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Say Goodbye to Financial Surprises Never pay a late fee. Download Free Trial. Never Forget a Bill Chronicle reminds you to pay your bills with convenient pop up notifications before they are due. Understand Your Spending Chronicle keeps track of your payment history, so you can track your spending over time and monitor it for unexpected bill increases.

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Buy Now. What Chronicle Users Are Saying. Andrew L. I just want to say thank you for giving me my financial life back. Everett V. Janet B. See More User Reviews. Download Free. Mint is one of the most popular personal finance apps. It also offers a free credit score and has a wide range of alert options. To test these programs, we purchased or downloaded complete trials and used them to create budgets, connect to a bank account and monitor how well each program performs.

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We found that setting up your budgeting software can take some time, so be sure to give yourself an hour or possibly more. The best programs connect automatically to your bank, credit card or investment accounts directly. A few require you to import through Dropbox or another intermediary. Once our transactions were imported, we let the program categorize them for us and began creating budgets.

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We noted the tools each program has to simplify the budgeting process, and whether you can copy the budget from month to month and set up recurring payments. To make sure we tested these programs for all manner of financial scenarios, we also looked at the tools for monitoring investments. Many of the programs at least give you an overview of your portfolios and track their performance. The more extensive personal finance programs allow you to compare your portfolio to the rest of the market.

If you have investments or need more complicated budgeting and accounting tools, a program you download may be your best choice. A budget can be as simple or complex as you need. You may want to simply track your total spending, or you may want to divide it into a range of categories. Some people like the envelope budgeting method, which allows you to set aside money each month for specific items or goals. Mvelopes is a good program that utilizes this method.

Many of the programs we tested integrate with your financial firm and can at least give you a top-level look at your portfolio. The best let you track your performance and compare your portfolio with the market. Most of the personal finance programs we reviewed cost money to download or sign up for, and a few have monthly subscriptions.

Mint : This is a free budgeting app developed by Intuit, the same company responsible for Quicken.

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Mint is free to download and use. Once you install it, you sync it to your bank and credit card accounts, and it pulls all that information into one main dashboard. Mint categorizes your transactions, so you can check your bank and credit card balances at a glance.

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  8. Mint automatically creates a budget for you, though you can adjust it depending on your needs. One drawback of using a free app like Mint is you get ads and promotional offers. Clarity Money : This is a relatively new app, owned by Goldman Sachs. It's very similar to Mint in that it syncs to your bank accounts, tracks spending and sends alerts when you have a bill due. However, it stands out by monitoring your subscriptions to services and websites, and it can cancel them for you.

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    Clarity Money gives you a good picture of your finances, but if you need more in-depth budgeting tools, it may not be as useful. PocketGuard : This is a basic app that tracks your spending. Jump To:. MoneyWell supports importing all the standard formats as well as auto-downloads for those institutions that support Direct Connect. At its core, MoneyWell is a budgeting system to help you eliminate debt and grow wealth. MoneyWell was designed to give you great financial feedback in every view, but when you need to share information with others, reports are a great tool.

    With our 2. Zoom in and review them in the main window or go old school and print a paper copy. Graphs are available for nearly every list to give you the big picture. Headers above each list give summary information along with quick totals for selections.

    5 Ways Your Mac Can Remember To Pay Your Bills

    Every visual has been crafted to help you see exactly what you need right where you are. No other finance app allows you to record a transaction in one currency, store it in an account register in a second currency, and assign it to a budget bucket in a third. Only MoneyWell gives you the flexibility to keep your budget in check no matter where you live or travel. When you set the currency on your transaction, MoneyWell automatically looks up the exchange rate based on the currency of your selected account.