bread will be light for my skin.

PLs help. Hi my shade in estee lauder double wear is: 2W2 Rattan, and Mac studio Fix is: NC25, i am yellow undertone, can you please suggest me the true match for my skin tone in hudabeauty foundation? If you search your foundation on findation. Iam medium skin tone tzone oily combination skin i used revlon colourstay sun beige and buff what goes in huda beauty shade???? Dear Huda, I would need some help to find my correct shade for the Faux Filter. Which shade would be the nearest one to this? If you use findation. Hey Huda, what are your comparisons to Lancome foundation?

Thank you Huda! Which shade would be apt in FF? The cheesecake from FF is compared to NW So which shade would be right for me? We hope it helps xoxo. We think Cheesecake would probably be the best match for you Mom!

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  7. If you have a quick read of these two posts they may help too! Tell your Mom Happy Birthday from us! Hi gorg!

    MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation Followup: MAC Studio Waterweight Versus MAC Face and Body

    We hope this is helpful xx. Hi my love! We hope this helps! I want to gift my mother faux filter foundation on her birthday Huda please help me to find one She uses too faced natural beigh and mac mineralize NC Hi love! I use makeup forever ultra hd foundation in y soft sand and im looking for hida beauty foundation shade which will suit on my skin. Hey huda I really want to gift my mom faux filter foundation I tried using findation. Hi Huda, I really want to buy this foundation and I tried findation. Hi my love, check out CultBeauty. Hi Huda Team! Hi I am shade 51 in the make up forever mat velvet and shade y in the mufe HD foundation please help me find a shade.

    Hi I currently use fenty in the shade , which shade in huda would be almost the exact same shade as fenty ? Hi, i am confused as to what shade i will be. I need help finding my faux filter foundation shade. Hiya i recently bought this foundation from selfridges, the lady gave me — shortbread, in the store it looked fine and the few applications after it did then it started to be darker on my skin so now it is too dark, would you recommend the instead? Thanks in advance. Did you ever find a match in huda beauty?

    Hey HB Team! Currently I use warm nude beige chaud from the Maybelline fit me range. I hope you can suggest a shade close to it would really appreciate it.

    MAC Face And Body Foundation C5 | Beautylish

    I use skin based illamasqua in shade 7. I usually wear 03 Natural Beige or Natural warm in the Lancome Teint Idole Ultrawear — do you know which of these shades would be closest to either of those please? Hi gorgeous, have you tried findation. You might also find this post helpful. Hey guys! I need your help in shade-matching. My preference is neutral, slightly yellow-toned foundations.

    Definitely not pink toned. Can you please recommend me the perfect shade? Thanx a lot in advance! Hope that helps xxx. Hello Huda Team. You guys are doing super cool and kudos to guys… No matter how many lip stick I have used, huda is the best of all, you guys are incredible and incomparable. And now am impress with you new Fauxfilter, my shade is C-Honey, please which colour shade will I use? Hi huda.

    Im looking for a match please. I use the chanel perfection lumiere in shade beige Please suggest a faux filter match. Hiii whats the best match for stromboli in nars luminous foundation mac nc30 amaretti and tres leches is too dark im really struggling to find a match as none of the shades seem yellow either to pink grey or brown! I really want to buy the foundation. Hope this helps xxx. Hi Huda Beauty Team!! My foundation is Bobby Brown stick in Porcelain. Which colour shoud I buy? Hiya, Could you tell me what shade I am for the faux filter foundation? At the moment I am wearing the Charlotte tilbury Magic Foundation in medium 7.

    I am mac nc20 my foundation shades the colour seems to depend on the lighting sometimes toasted coconut is good sometimes darker than me, custard didnt seem to be available on the foundation shelf for a couple of weeks i am not sure which shades will suit me most i am thinking between I am several hours away from the huda beauty counter. Thanks xx. My shade in Estee Lauder is 3W1 Tawny. Which Huda beauty shade do you recommend? I have a golden-yellow undertone. Hello, I use the maybellene fit me foundation in the shade what shade will I be in the Huda foundation.

    Mine is tawny in estee lauder too and i have bought latte shade in huda foumdation. Its a perfect match. Im using matchmaster 1. I cant find it in your list…. I also use MAC Matchmaster 1. Idk if I would be tres leches or butter peacon. I emailed your team. All I got was a generic message. That was of no help. It just lead me to this page. I think it might be helpful for you to check out this post with lots of reviews from bloggers ; take a look and see which few you think might be similar to you, and in the description of each of their YouTube videos it says what shade they are in other foundations.

    Is that of any help? Im unable to decide which shade of Faux Filter would work better on my skin. Hi my love, one of our team members wears Cheesecake and she is NC25 in Mac, but the Mac shade is more golden than Cheesecake. Im a Mac waterwight foundation NW What colour of the fff should i Get? When will you guys be restocking??? I really need Amaretti G.!!!!! Hi Huda I am a shade 3. After purchasing it and receiving it today, I realized that it is maybe one shade darker than I would need.

    Baklava and Brown Sugar are many many shades apart. Thanks Huda! Kat von D L41 is quite a lot lighter than the lighter shade in this range. L42 however would be a better match I think. Any recommendations? Anything in between? Hey beauties, I really want to purchase this foundation but the guides have not helped me, I use makeup forever in shades Y and Y Can you please help me match these to the huda beauty faux foundation?

    Have you tried the shade G Baklava? I know a couple people that are NC42 and the shade Baklava has worked for them.. Hi Huda! Please tell me what colour shades to order! Or are you launching the foundation at sephora in canada? I can wait till it arrives. Hi Huda plz plz plz reply i wear urban decay all nighter shade 6.

    I think this post might be able to help you. What color do you think will work? I was thinking macchiato? Also, are you gonna be launching in stores in the US? Cause then I would just wait till then to get the foundation. I used to wear mac n42 for 10 years, then I moved to Nars medium 4 Barcelona. When they first brought this list out, the Nars colour above was matched as Toffee.

    I have received and the match is good. They had removed it off the list now for some reason since. For anyone wondering about shades try a comparison site like findation. I have to ship it from London instead. Would that make me gingerbread or cinnamon? Please help! Hi huda I love your products, and have them all but this is my third request regards to matching of nc40 in Mac please could you reply because looking at comments lots of people are asking re nc40 match.

    U have two lots of tan brand matches…wanted to know what Mac foundation matches Amaretti…which is not on the list…please change list so your medium shades are visible too…thank you. Hi i am also struggling to find a match for mac studio fix NC4O. Really want to purchase the Huda Beauty foundation.

    I used to wear NC Which was one tone darker than my skin. Please go to a store and try brown sugar Shade.

    And do you ship to Indonesia or Tokyo? Need major help I m literally confused with the shades here , I wanna purchase this foundation so bad but the Shades online are giving me hard time. Help me anyone. Hi my love, this new blog post should help you. What color would I be in Huda Beauty foundation? Help please! Armani Luminous silk foundation shade 3 is my perfekt match which shade should I buy in the fauxfilter? I want to purchase it online. Thank you. My undertone is neutral to peach.. Hi my mac shades is nw18 and Dior forever which hudabeauty foundation shade will matche me please someone help me thanks.

    Please can you give the colour match for NC Would really appreciate your help. Hi my love, we are compiling a more thorough Mac comparison table, so we will hopefully be able to answer you all soon. As every foundation uses a unique measure of pigments, it is possible that we may not be able to find a match in every brand for each of our foundations. Any help would be appreciated I really want to try your foundation. Hi Huda!! Mabrook on your foundation launch!!!

    Here in Dubai sephora does not have a return policy for gently used products unfortunately. What is my FF shade? Like what are the differences? I also use lancome tient idol ultra in Hopefully someone can help me out or someone on youtube post more vids of the pale shades! I hope it isnt light for me. Hey Huda! Congratulations on launching your foundation! Please add it to the guide or tell me what shade matches me! Love youuuu xxxx. I tried Nars all day luminous foundation in Light 3 but felt it was too yellow.

    I have cool undertones and am wondering what shade I should buy. What about Nars Sheer glow range? Im barcelona shade. I dont wear the nars all day luminous so dont really trust that Toffee in your foundation is my shade because it seems darker? Can you check for me pleasseee i really want to buy it. Will there be a color match for us in the next round of foundation colors that will be coming out?

    And how long does that usually take? Hey I just got matched with naked skin weightless.. Shade 5. Could you please help match me when Huda foundation! Hello Huda beauty team, I use urban decay naked 5. I checked your guide. I am quite yellow toned and use the nc37 but the comparison on your foundation the match is a neutral shade it also looks way darker.

    I am the shade syracus in nars foundation. Can you please advise which shade I can get? Please could you tell me which shade I should go for in the huda beauty range foundation!! I wear Estee Lauder double wear foundation in the shade 3W1 Tawny. Please could you tell me which huda beauty shade I should go for?? Hello Huday Beauty. I use Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Water in light-medium neutral, can you please suggest me which is the closest shade to your range?

    Thank you so much! I went to two local Sephora stores and neither place carried it! I felt that this color was a bit too yellow for my skin. I have cool undertones and very blue veins when I look at my wrists. I tried to do the color comparision but Nar Light 3 was not a compared foundation. What shade of Faux Filter do you suggest I order?

    Can you guys just do swatches of each shade of fair and light. I really really am not able to find the accurate shade can you find a match for loreal paris nude beige W3 shade foundation. C Nc 45 can u kindly tell me which shade can match that. Hi my love, Brown Sugar could work for you. Hi Huda I love ur products cnt wait to get the fauxfilter foundation but I honestly dnt knw which is the best shade for me I normally use M. C Nc 45 foundation. Hi, I am wearing too faced born this way in Color Warm beige, what is my Color?

    Hey, whats the closest shade to mac nc 25 mineralize? Toasted coconut or Latte? Please let me know want to order it soon. I am a pretty spot on match with lancome buff n and kat von d 44 cool, which shade would be best for me? When will Tres Leches G be back in stock? I was so excited to order and then devasted once i found out it was out.

    I need help! Hi my love, the UAE are not able to ship products to Quatar, unfortunately. You can try ordering from CultBeauty. Hi Do you have any shade matches for Bobbi Brown foundation? Armani luminous silk 3. In the UK and would have to order online so really want to get this right. Hi, HB team! The guide is exactly what I was hoping for, you are exceptionally intuitive to your customer needs.

    However I was hoping when I reviewed the matching that Makeup Forever would make the list for comparison. Can you help direct me to a possible match? Just tried your foundation on and fell in love!

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    And when they did match my cheeks they would make my chin gray and I always needed to color correct. When I tried on the faux filter I did half my face with color correcting and the other half without it and honestly I love it without the correcting more!

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    6. How to figure out your undertone:.
    7. May Allah bless you with more success. Hey HB team! I was wondering what would your recommendations be for the shades closest to the Maybelline Matte Poreless Foundation and ? From New Zealand xo. I was a little disappointed and sad about how red and gold the richer tones are as I and a lot of people I know of my complexion are neutral shades and I had high hopes that FF would recognise that as it was bringing out an inclusive range.

      Really apperciate all your efforts Huda Beauty team, and hope what you have cooking up in the kitchen are gap fillers for the neutral shades that are missing in the richer section! Please could you guide me in the right direction for a ff match?! Could you add their shades to this list for us to better understand the shades given?

      Am I crazy or does the comparison chart completely skip medium shade comparison? I use Fenty and would love to know what is the Huda match. If anyone could please help! I think you might find our latest blog post helpful, check it out here. Thanks for the quick response! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! The nars comparisions only start at light 4.

      I can wear either Nars Siberia light 1 which is their lightest shade or Gobi light 3 as I am fair with neutral undertones and more yellow. Which Huda FauxFilter shade would be my match? So hard to pick. Have you tried either yet? What shade would I be? I think it would be toasted coconut? Was hoping to see fenty beauty warm peach comparison so I could just buy yours online instead of going to the store. Hi can you guys put each shade the model is wearing on picture with I think around 24 people. That would be super helpful. Huda is such an inspirational woman!!! Amaretti or dulce de leche?

      Will the foundation be available at hongkong Sephora?? Also wanted to know a match for Bobbi brown skin foundation spf 15 in shade 4. Hi is there a match for smashbox studio skin in shade 2. Love from Fellow Huda Beauty Lover! What shade should I order in your new foundation? Hi still bit confused what shade to get I wear nc30 in Mac and nars Stromboli so what shade would I be in faux foundation. Hi there, I think I am between Amaretti and Tres Leches — please kindly let me know if either has a pink undertone?

      Many thanks in advance xx PS. Hopefully the FauxFilter is my perfect match. I tried to place an order via Shop Huda beauty. Idk my paypal aint working and the order is getting cancelled everytime. Please redirect me to the page where I can pay using credit card. What shade will I be in faux filter foundation? How is amaretti G darker than Tres leches G? Hi my love, sometimes different tones, give the appearance of being darker, but Amaretti in our foundation is lighter than Tres Leches.

      Where it says more yellow or more red etc, does it mean fauxfilter or the other brand foundation? Hi gorgeous, it refers to the other brand. Please can i have the best match for NC40 MAC please really want to order the foundation have been waiting for it pleaseeee. Hi Guys really need some help! How will the primer hold up with very oily s. I would like a mufe comparison as well. Can your team add that brand? How about the shade for the atarte full coverage Foundation in Tan-Deep Sand?

      S is only Online. I really want the HB foundation! Can you tell me the closest shade to this, did not see it on the chart!!! Thank you!!! Absolutely love this collection. Dying to try them! Which shade should i go in for?? Hi, please could you help me as my matches are conflicting. Would I be Tres Leches or Baclava? What would be the closest to my skin tone? Dear HB team , I am 1N2 ecru in estee lauder double wear so according to your guide i should be G in your foundation but my mom went to sephora dubai with my estee lauder shade and they gave her N as the most similar shade and now we are confused.

      Which one would you recommend? Please let me know my mom is in dubai for 2 more days so I really need to tell her which shade to pick. And congrats on this launch, i loved all your products so far. How will the primer hold up with very oily skin. Hi, Huda beauty team, in nars sheer glow foundation i am the the colour Syracuse and in charlotte tilburys magic foundation I am the number 8 medium.

      I have to set it with powder before putting on product over it as it makes the other products look slightly patchy otherwise. It gets pretty oily after about 5 hours on my skin, and I live in a very humid climate, however, it only happens on my T-zone and I just blot it away so it is fine. However, bit of foundation does come off, even when I set it with spray and powder. If I use the products for a few days in a row though, my pores get clogged and I get pimples. So I suggest washing face thoroughly and doing a deep cleanse if you wear this for too many days a row.

      Overall, it is pretty good but I would not recommend it to people with textured or dry skin. A good moisturizer could be mixed with the foundation to give a smoother finish though. Skip to content acne product review , beauty , foundation for oily skin , foundation review , mac , mac cosmetics , mac cosmetics review , mac foundation , mac foundation acne , mac foundation acne skin , mac foundation oily skin , mac foundation review , mac foundation sensitive skin , mac makeup , mac oily skin , mac product review , makeup , makeup review , makeupblog , oily skin , oily skin foundation , oily skin foundation review , oily skin product review , review , skin.

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      On their website , they say: An oil-controlling formula that offers a matte finish with medium to full coverage. I apply it by dotting it all over the face and use a brush or a beauty blender to blend it. I use the pressing motion and then buffing motion to spread the foundation all over the face. I feel like with a brush, it is a bit streaky and looks heavier compared to a beauty blender application. The beauty blender absorbs the excess foundation. It has a matte finish. Coverage : I have a lot of acne scars and pigmentation on my skin, hence, finding a foundation that is full coverage for my skin is pretty difficult.

      This is my skin before applying foundation: Before After applying one layer of foundation: After 1st layer It was still not full coverage for me so I tried layering it. After 2nd Layer I applied a light layer for the 2nd layer because it was heavy looking from the 1st layer. Thank you reading this! If you enjoyed it, please leave a coment, share or like! Privacy Policy.