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Therefore Remote Buddy is neither the cause of the issue nor is it responsible for it. Instead, the cause of the issue exists independently of Remote Buddy. It's located elsewhere and can also only be solved there. Although our products can't cause any such issues, we're regularly contacted about such issues and asked for help.

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In order to make locating and fixing the cause of such issues as easy and efficient as possible, we've developed a free diagnostics tool: Remote Control Diagnostics. It can locate issues with a single click and will provide you with information about the issue as well as with instructions on how you can fix it.

So I'm afraid it's a pure Front Row issue. Forum closed. This posting is older than 6 months and can contain outdated information. These entries from the FAQ may be relevant to this topic: Behaviours. The installed application XY, for which a behaviour exists, does not turn up in Remote Buddy's menu. What should I do? There are several possible error sources: The application has been installed after Remote Buddy has already been launched For efficiency reasons, Remote Buddy only searches for supported applications when its started.

Oudated program versions The installed version of the program in question could be outdated and identify itself with a different Bundle Identifier than the version supported by Remote Buddy. Custom menus If you use a custom menu in Remote Buddy and you don't make use of Remote Buddy's smart folders, the menu structure is static.

The behaviour is deactivated. The Launch Services database is outdated. How can I manually update to the latest version? After updating to OS X Please update your copy of Remote Buddy to version 1. All rights reserved. Privacy policy Legal notice Contact. Currently, I have no Frontrow installed on my machine. Im running on Powerbook G4 12 1. I cant run FrontRowUpdate1. Any help would be much appreciated. I even printed these steps in order to follow easilly.

I wasnt pointing to the correct disk image for download. You had downloaded beta 1. Try downloading the new Enabler1. Still, keyboard shortcuts are now enabled. BTW: Thanks. I didnt try this file to seeif it worked because FR1. Could anyone tell me if this file actually works or should I just bin this Enabler1. Love it. Whenever I click on the movie, it loaded the Rating Screen and said Loading Trailer with the beach ball spinning forever The rest are working just as good.

Anyway, thank again for the great software. I had jumped the gun on updating FrontRow, and needed to re-install the Bezelservices. As far as I can tell, everything is working properly, except for the Network menu item. Mark 39 Mark May 14th, at am Follow-up. An additional re-start restored the loss of the Network menubar functionality. Mark 40 robert3 May 14th, at am No problems updating my TiBook. Apple really optimized FR, the preview for movies and photos are faster; as others would say snappy.

I installed asper instructions and tried various keyboard combinations as the startup key for fr but nothing ever happens. Ive managed to corrupt my menu bar a few times which i fixed following the instructions.

How To Install Apples Front Row 1.2.2

Ive tried the enabler 1. Im using a powerbook 17 so im interested in knowing exactly what Eric Caldwell did.

Regards 43 Stuart May 14th, at am It all works great for first time install but the preferences panel isnt there in system prefs. All keyboard controls work. Any ideas? Sometimes when I try to activate Front Row [command-escape] nothing happens. So I go into Activity Monitor and look for Front Row and there are 2 instances of the Front Row app open, one that stays open with the same process ID, and another that will appear for a second then disappear, then reappear with a new process ID.

The second I force quit one of these processes Front Row automatically activates. What is causing Front Row to open twice and how can I stop it?

How To Install Apples Front Row | Andrew Escobar

This issue can occur if you have previously used Front Row without Enabler. These very early distributions of Front Row used the oddest of hacks, instead of just using the seamless built-in Mac OS X support left unused until Enabler hit the seen. To fix this, check to make sure it isnt launching on startup by removing it from Login Items in the Accounts preference panel, and delete any Front RoW related.

Even printed them out and checked them off as I went. FrontRow Update 1. Im running Thank you for making the enabler and keep up the great work 48 spil May 14th, at pm this is great i just installed it on my Mac Mini G4 and I only had 1 problem: I cant select songs. It says that I need to authorize them as if Im trying to play someone elses purchased songs on my computer, but the songs I was trying to play are neither someone elses nor purchased, is any one else having this problem?

Framework on that update!!! What can I do??

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  • Framework from the package though??? Framework file — anyone kind enough to share this???? I had Frontrow 1. Thanks, Pierre from Amsterdam, Holland 55 tiramisu May 15th, at am s. Tried to patch and nable Front Row.

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    A warning showed that my bezel could be damaged. I followed instructions for installing a backup of the bezel files from the combo update, then applied the patch again. Works like a dream now great hack! Thank you. Because you did not take the time to read all of the post. This is the result of the user accidentally patching the system files more than once, for which there is a simple 2 minute fix.

    It just seemed logical when I bought them last year. Shame Apple has not worked this out and released Front Row for all loyal fans. I was happy to see there were not any legal issues for you with the earlier release. All the best. Does anyone know a cheap way of making my iMac 20 PowerPC infrared?


    Is it a case of simply buying an IR dongle and using a remote? Ideally I would like to control my iMac with a Bose remote as its nice and small. It certainly neither a cheap nor simple solution though. Everything went well and Front Row comes up fine with my keyboard but I had been using Airclick USB as my remote and it worked perfectly before this updateI tried reinstalling the AirClick software from Griffins site, but still no joy Anyone else having this issue?

    I really love it and it has worked well, but it isnt a very sturdy unit to begin with and it seems some of the wires that attach the Transceiver to the USB connecter came apart. I am returning it for a replacement from Amazon the Amazon customer service people were very good and already have shipped a replacement unit.

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    So, the install went well as did the first time, before this update. Thanks again Andrew. Well done. The fact is that after this, I try to launch FR but it just doesnt. Nothing happens, not even by changing the shortcut in the System Preferences. Ive restarted several times, but it just does not launch.

    Ive searched in your website for a solution but I havent been able to find anyone who had the same problem as Im having. Do you know what I could do?