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I would wait because you should only need to use two MAX. Place spikes, if, as needed. Maybe none, maybe one or two. I have had to place 2 several times and used none several times. LEVEL 8-The second you have enough money to add one more tack tower to the elbow of the middle entrance, do it. You shouldn't have to place any spikes. If you need them they will be at the exit for path 1. Again, if it's just one balloon I let it go.

Place this one at the elbow for the top entrance path 1. Be ready with spikes. Try not to lay more than one though. It should be at the exit for path 3. Use up to three, if you need to let a straggler go, do so. Use 3 spikes on the path that balloons enter from. Also keep up same strategy of laying spikes as needed. Try to keep it to three MAX per level.

They should be paths 2 and 3. Two on each.

Bloons TD Battles (free) download Mac version

If you have more, great. Again, use road spikes as needed to slow down and pop balloons as they go. Three per level if you can. No new towers on this level. You will eventually have three tacks on each of these entry points. Use road spikes to clean up the mess. You should now have 3 dart monkeys in the middle and 2 tack towers at each entrance. If you need to use road spikes, do it. It will be across from the other two.

How to Get BTD6 Free on Windows!

You can't seem to stuff a third in there. Do this when you have the money, you will probably need to start the level before it can be done. Add one road spike to each exit. Then arm your pineapple. Lead balloons will come from each entrance and you will need to place a pineapple to blow them up. If you are playing this on this level, I trust you know the concept behind the pineapples. Then get ready with your spikes to mop up stragglers. Be quick. You may lose a couple. This will now be able to hit middle and bottom tracks. Use the tacks where they make sense.

At the four corners, at elbows. And place cannons in between. The rest is just paying attention and using road spikes and pineapples when appropriate. This is all you need. This is when the MOAB comes out. Just lay road spikes in front of it until it breaks and then keep laying spikes untill all ballons are popped. If you pass this, and keep using this strategy. You will win. This strategy doesn't win with 50 lives but you will win with every time if you follow it.

Bottom line is it works. Just remember to keep on your toes with the road spikes. I'm so happy!!! I hurdled track one just now. The furthest I got was to level 62 on track 2 easy. Then about 20 M. The highest level is I would show you proof but i don't know how to post a screen shot, I got to level 56 on Easy track 1. Trying to get to the farthest level but i have to decide best weapons.

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Pineapples and catapults are my friends. Beat all levels on hard 2nd time through. Great game, hope there's more like it. Up to Level 54 on Track 8 hard. But the MOABs get me in the end. Still looking for a way to get them without road spikes. Everyone, this is important. The glitch on Track 3, level 46 - to go on to level 46, use the classified weapon. I don't know why, but it works. I play freeplay mode on map 5, I've made it to level 64 a few times.

The trick is to fill in the channel with tackshooters. Just pack it to capacity. On map 3, I simply used 1 cannon to start off with, then got 2 blades and saved up for a super monkey and then got 3 more cannons, another super monkey and a beacon. Got up to lvl I made it to level 65 on easy. My trick is using around pinapples per MOAB Then i use monkey glue to slow down the popped brown balloons. Track 8 is by far harder than the others Ok, how do you beat track 8 on Bloons Tower Defense 3?

I have gotten to 46 and cant improve. My play count is through the roof and its getting frustrating. Any suggestions? The game lags too much to play past level It's a great game, and I enjoyed it greatly. I looked forward to the free play, but it is nearly unplayable due to lag. Yeah, the lag gets pretty unbearable in the higher levels I was kinda hoping there would be a way to counteract this! Once you reach a certain point, everything slows down so much that you can't do anything and why does it seem like my towers slow down more than the movement of the bloons!?

Still a super fun game!

Looking forward to 4! If anyone is experiencing lag it's because your computer isn't powerful enough to handle it. My m gt can't handle it past 60, but my GTS experiences no lag past Strange that a small flash game requires the most advanced video card lol. I just passed level 81 easy on brown level with no cheats, but I only have 11 lives remaining. Wish me luck. Alright, so 82 killed me. It was a sad day in the monkey kingdom as their world was run amuck by unrelenting MOABs. They laid down uncountable pineapple bombs, which first held the bloons at bay. Unfortunately the monkeys used Motorola phones, and when they went to call on the elite monkey storm, their call did not connect.

There was money enough for 5 monkey storms, but the button would not work. So after a long Hours of playing this game I finally beat it. Although I was disappointed with the lack of an ending for the game it was a decent way to kill some time. I like the new features where it keeps track of how many bloons it has popped. You can use that info to decide whether or not to sell it and buy something else. Also I like how you can change the target priority.

I hated how my towers use to turn just to chase down one red bloon when there are lead bloons right behind!! I'm addicted to this game though. It's awesome!!! Fun game. This game is one of the best freee internet games out there. I beat the first 4 tracks on hard. When you play on easy, you can get pretty far with all cannons, or all boomerangs. Here's a screen shot of my friend's game. Don't get the second range upgrade for your super monkeys. Get laser vision and then get plasma vision. One Super Monkey with plasma vision is better than 2 regular Super Monkeys. Also, place the monkeys where their ranges can reach most of the board.

Tack shoooters around first corners - 6 until level 15 or so then get a cannon for level 20 lead bloons no upgrades needed and place as close as possible. Purchase a few more tack shooters up to level 30 or so and placing them around first corners, but you should try save money for a supermonkey.

As soon as you can, buy a super monkey and place him in the gap in the middle of the screen covering the first few corners as well as some others, upgrade him asap. Pretty much don't buy anything else until he is upgraded fully. I had 5 monkeys, fully upgraded, a few tack shooters left over after selling a few.

Chur Oh and of course you should have monkey storm available. For the level 46 start round glitch, try using the monkey storm if you have it. Usually fixes it. MOABs only die from heat, like lead balloons, so get a bunch of cannons. Make sure you even everything out, and remember, you only need 1 Super Storm Monkey special! B's then to take the mickey they put only 4 yellow balloons at the end of the wave of m.


B's i saw a guy who got to round on you tube but failed has anyone got past ? I have a freind who hacked the game, got unlmited money and, by using the right click glitch, covered the screen in fully upgraded Super monkeys. He got to wave Also, there are an uunlimited number of levels the game uses code to keep the enimes getting tougher, and more of them. The MOABs take more hits to kill and they start to get slgihtly faster. I got to level 70 on easy on the 1st track! Lots of pineapples. You know, Bloons Tower Defense 3 is really awesome. I have gotten to Level 63 on track three with this strategy:.

Start by adding Tack shooters in a very compact horizontal line just below the very first straightaway. Use pineapples to pop the lead balloons, until the tack shooter line gets past the gap in the middle of the track below the first straightaway. There put a fully upgraded Boomerang-guy. When you can afford it, put three missile launchers next to the very first part of the track, then buy a spike-a-pult at the end of the first straightaway and set its priority to last.

Then buy a monkey beacon in the center of the map and get at the boomerang throwers in its radius. Then start saving up for a super monkey and add it to the left of the straightaway just left to the boomerangs and beacon. Then you buy more tack shooter lines at the straightaways, while you steadily keep saving up for more super monkeys. NOTE: The unleash monkey storm doesn't work in the main tower menu, so click the monkey beacon and click "Unleash Monkey Storm as needed.

First place 4 fully upgraded tack shooters in the corners where the 2 tracks intersect. Third, place tack shooters in every U shaped piece and save up for super monkeys. Fourth, when you've bought a super monkey, buy a beacon and place it near the super fully upgrade every super. Then just keep buying super of course, use tacks to stop any balloon that goes to far.

Hey people, you cannot get past the freeze glitch unless you use the Super Monkey Storm. Then it will give you money and will say you passed the level and it will give you the button! You can sell beacon for more cash and still have 'monkey storm', though weapon area reduced. Thanks for the awesome tips, JF, but let's remember to use spoiler tags next time!

I think this game is really buggy or something. That is BS. The money just stops showing up. Adding freezers with permafrost at u-turns helps a lot, but the cash is gone, so you are screwed no matter what. Anyone have a downloadable version of the game to hack? There was a guy on here who said a friend hacked the cash, but I'd just like to get the full money owed for each bloon popped.

I know the number of hits to destroy a M. You need to hits for destroy the M. On bloons tower 3 if the start round button doesnt show up you have to use the monkey storm button even if your not in a game and it will show the start round button :. I know how to easily beat about every track without Supermonkeys, Just buy a Tack-Shooter then put it around the start where a loop is.

Keep putting Tack-Shooters and upgrading them and around buy a Cannon and place it at the very start and fully upgrade it. Lead Bloons, Go figure :P and around levels , buy a monkey beacon and put it in the middle of the Tack-Shooters.

Why play Bloons TD 6 on Bluestacks?

Probually on the Road. Right click on a space where you can place the tower then Left Click where-ever you want, except if you click ON a tower it selects the tower. I did this and flawlessly owned the first, second and seventh map, but i figure you can flawlessly win every map with this Method, but im not sure about map 8 :P. Heres a little Fact. B's are about hits, Black bloons are immune to bombs and explosions but if explosions they Brake. White bloons are immune to Freezing, both hold 2 yellow bloons. Brown Ceramic bloons take about 10 hits and hold 2 rainbows. Moabs hold 4 Brown Ceramic bloons, Obiously Go figure.

I hope this is all Helpful. My Record i got up to level 60 but i had to hop of the Computer but i could of gotten up to level :D. I love BTD 3 but I can't beat the 4th one! It's the one with the multiple paths.. I get up to 40 then POOF! This is hacking for Bloons Tower Defense 4. Newly released, this game can't stand resistant to hacks and cheats. There's no way you can loose at Bloons! To do this hack for BTD4, you will need Bloons Tower Defense 4 cheats are here. And you guessed it… this one uses Cheat Engine. If you want to hack the game, you have to know how to do it, and Cheat Engine can be kind of a complicated process if you've never used before.

This video tutorial teaches how to hack mone Bloons Tower Defense 3 is a flash game from Ninja Kiwi.

Bloons Tower Defence 4 Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, Android game

Learn how to hack Bloons Tower Defense 3 with tricks and cheats. Get unlimited money! You just need Cheat Engine 5. Hacking money in BTD3 is the key to success. And how do you plan to hack Bloons Tower Defense 3 money? With Cheat Engine, of course. You will need to download Cheat Engine if you haven This hack requires you to search for your money on Cheat Engine, doing the "Next Scan".

Just make sure to already Here's an updated version of the hack for the popular game, Bloons Tower Defense. Make sure that you have Cheat Engine version 5. Description of the app on NinjaKiwi. Bloons Tower Defense is flash game from Ninja Kiwi. Learn how to hack Bloons Tower Defense with tricks and cheats. This is a very lengthy explanation on BTD playing. There's a lot to actually know about the strategy of Bloons Tower Defense.

Heaps of tracks, save games, career mode, sandbox mode and apopalypse mode. Bloons Tower Defense 4 will give you almost unlimited replay value.

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Use Kreds to purchase optional game content and upgrades! Bloons Tower Defense 4. We're at last proud to present Bloons Tower Defense 4. Also included is optional MochiCoins premium content featuring lots of extra tracks and special booster upgrades like double boomerangs, exploding darts, and double cash! No articles were found matching the criteria specified.

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