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Great for media PCs! Batteries seem to last a long time too. Very well built Pointer movement is fluid and very accurate. No connection issues what so ever. Happy to have the chance to test this new brand. You can't lose with this great value. HAVIT 2. Works great. Only negative thing, and if you want to call it negative. Obviously it is taller than a standard mouse.

I have a sliding keyboard shelf. Well, the mouse goes there. Has fallen down about three times because when I get up and close the keyboard drawer, the mouse falls to the floor hits the bottom of the desk top.

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On the bright side, still works great after the three falls. More comfortable than a standard mouse. Just I need to get used to putting it on the desk when I am done. So far so good with this mouse. I purchased to use with a mac mini - I have a magic trackpad for normal use but found I wanted a mouse when using imovie, so just found this for a very reasonable price.

However, apart from the overall cheap feeling on this product, it seems to work well and I have no operational complaints thus far. Mac quickly recognized it once I went to blue tooth settings to search for new peripheral. Note that the manual is almost entire in Chinese - the only word that seems to be in English is 'Bluetooth', apart from some other titles eg.

Windows 7.

Luckily, the manual was not required - easy pairing and also, the ad itself has the details on pairing. Hopefully it lasts a long time Anker Ergonomic USB 2.

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They offered me a half-refund and said they would forward my feedback regarding the discomfort to their product design team. As many other reviews state the customer service of Anker is second to none. This mouse does what you want and is long enough that I don't have to hold my fingers in a claw position like some other mice that are really short. It does what you expect a mouse to do, however the thing for me that I'm not really a fan of after using it for a few weeks is that while your arm is indeed much more vertical, your hand is now in a kind See All Buying Options. VicTsing 4-Button 2.

The mouse is good.. It works like a Mouse.. I gave only 4 stars bcoz the shipment was delayed.

Update: Since yesterday Nov 15th , the mouse would stop working at times. Then I have to turn off and turn on the mouse multiple times to make it work again. It is really irritating. Lovely mouse that takes a lot of pressure off of your wrist and helps line things up. Fits well in the hand. It's definitely quality stuff for the price, I've been using it every day for months.

I cannot say enough awesome things about the quality of this mouse.

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It feels so great in hand, every click, movement and roll is so silent that my coworkers think I'm not working. The cable it comes with is great quality for when it needs to be plugged in. I'm thinking of getting another backup soon if I can. Temporarily out of stock. I'm using this on an iMac so the right and left click and the scroll buttons work well. It has adjustable DPI settings as well as a one-year warranty against defects or damage. It also has forward and back buttons built in for your convenience.

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This wireless vertical mouse features an ergonomic design. It has a plug and play design with three different cursor speeds so you can customize it to suit your needs. This mouse has laser sensing technology built in for excellent response time and pinpoint accuracy. It is a very compact size that makes it easy to carry and move around. This mouse is also wireless and you can use it at greater distances than a traditional wired mouse can reach.

You also get a forward and back function key that is easy to press. This wireless mouse runs on batteries. It also features a removable palm rest that encourages you to keep your hand in a healthy position. It has an adjustable DPI setting that allows the mouse to glide over several different surfaces quickly and easily. It has four adjustable sensitivity levels that are guided by a laser so you get pinpoint accuracy when you use it. It comes with six buttons and four different bright LED color choices. You get a six-foot braided cable for extra durability and reach.

It supports a wide variety of operating systems as well.

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This vertical mouse is designed to fit to your hand comfortably. There are five easy to reach buttons. You can choose from three different sensitivity levels that give you a smooth and seamless experience. The mouse and the palm rest feature no-slip grip with ridges. Additionally, the palm and wrist rest is removable. You can buy this mouse with three different bright LED light options. It has five easily adjustable sensitivity options as well. This mouse features a wide compatibility option that allows you to use it with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux without any issues.

This wireless mouse was newly upgraded for It sits at an degree angle to take the stress off of your wrist and forearms. The Autley mouse comes with four different sensitivity levels.

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It has an LED light bar that glows seven different bright colors and makes it easy to use the mouse in low light. You get a day money back guarantee and a year warranty when you purchase this mouse. Avid techy, gamer and lover of FPS. I write reviews and comparisons about my favorite keyboards and latest gaming tech. How To.