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They are bullies. They want to take over the flesh business. The Russians are cold-hearted fuckers. What they have been doing is following the card boys [who put cards advertising prostitutes in phone booths in central London] and then taking the girls hostage, armed if need be.

Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton, who has investigated some of London's most high profile shooting murders, said he believed the age of offenders was getting younger, and sometimes guns seemed to be used for the slightest reason. He said guns could be purchased for a few hundred pounds in many parts of London.

While the conviction of Wilkinson was seen as a breakthrough, it is accepted that with the increased traffic between Britain and eastern Europe, stemming the flow of weapons remains an almost impossible task. Amnesties for people to hand over weapons are greeted with scepticism by criminals. If I had a gun, I wouldn't take part because, if I got pulled, what would I say - 'Oh, I'm just on my way to the amnesty. Few professional criminals would keep guns on their premises.

The problem with video game guns

Normally, you have a 'keeper' a couple of miles away and some of them have been at it for 20 years. It's best to have an old fellow with no previous or a woman. You keep the ammunition separate because you'll get a much heavier sentence if you have them together. When guns are moved from place to place, a young woman is often used as the courier because there is less risk of her being stopped and searched.

What is not in dispute is the devastating effect that the casual use of a gun over a minor argument can have on dozens of people. In December , Sean "Stretch" Jenkins, 36, an amiable, 6ft 8in window-cleaner from south London, was shot dead at a party in Carshalton. His killer was a cocaine dealer called Joseph Greenland, a volatile man with a quick temper, who had apparently taken offence at something Jenkins said.

The men had earlier been at a boxing night at Caesar's in Streatham, where there had been some fighting outside the ring. Greenland had left the party, driven home in his Range Rover, picked up a gun and returned to kill Jenkins in front of at least five witnesses, who were warned not to talk.


None of the immediate witnesses gave evidence against Greenland, who had a reputation for threatening to "annihilate" anyone who crossed him, but there were traces of his DNA on a cigarette end and a wine glass at the party and his bragging about the shooting was to be his downfall. His recourse to a gun, for no other reason than some perceived slight, left Jenkins's six-year-old son without a father and saddened a wide network of friends and family. A shotgun available as a sidearm.

Soldier Front - KelseyMF - UZI - New Gun

Appears in the game with a wooden finish. Has a lower rate-of-fire than the Benelli M1, but has higher damage and accuracy. A shotgun labeled as the " Benelli M1 " in the game. Has less damage than the M, but has a higher rate-of-fire. The M16A2 appears in the game with an incorrect fully-automatic fire mode. An AKS with a golden color scheme appears in the game. The damage done by this Submachine Gun is standard, which is neither high nor low. MAC comes with a very low recoil almost negligible which is the best part of it with the help of which you can shoot even jumping and continuously without missing the target.

One more plus point about MAC is that it is very light so it is easy to carry and to take out. The best part about this Submachine Gun is that the rate of fire is very fast which is very useful in one on one combat. With such a good rate of fire you can kill at a very fast rate.

UZI vs. MAC-10 ultimatum

You can buy this awesome gun for 55, sp but there is a rank restriction i. So by looking over the stats this is a very good gun but there are some aspects which show the bad quality of this gun. Both the guns are just the same but UZI has a better accuracy and more magazine size. Auction beta is live! Meet the Guardian Mods. Welcome to FanUp!

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