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If you're accustomed to using the "magic wand" tool to make parts of pictures transparent in Microsoft Office applications, you'll need to rearrange your workflow in Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac The presentation program features a new interface that relocates the commands for changing the appearance of graphics you add to your slides. The Formatting Palette you used in previous versions gives way to context-sensitive commands you issue by clicking on the ribbon at the top of the application window.

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Insert your picture, either from a file you created in an image-editing application or from the clip art collection that ships with Microsoft Office. The Home tab of the PowerPoint ribbon includes an Insert tab with a "Picture" icon that opens a drop-down menu when you click on it, revealing the options for picture insertion.

Leave the picture selected so the PowerPoint ribbon displays the Format Picture tab. Within the Adjust section of the tab, click on the "Recolor" button and select "Set Transparent Color.

Click the object for which you want to set RGB colors. The object could be text or a shape.

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The PowerPoint color tool is accessed in different ways depending on the object. Click the small arrowhead next to Font Color at the top of the screen if you selected text. Select "More Colors" from the drop-down menu. If you want to set the RGB color for a shape, right-click the shape, select "Format Shape" from the resulting menu, click "Fill" in the left pane, click the "Solid fill" radio button in the right pane, click the icon next to Color and select "More Colors" from the resulting menu.

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The Colors window pops up. Type the red, green and blue values in the Red, Green and Blue boxes, respectively. Steve Rindsberg Steve Rindsberg 3, 1 1 gold badge 9 9 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. Thanks for "doing it right" with linking to your own site by disclosing your affiliation and not only answering questions where you can link to your site.

Mac PowerPoint: Accurate Colors - Best Practices

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Making a Theme for a PowerPoint Presentation in Office for Mac - dummies

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Colors appear different on Mac vs PC PowerPoint

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