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Lost License. Discography Preview Discography keeps track of every file on every disc you burn. You can instantly search through tens of thousands of burned files and find out info such as when it was burned, to what disc it was burned, and when it was last edited. If you find yourself constantly losing track of what disc your files are on then Discography will be a welcome addition to your toolset. Discography is always on and keeping track of your burns -- so it's only there when you need it.

Spanning Preview Have more files than you can fit on a single disc but don't feel like manually weeding them out and dividing them? Well, Disco can handle it for you. If Disco detects the total size of the files you're burning is bigger than the disc, it will try to divide them amongst multiple discs so that they fit. Through its beautiful UI, Disco visually indicates how many discs you'll be needing, and then you simply feed it new ones as it handles the burning for you. Hard drives are cheap, so you can rip lossless but if you have a huge collection is can take up a lot of space.

Always have two drives, one for data the other for back up. Also by default is the ACC format.

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Forget MP3 for quality. One thing that I was able to do on previous versions of iTunes was to select which tracks to rip, now you have to rip the entire CD. Unless someone knows the trick, please reply. To rip individual tracks from a CD click the checkmarks next to the track names.

How to duplicate CD on a Mac

Clicking on them alternates between checked and not checked. Only checked files will be ripped. You first need to add the files not in your iTunes music library to the library, then you can add them to your iPod. I had ripped my CDs about pieces to an external disc connected to my iTunes. It all worked fine for a while. Why iTunes stops reading and recognising entire music libraries?

Is there a problem? How do I reinstate iTunes and my not lost music library? Is the drive connected correctly? Can you simply drag a file from your Mac to the drive?

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If neither iTunes nor your Mac can see it, and it is connected correctly, then the drive is corrupted or is trashed. Can Disk Utility repair the drive?

Can a third party software repair the drive? If not, where is your backup, because the drive is trashed? If you rip to Apple Lossless format which I recommend , it will keep all the information and quality of the audio track CD.

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The files are a bit larger, but it is worth it. If your phone or iPod does not have enough room, there is still an option to compress the audio on the fly, but at least you will have a full-quality copy on your computer which you may want to play through a good stereo system or headphones, for example. There is a lot of good detailed information about this elsewhere on the internet, and how to use XLD a free alternative for ripping, which also allows you to do error checking against a database of known rips, allows you to rip to non-apple formats like FLAC, convert from Apple Lossless to other lossless or lossy formats, and so forth.

Hard Drives are cheap, MP3 is poor sound quality. Get back to quality files, sound, etc. I use XLD — it provides very high quality files, in all the formats — I use mp3 sometimes but mostly flac, so have it set to rip to both. Al, check this guide from Auralic. The last time I ripped a CD from iTunes, it created all of the tracks with generic names like track01, track02, etc. Have they changed this feature to now put the actual song title of the track on the CD?

Unless Apple sent the data to a server to identify each song, like Siri does, then there is no way to know what the CD is. Just label the songs yourself that you import from a disc, it is not a big deal. You can edit the iTunes meta data of any song this way. Flushing cache Writing finished successfully.

Hope this helps. FooMonkey FooMonkey 91 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. Thank you, thank you - works perfectly although I had to overcome that 'init: ObtainExclusiveAccess' issue as well.

How to Burn Disc Images in Mac OS Without Disk Utility

I have not verified the pauses, but the songs are definitely on the copy. Unfortunately it seems Burn has been abandoned and doesn't work with Yosemite. You can launch it, but it won't clone audio CDs. Have you tried making image with Disk utility? Determine the disk number of the audio CD via diskutil list e.

Create BIN/CUE images from CD, Audio CD or DVD

Irl Concord Irl Concord 11 3 3 bronze badges. Select the image , and then click on the Burn button Follow the directions and insert a blank CD-R disc when prompted. Slight variation from the process described by FooMonkey - as I was running into issues using an external optical drive - along the lines of: ERROR: init: ObtainExclusiveAccess failed I recommend first reading FooMonkey's post above, as it is an excellent and very thorough answer, and provides more complete advice with better context to what is presented here.

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