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Once you've found something, you can press Return or Enter to "find again". If you hold down the shift key, you can move through matches in the opposite direction. After you run a find, and the Find dialog is closed.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Excel will open up the Replace dialog with the replace field visible and in focus. Before you find, if you make a selection first, you automatically limit the search to that selection.

Advanced Find & Replace - Part 1 - Find & Replace

So, if I select a column, I can more quickly find just what I want inside this column. Second, although Excel doesn't support regular expressions, it does support two wildcards, the question mark?

How to Make Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for Any macOS Menu Items, and to Launch Your Favorite Apps

So, for example, I can use a question mark to find both "gray" spelled with an "a" and "grey" spelled with an "e". And I can use an asterisk surrounded by parentheses to remove everything in parentheses, including he parentheses, in these product descriptions. Skip to main content.

This lesson is from our online video training. Shortcuts to find and replace.

How to Find and Replace on Excel on PC or Mac (with Pictures)

In this video, we'll look at the shortcuts you can use for find and replace in Excel. This is a handy way to step through matches without the find dialog blocking your view. On windows, after you run Find all, you can use the arrow keys to step through results. Here's a couple more quick tips on Find and Replace. Related shortcuts Format almost anything.

Mac shortcuts

Ctrl 1. Display Format Cells with Font tab selected.

Ctrl Shift F. Apply or remove bold formatting.

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However, the Find and Replace dialog is still there. I end up having to move my mouse to the small X on the top right like times a day. Learn more about Teams. Keyboard shortcut to close the Find and Replace dialog Ask Question. Is there a keyboard shortcut to close the Find and Replace dialog?

Andomar Andomar k 37 37 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Dave Long: Thanks, great! Ah, sorry, roadrunner already Answered I've never thought of Find and Replace as a tool window. You are good to go :.