How to search for text on a web page safari mac

If you have any other tips or tricks for searching for matched text on a webpage with Safari in iOS on either iPad or iPhone, share them in the comments below! Enjoy this tip?

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Anyone have help? On ipad in iOS9. Name required.

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How to find a specific word inside webpages in Safari for iPhone and iPad

December 22, at pm. Sharing pages on the web from Safari is easy, and you can pick the format, too: the page as it appears on the net, the words and pictures as Safari Reader shows them, the page saved as a PDF file either including all formatting or, when available, as rendered by Safari Reader , or, finally, the link alone.

You can also click the Share button in the Safari toolbar and select Email this Page from the menu that comes up or. Pick the desired format for sending under Send Web Content As: in the message's header area:.

How to Make Web Pages in Safari for Mac Easier to Read

Reader : send the web page's text and images as they appear in Safari Reader when available. Make sure the email is sent using rich text formatting if you use Web Page ; select Format Make Rich Text from the menu if available. Any PDF viewer will show the formatting as you see it, and rendering does not depend on the recipient's email program—say, on a mobile device; note that the recipient must have a device that is capable of showing PDF files for them to see the fully formatted page they can still follow the link to the page on the web. Note that web pages with advertising depend on their sites being visited by people with whom their content is shared.

How to Search for Text on A Web Page in Safari on iOS 7

Link Only : share but the link to the web page so the recipient can open it in her or his browser. OS X Mail always includes the link no matter which option you choose.

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