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Cool Free Stuff: Operating System:. Approximate download size:.

Free MP3 and Ogg Vorbis Software for Old Macs and the Classic Mac OS

The best things in life are free? If there are separate versions of each, they will have both balls. Virtual Dub. An excellent video editing program that also allows you to capture video. Great for editing unwanted segments of video, resizing, de-interlacing etc. You can also append videos together, stretch the audio on out of sync videos and choose from the various codecs you have installed for the final product. A great tool for converting hundreds of 3D object formats.

It supports OpenGL, and you can view objects with flat shading, gouraud shading, wireframe or points.

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This is shareware, so not all file formats are supported, until you fork up the dosh. MIDI Tracker. My fave music player for Windows. A must to download! Also supports WinAmp plug-ins. The chat program used by over people around the world and available in 18 languages. The GIMP. Just BASIC is fast, does sprites as easy as pie and gives you the benefits of whatever resolution and colour depth you have set in Windows too.

It comes with a heap of tutorials and demo files, plus a comprehensive help file also. Check it out and see what it can do for you. You can write your programs in any old text editor, like Notepad, or Kate perhaps, but check out the package you get with FBIde. This includes the compiler and the IDE. Integrated Development Enviroment. You can even make programs for your XBOX, apparently.

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You can install it anywhere you like, pretty much, using the install. You can edit your current icons, and even make up animating ones too. An excellent media player that comes in quite a lot of Linux distributions, and plays more formats than you can poke a stick at. You can even de-interlace on the fly using various techniques. You can also download the source code. PNG to icon converter. Turn those images with alpha channels into cool looking icons for Windows XP. AWIcons Lite. Also supports icons with alpha channels.

You can convert the Bink videos to AVI files, and even convert. Highly recommended.

Want some cursors I made up? It also gives you bit rate and frequency options too.

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Installation Sensation (on My First iMac) - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures

Change your whole dock, into several categories that you can switch between. Shareware - Universal. A nifty screensaver where the screen begins to fill up with water and 3D fish start swimming about. If you have the right type of laptop computer, you can even tilt it, and see the water level stay parallel to the ground! Virtue Desktops. Give yourself more than just one workspace. Choose neat transitions also. Beta version only. Another site that seems to have gone unfortunately. Keep an eye on how hot your CPU is in your Mac.

Only for Intel processors. A brilliant extension for various Mozilla based browsers that blocks all Flash animations until you say otherwise. Obviously the best purpose of this is to prevent annoying ads. Add to the white list what you want to allow. NFS Wizard. Of course it does more than that.

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You can do things with the cars too, and with previous Need For Speed games. It provides alpha channel support also by importing Targa bitmaps. Worth checking out! A pretty cool audio player for Mac OS 8. New versions require Tiger. This gets saved automatically when you quit too. It also supports the remote control. Has a bug though that ignores files with capital letters in extensions.

The Tiger Thread (Mac OS X 10.4)

But worth checking out. Apart from my RAM being eaten up, but this is adjustable. It has a play list, video position scroll bar and smooths out any pixelation on re-sized videos. The only bad point is that it takes up 27 MB or so of space, compared to the one I use in Windows that only needs 6. Especially ones created with Adobe Photoshop. Not only that, it also allows you to preserve the original file date and time!

A must download! Credentials and other secrets including your various system passwords are stored inside your system keychain. They are encrypted, and cannot easily be stolen by a rogue script or application. By keeping your AWS credentials in your system keychain, they are available to you when you are logged in, unavailable when you are logged out, and provide an important layer of security that the standard plain text storage method does not.

These are some of my favorite music and video apps. Prior to that, I had a folder of music organized alphabetically and used Winamp for playback. These are some of my favorite day-to-day apps. Safari My favorite web browser on the Mac platform. One tool that has been an important part of my workflow is a tool called delimport, which automatically indexes my Delicious bookmarks and makes them available via Spotlight and Spotlight-powered tools e.

How about you?

Mac Os X 10.5 Free Download

Mac and Linux users are out of luck for the time being. More information on the subject can be found at MSDN. By now, most front-end web developers have heard of the Standalone Internet Explorers Wikipedia article. Because of that, we need to go the long way. This should only need to be done every 3 or 4 months when the images expire. I was trying to figure out how to hide my Boot Camp NTFS drive icon from my desktop, and after some searching I discovered a relatively simple 4-step process.

My wife works for a bank, and she forwarded me a phishing scam for Washington Mutual bank. Even those of us who have spent lots and lots of time around the web, this is a good thing. The utility is called BluePhoneElite. Unfortunately, the iCal widget that Jeff Croft asked about never shipped with Tiger. Comments about the changes would be appreciated. Also, Rhapsodized skin is missing a few elements in the equalizer and the media library.

I hope to have all this done by the end of this month. I just got a Mac mini a few days ago, and realized that my current Mac OS X skins for winamp were pretty outdated. Currently, they are based on I hope to release a new Aqua version sometime next month. Also, the Rhapsodized winamp skin is almost finished, so that should be posted soon as well. Porting is being done with permission.