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How do I Update Java for my Mac?

Simply uncheck both checkboxes to disable Java. If you try to run an application that requires Java, or access a website that needs Java, you will be prompted to enable Java. If you have applications that require Java, and all you want to do is disable Java on the internet, you can turn off Java in Safari. As an alternative, if you have multiple browsers installed, like Chrome s GOOG or Firefox , you can elect to pick just one browser to use with Java.

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For the most part, the majority of users can get by without ever installing Java on their Macs and never know what they were missing. And if you do need to have Java installed, there are ways to minimize the risk, and only enable it when you need it.

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Great article except that Java Preferences seems to have disappeared from my Mac with the upgrade to Mountain Lion. Your industry partner in emerging technology research Learn More. Mac applications that require Java There are two very popular games, Minecraft and Runescape , that both require Java in order to run. November 21, at pm. October 10, at am.

Quick tip: Do you need Java on your Mac?

Theoretically, a developer can write a Java program to run inside the virtual machine, and it will run without modification on any platform—Mac, Windows, Linux, or whatever is running a valid JVM. Practically speaking, getting something to work across platforms is rarely easy. The JVM handles memory management and anything else that the application needs, and runs it inside a sandbox that isolates the Java application from your operating system. The problem arises when a flaw exists in this sandbox or in other aspects of the JVM , and someone writes malicious code that takes advantage of the flaw to break out and gain additional access to your computer.

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What makes environments like Java and Flash so problematic is that, when enabled in your browser, they run such programs without asking your permission to do so. Only the sandbox stands between you and any random attacker with a Java program on the Internet; and when that sandbox ceases to be impervious, simply browsing a webpage could enable bad guys to take full control of your computer. When I do, the culprits have most commonly been Web-based meeting software and some enterprise applications. That's because disabling Java also disables some other software programs, such as the popular CrashPlan backup tool.

If you run into that situation, consider taking the steps outlined below for isolating Java; for other users, however, living without Java may be the most satisfactory course. That way, you avoid the risk of having Java reactivated at some point in the future.

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The precise process to follow in removing Java depends on the version of OS X you run and the version of Java you use. Whatever those particulars may be, removing Java is fairly easy. If you see 1.

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Alternatively, use the command line:. In that case, remove Java 7 with these command lines:. Isolating Java means leaving it on your Mac, but removing it from your browser except when you want it to run. Apple now does this by default for all Macs Isolating Java is a bit more complex now that Apple has removed the Java preferences utility from Lion and Mountain Lion.

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