Cron jobs mac os x

I currently use crontab to run AWStats. I also have several scripts that I run nightly. This short tutorial should allow you to set up your own Crontab jobs.

Terminal 101: Creating Cron Jobs

So if I want to update my stats every 30 minutes, my entry in my crontab file will look like this:. That's it!

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Crontab will now update the stats every half hour. What could be going on?

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Which text editor is opening when you run 'crontab -e'? My default one, atom.

Timed Jobs Using launchd

That's what launches when I open anything to be edited in my terminal. Hmm, if you run atom from the command line on its own, does it wait for atom to exit before prompting for another command if not, you may want to try a different text editor.

Schedule jobs with crontab on Mac OS X | Ole Michelsen

AdamLuchjenbroers I am not sure I fully understand your question. I use atom for all of my code editing.

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  • So if I want to edit any file, I just do atom. Thanks for that tip Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

    Schedule a launchd job on Mac OS X

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    Post as a guest Name. Warning: this is not a great idea security-wise, if a malicious actor can create cron jobs or edit the scripts ran as cron jobs, he or she would have Full Disk Access too. Monitor the system's installed cron jobs manually or with a tool such as KnockKnock and proceed with caution. Feel free to contact me if I'm wrong about something or you have any doubts.