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Then you have to reformat your iPod. Also, if you have two computers — one Windows and one Mac — and want to use your iPod with both, you may need to reformat your iPod. If you have a Mac-formatted iPod and want to use it with a Windows computer, you will need to reformat it. Then follow the steps in the how to restore your iPod article.

This will reset your iPod and format it for Windows.

iPod Classic can't be seen by iTunes on Windows 10 - Ask Different

Now, resync your iPod with the computer that contains your iTunes library. ITunes will ask you if you want to erase and sync the iPod. If you say yes, this will redownload your iTunes library to the iPod. The songs only update the first time. When I plug it in again, iTunes doesn't detect the iPod. I quitted the Updater, but iTunes still does not detect my iPod If you connect to a Mac first the iPod is formated as a Mac disk.

For some reason, although this was not an issue with earlier iPod, Mac decided if you were using Mac the iPod must be in Mac format and if Windows then Windows format.

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I suspect this has something to do with DRM. Its a pain for those with both platforms. Apple annoyed me off when they made this change - just like when they removed the firewire sync capabillity on Nano's and video iPods they'll still charge on firewire though. I read somewhere that this has changed with the newer iPods, but don't know the details. My Shuffle will work on both, but my 3rd and 4th generation iPods will not. I haven't tried my Nano. Because my music library is kept on the Mac although backedup to the PC and other places , I haven't had a need to use the iPods on both platforms.

Check out the iLounge website for available hints and third party software concerning this situation. I believe that both the nano and the shuffle will work fine on both systems since they use flash memory.

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The problem is that Apple should open up their iPod so it can be used on both systems Actually its always been this way and worse. You had to buy a window's iPod or a Mac iPod and you couldn't even hook them up.

Windows-formatted iPods on Mac

That is the window's was usb, the mac was firewire. Its too bad, it would seem to me that it would be easier for apple to use a single file format but life is not simple. But now, even though I formatted my iPod to FAT32, it detects my iPod the first time and updates all the songs in my iTunes libraray to it. But the next time on it wouldn't show up on iTunes, only shows in the Finder.

Re: Mac formatted iPod Classic??

Seems Apple is stepping back into the old days If you format the iPod with a utility other than the updater Disk Utilities on Mac or Disk Format on Windows you are going to have problems since this is just a bare formatter and does not install some of the other necessary iPod file structure. Just tried my Nano on my PC and the format wasn't recognized. This is because I originally used it with a Mac Tiger. However, if it had been originally setup on a PC, perhaps it would have been recognized on both systems for use as an external HD.

Perhaps someone has tried this? As I said before, the Shuffle works fine on both, even though originally set up on a Mac. Sorry to jump in on this thread but have a question pertaining to the new video iPods. Will they update and charge with a USB only connection? Given it's age and the poor display compared to the video iPod I have been thinking about getting a new one.

I have about 17 GB of music so the smallest video iPod will do. Was also wondering if Apple would be making any product announcements today due to their 30th anniversary. Maybe Monday? It is recognized that you apologized for diverting this thread, but, still, you can find your answers on Apple's website, iLounge, and many others. The original poster had a specific question.

I have a 4G, a 3G and 2 Nanos. All of them when prepared with the Apple update utility will work on both Macs and PCs. Thread: Mac formatted iPod Classic?? May 9th, 1. Mac formatted iPod Classic?? I have an iPod classic gb that I've never been able to get to work properly with Linux. I noticed the other day when using iTunes on my Mac that the iPod itself is Mac formatted.

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    Originally Posted by AntEater. Dropbox link. May 9th, 3. Join Date Mar Beans Hidden! The logic is, to use the Windows version of iTunes, to format his iPod correctly, in hopes it will be compatible with Ubuntu since the Mac format is not working for him.