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Die Serveradressen und Ports entnehmt ihr der nachfolgenden Tabelle. Bei neuen Nachrichten werdet ihr nicht sofort informiert. Eine gute Alternative ist die die kostenlose Telekom Mail App. In einer weiteren Anleitung auf netzwelt zeigen wir euch, wie ihr eure E-Mail-Adresse von web.

Alle Meldungen der letzten sieben Tage findet ihr in unserem Newsticker. Mehr dazu. Benachrichtigungen zu "T-Online" sind aktiviert Deaktivieren. Ist T-Online down? Aktuelle Themen. Wiko View 3 lite 6. Neuer Newsletter: Hallo netzwelt! For mail, the user can also initiate a sync using the sync icon. To preserve existing Contact or Calendar data, upgrade the firmware to at least 3. Currently there is no security setting to govern the behavior of the Apple 5s Fingerprint scanner.

Apple device users can enable or disable the Fingerprint scanner as desired. If enabled, the fingerprint scanner will allow a user to bypass entering a device pass code when unlocking the device. The device will still prompt for a passcode when it is powered on and at least once every 48 hours. This is by Apple design. Apple devices do not support syncing draft messages. Drafts are considered local to the device or local to the server, and never synchronized.

This setting does not apply to IBM Traveler mail. Use the mail filter setting for Mail days to sync to control how much mail is kept in a folder on the device. This does not work on Apple devices. If you have a deeply nested mail folder structure, you may not be able to see the most deeply nested folders.

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If the mail message contains embedded images, tables, or other graphical elements that are too large for the small Apple screen, then the entire message is scaled down so that these graphical elements can be seen without scrolling. To view the rest of the message, zoom in and then scroll the document as needed. In versions prior to iOS5, mail cannot be deleted or moved unless the device is connected with the server.

The Apple device Mail application does not allow many mail operations unless the sync can be completed immediately with the IBM Traveler server. For example, if the device is put into airplane mode and WiFi is disabled so that there is no connection possible with the server, then mail move and delete operations are grayed out and unavailable. At other times, you might notice that you have moved or deleted mail from your Inbox and later it reappears in your Inbox. This occurs when the device cannot contact the server and is a limitation of the Apple device.

On versions prior to iOS5, folder management creating, renaming, moving, and deleting folders is not available on the device. Starting with iOS5, folder management is available on the Apple device, but only if the device is connected to the server. Opening a mail message immediately after it first syncs may prevent the screen from painting properly.

When a mail message first syncs to the Apple device, it contains only plain text and no attachments. Typically the device immediately fetches the rest of the mail from the server, including HTML text and possibly attachments if they are small. In some cases opening the mail on the device in the middle of this fetch operation prevents the screen from painting correctly.

Moving back to the folder and then opening the mail later fixes the problem. On an Apple device, if you want to include attachments or embedded images on a response, you must forward the mail and select Include Attachments. If you only reply to the mail, the attachments and embedded images are not included in the response. Apple devices do not support the syncing of Reply and Forward marks. These marks are considered local to the device or local to the server, and never synchronized. However, if you reply or forward a mail message on the device, the corresponding message in the server mail database will reflect the reply or forward mark.

This is a limitation of the Apple device. If the change cannot be synced immediately, the device often forgets about the change and not synch it later. Some of your messages on your Apple device may download in their entirety.

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  • Others have attachment icons or a button to get the remainder of the message. Apple devices sync mail in two phases. First, the device asks for b of the mail in plain text. It does this for every mail message. Second, the device examines the message and determines if it should auto-download it or not.

    If the device decides not to auto-download the entire message, you will receive a download button at the end of the message, and any attachments in the message will have icons to allow you to individually download them. If the device decides to auto-download the message, it will request the MIME version of the mail, which contains all of the rich text and all of the attachments.

    The criteria for this decision is internal to the Apple device and non-configurable. Because personal groups cannot be synchronized to Exchange Activesync devices, mail sent to a personal group one not defined in the Domino server's address book is not delivered and is not able to be sent.

    Klaus Buschmann IT Management – Persönlicher Apple Support von Klaus Buschmann.

    Moving mail to a folder on the device after it was replied to or forwarded may intermittently fail. The Exchange ActiveSync specification has an Update command, but the Apple device does not honor it by updating the content body of the mail. Therefore, IBM Traveler tries to work around the issue by deleting the mail in one sync and then adding it back in the next sync.

    If the device tries to move the mail between the deletion and addition, the move will fail because the deletion has been processed. Apple's EAS implementation moves and syncs asynchronously, so if the operations are on the same item, problems may result. If the move fails, try moving the mail again to avoid the timing gap between the deletion and addition.

    MS Exchange

    If there are phone numbers in the subject or location field, then these are displayed, but the click to call feature is unavailable. It is only available for numbers in the Description field. On Apple devices older than iOS 8, the calendar Notes field may not display all of the data from the Domino calendar entry for large descriptions.

    If you edit the calendar entry on the device, you cannot see more of the data that gets truncated from the initial view.

    This is a limitation of the Active Sync protocol. Attachments are not defined for calendar entries.

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    When rescheduling instances of a recurring meeting, the new recurrence date is incorrect. It is possible your Apple device is sending out incorrect recurrence rules when rescheduling. This is a known Apple bug. When multiple unprocessed invites are in the device inbox for the same meeting but for different instances, only the most recent invite will push to Apple calendar. When a meeting chair invites an attendee to different instances of the same repeating meeting, one instance at a time, separate invitation notices are sent for each instance.

    An Apple device views these notices as multiple invites to a non-repeating meeting and only pushes the latest one to the calendar. Because the synchronization of groups is not supported, calendar invites sent to a personal group one not defined in the Domino server's address book are not delivered and are not able to be sent. Meetings created from the device with the 'All-day' option are modified to start at 4am and end at 8pm.

    An All-day event does not provide a start and end time selection. Creating a meeting from the device with the 'All-day' option results in IBM Traveler creating an All-day event, with no attendees, in the users server mail database. Modifying the 'All-day' value from the device results in IBM Traveler rejecting the change and restoring the event to its prior state on the device.

    Changes to a meeting on the device that apply to both the current and future instances of the meeting may be rejected by the IBM Traveler server. Apple devices may split a meeting into separate meetings when making changes to the current and future instances of a meeting. In prior releases, IBM Traveler merged the split meeting back together. This will no longer be done. By default, the IBM Traveler server now rejects the change and sends a mail to the user.

    The version of the meeting prior to the change attempt will also be sent to the device. The notes. Apple devices older than iOS 8 truncate the display of the Location field based on the device type and calendar view. IBM Traveler appends room information to the end of the location field, but it may not display on the device due to this truncation.

    If the location field is larger than 75 characters, then IBM Traveler prepends the room information to the description field of the event.

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