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Go for the option that is applicable to you in this case. Add your video to the timeline for editing.

Video Cropper and Editor | How to Crop a Video on Mac Easily

There are countless regular editing tools for video to use in making your file more professional. You will get these editing tools just below the preview window. With right clicking on the video, it will show a drop-down menu. Please choose the "Crop" option.

Highlight the video that you want to edit then click on the "crop" button and the size window will be customized.

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  3. Crop a clip or photo in the browser?

After setting the cropping ratio, you can click on "OK" to finish off the cropping procedures then save changes made. After cropping your video, you can export them in any format as you want.

Or you can also upload the video to YouTube, Viemo for sharing with your friends. The above is the whole steps of cropping videos on Mac, and if you're a Windows user, you can follow the same steps on your PC.

The Best Video Crop Editor for Mac and Windows PC

Please leave a comment in the below comment section to discuss with us. Or click the below icon to take a free trial on this Filmora Video Editor. Table of Contents. Install the Crop Video Editor 2. Add Your Video 3.

Need to crop a video?

Crop the Video Size 4. Save the Result.

Need to crop a video? Download Free Video Editor. Cut, crop, and rotate videos Add filters, titles, and music Use effects like Chroma key. In the browser or timeline , select the clip or photo whose aspect ratio you want to restore. Note: If you restore a clip that has a aspect ratio, black bars appear to the left and right of the clip.

Crop a Video on Mac OS X and Windows PC

Crop a clip or photo in the timeline In the timeline , select the clip or photo you want to crop. To show the cropping controls, click the Cropping button. Click the Crop to Fill button. An adjustable frame appears on top of the clip in the viewer. Note: This frame is constrained to a aspect ratio.