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Global Achievements. Mrrakija View Profile View Posts. I've enjoyed playing Tera on my window version so far and I was wondering if I can play it on my mac. Is it possible? I like to play it on my mac too. Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments. Marquez View Profile View Posts. Unfortunately it doesn't work on Mac. You may find videos or guides on google to find ways around it like Virtualization but it has to be Windows to play. Septevar View Profile View Posts. Basically you will have two seperate operating systems, you switch between the two so it won't affect your current Mac settings.

Last edited by Marquez ; 12 Jul, pm. This is extremely shady that a game developer would place this type of requirement their software. There is NO legitimate reason this is needed. Thought this would be a cool game to try but this changed my mind instantly. The game is beautiful. The animation is good.

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The F2P model has always been predatory, and this game is sadly no exception. There is some severe lag issues.

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Even in a channel with low populations, it gets pretty bad. Those expensive mounts and cosmetics can only be used on one character. Now, that makes sense for skins, outfits, etc. But mounts? Thats just dumb. To make matters worse, if you delete or otherwise lose for whatever reason that character, then you lose those cosmetics and mounts and have to rebuy at full price, and since some items are limited time offers that wont be offered again in the store, well, i think you see where this is going.

Honest Review!! Fun game, looks amazing, limited but fun skills but it has a repetitive quest and worst of all for me is that after you reach a certain lvl which if i remember right is between lvl The armor and weapons start to look lack luster.

Example most items you get are just freaken recolors of the same item you recieve for like 5lvls till you actually get something new but when you do its not that much different or it might turn out to be the same bs as before but this might be just for my class which is brawler but be warned devs did get lazy with items. This game has died.


High level loot drops for necessary enchantment items are Very rare and lack quantity. If you buy loot boxes don't expect success. All classes and armor have been nerfed.

  • Welcome to's porting Website!.
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  • I went from 5 mil crits to 1. The greed is borderline corrupt, Developer is removing content to push in-game purchases. Honestly if your seeking a casual fps sure, but if you want all the cool outfits awesome pets mounts be prepared to for over 20 or more dollars most items are set to 1k plus in teras store not to mention the worst ingame broker system everyone wants 11k to 90k for pure cosmetics.

    Dont waste your time on elite status as where buying it in most you get all sorts of benefits this on ,Its To just travel for free there percent xp boost and gold lies my friend and i played and lvled the same she was non elite btw its a rip off. They server merged and put all 6 of my characters into one server told me to buy account slots or delete all but 2 of my characters i quit cause yeah that screwed me and I refuse to be forced to pay for something I never wanted and not gotta delete hours worth of progress cause I didn't sign in on that day no regrets was so happy to see it come on xbox then done dirty like yuh noty lost my intrest in tera forever now good job.

    This games getting a bad rap imo, and a lot of these reviews are pretty "out there" First I think it needs to be said that Pay 2 Win is a pvp term for being able to buy an advantage in combat against other players with real money. Being able to buy more broker slots and getting more xp is not Pay 2 Win even a little bit, so all of you screaming about it need to calm down.

    I believe it has you change privacy settings due to the in game store connecting to an external site. It is not so you can accidentally buy stuff so they can steal money from you. As for the game itself, it's a lot of fun but it's become underpopulated a bit.

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    The mechanics are enjoyable, the dungeons are technical at end game and require attention. If the developers can get the pop back up it could top the free section. Great Game. Of course the game is a little laggy in high populated areas, but its not enough to be a bad game. I think for a free game, it's really good.

    Right now I'm at level 60 and it's been fun getting there, spending 0. The 5 player dugeons are really fun but suck if you forget about it and level up too high past the required levels. Wait times can be long sometimes, if the wait is 15 mins or so, I normally reset instant match making and within minutes, I'm in a dungeon. I have never waited longer then 30 mins to get in one.

    The game is lagy when you first start and when teleport anywhere but after that it's decent.

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    Overall it's a great "Free" game so far!!!! Overrall, it's not a bad game, but it suffers from too many glitches that make it a chunky experience in any respect. The graphics are still pretty dated with almost no foliage to speak of unless you're standing directly on top of where a bush is supposed to appear. There is a lot of popping in of objects, screen tearing, missing shadows, and nearly no current gen shaders and shadowing.

    Understandably, the game is in its infancy, so there is no XBox One X enhancements, but the Xbox One does have the memory to stave off the near constant asset loading hangs and hickups; however, the game still suffers from this "lag," and makes it almost a headache to play in any area -- no matter how crowded. Although the graphic problems are an undeniable issue, the mechanics of the game fit perfectly for controller. Healing, Tanking, and everything else feels great. It's a good start, but it really needs polish.

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