Space on mac hard drive disappearing

My hard drive filled up. Then I deleted 50 GB of movies and other large files. It filled up again. I ran it to do a "deep cleanse" of caches and logs. I said "yes" to all the prompts to delete these cache and log files. I expect that the program will keep doing it when needed, and so far there are no bad side effects.

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Disappearing free storage space on hard drive

October 24, PM. Reply 22 of December 8, PM. Yes, it is gmail.

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Reply 25 of May 6, PM. Dave c. Reply 26 of May 9, PM. Thanks for everyones postings.

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up on Mac? Here's How to Fix It

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Reply 32 of Reply 33 of July 23, AM. Reply 34 of August 27, PM. I'm still working with Apple support. I'll post if we find anything. Reply 35 of September 30, PM. In addition to Spotlight, there is a problem with Apple Mail and gmail iMap messages. Reply 36 of October 5, PM. Had the same happening on a iMac running All fine until about a week ago when suddenly filling up at about 1MB per minute sic , and so eventually locks up completely - can't start even in safe mode.

Tried showing hidden files but nothing visible - HD should have had almost GB free. That file is hidden-hidden. Didn't show in OmniDiskScanner or even when 'show hidden files' set via Terminal. Eventually deleted it using another Mac and my own as a target with FireWire connection holding down T on startup. Incidentally Apple says needs to be similar OS but in this case it was one running Was able to delete rogue file.

Now installing clean Sleep image is a file that the Mac creates when it goes to sleep. This file is needed when the computer battery is discharged during sleep, so when power appears, the computer can start in the same state as before the sleep. This is quite a useful feature however, if you have limited disk space and you are not going to run the battery flat, then, this feature can be switched off. Use the Terminal for this:. The system will prompt for the administrator password. Enter this password, and the system will then activate this option. The Sleep Image will no longer be created.

To restore this setting, use this command:. In order to remove the sleep image which you have stored on a disk, use this command in the Terminal:. This will save between 2 to 8 GB of disk space. However, remember to protect your files from risk of being lost if there is a full battery discharge.

Applications in Mac OS X have localizations to different languages more than 20 different languages. These localization files occupy a lot of space. So firstly, before any installation, specify which languages to install, if this is possible. Secondly, remove Chinese, Georgian, Slovak and any other unneeded localizations. They can be removed manually, but this is usually a long and dreary task. Instead, use a special application ClearDisk for this task. ClearDisk is an app that allows you to clean up Mac. Will try uninstalling flash and see what happens posted by leticia at AM on November 11, If there's more than 1 or 2 swapfiles in there, restart your computer.

Rebooting clears it out. I had this exact problem with that combo. It's a known issue Adobe won't fix, the fix is to download and install an older version of Java here. Since I did that, no more issues. Seconding Grand Perspective, but take the extra steps to run it from an Administrator-enabled account on the root of your hard disk to really see where all the space is allocated: 1: open Terminal 2: change to applications folder on your user account 3: type sudo GrandPerspective.

It works. There's a trial version. I also use Dr. Well, I just uninstalled flash and I still have around 65GB in that org. No, you know, I'd only used the Firefox function ticking the cache and offline website data boxes. I can try that first with all the tickboxes. This is a great thread. It reminds me of SequoiaView for the PC. I think Omni Disk Sweeper , which is completely free, is a little easier to use to tunnel down to the big chunks that are floating around in your hard drive.

My Adobe folder in my Apps directory has 3gb of cache files. Can it be nuked?

Fix 1. Show hidden files on Windows 10, 8 or 7

Sorry, I meant to post this comment last night, but my internet caught a case of the vapors and went down. Anyway, I wanted to share, with a tip of the hat to pharm , signal , and andrewcooke , I've managed to address the problem, at least for the moment. This is what I've accomplished: -- I uninstalled Flash. Unfortunately I have to reinstall Flash if I want to keep watching video on the xfinity app.