Mac hard drive diagnostic tool

If that fails, though, the problem could be hardware-related. Happily, Apple offers tools outside the operating system that can scan your computer and diagnose hardware problems. The two tools serve basically the same function, testing hardware and reporting back any problems. To get started, shut your Mac down.

Ideally you should unplug any external hardware, like USB hard drives or ethernet connections.

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Depending on when your Mac was made, one of two things will happen. This means that Apple Hardware Test is starting. You may be asked to choose a language for the user interface. You can write these codes down and look them up on your phone, or you can boot your Mac into recovery mode and look up the codes there. Martin Zimelka , photographer. Cheaper and better than it's main OS X competitors. Xenophile, Apple computer user since Absolute Must for the OS 'Toolkit'! I was having some serious issues with an SSD hybrid drive on my macbook pro, and well since seagate doesn't support mac, their 'seatools' software was useless and required for getting a proper exchange.

That one event way more than paid for the price of the software. THIS software generated a report that was acceptable for me to get my exchange, and before the drive died completely. Got my replacement drive and I will most certainly never go back to not having it installed. Just in Time!

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So I decided that I had to replace it. I did that and enclosed the failing disk in an external enclosure to use it some more. A week later I began to have serious issues with the failing disk and ditched it. I am very happy with DriveDx, worth the money on all accounts. Lex Schellings , DriveDx user. I have a not so supported fusion drive in my Macbook Pro. There has never been any way to see the S.

Decided to give this a try and the first thing that pops up is that my Crucial M4 SSD was close to failure because of a bug in the microcode. I have not tried to use this to look at my USB attached drives, since the only one I have is a small external that I boot from in emergencies. But DriveDx not only clearly sees both drives making up my fusion drive, but it also shows me the status of my 3 eSATA drives.

It's finally great to have something even better than Crystal Disk Info to monitor hard drive life signs. See competitive analysis against several popular products here. Thanks to that, you will detect problems much earlier than when using any other SMART monitoring utilities. This means that you have more chances to save your critical data before any data loss actually occurs.

Learn more. When any issue or problem is found, it alerts you immediately.

As a result, you have more chances to save your critical data before any data loss actually occurs. Early Warning System DriveDx features a special multi-tier warning system that will inform the user about deviations from the normal state of drive attributes. There are memory testing tools that run under macOS or via a graphical interface.

DIY Diagnostics

But the problem with this approach is that your operating system is already using the RAM you want to test. By booting into a lightweight Unix environment, you can test the RAM more thoroughly. Your Mac is susceptible to malware, even though the likelihood of infection is low. Apple has put in place protections like system integrity protection and Gatekeeper to limit damage from errant third-party software. But exploits still happen, and Malwarebytes is a free solution to keep you protected.

The Best Diagnostic Tools for Mac

A quick scan from time to time, as well as running the updates when they arrive, should be enough to keep you safe. When to use it: When you suspect malware is persistently trying to install itself on your machine. This is the hallmark of many vehicles used to deliver malware, though the app will also detect benign applications that do this as part of their regular operation. The app is integrated with VirusTotal protection, indicating if anything unusual is attempting to install something more sinister. Download: KnockKnock. EtreCheck is a tool that can detect over 30 minor and major problems with your Mac.

It generates reports based on what it finds, so you can ask others to help remedy the problem.

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EtreCheck works in tandem with Apple Support Communities to help users with limited technical knowledge solve their computer problems. EtreCheck will generate five reports for free, which should be enough to help diagnose an immediate problem with your hardware. This is so anyone can use it as a fast diagnosis tool, but also to cover the continued development costs.

How To Health Check Your Mac's Hard Disk -

EtreCheck will then scan your computer for hardware, configuration, software, and performance issues. Test Disk and PhotoRec are two closely related projects. The former is aimed at whole drive recovery, while the latter is designed to recovery media from removable storage. If your card becomes unreadable, remember that you should not write to it at all until you have tried everything to get your data back. The more you write to the volume, the less likely a full recovery is possible.

You Mac uses various boot modes for all kinds of troubleshooting functions.