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We're going to use Charles to rewrite a response from google to include the email address which is for some reason missing in google's own response. This is a one time setup only needed for verification. Do this. You will be prompted for your password when closing it. Go to your system Internet Accounts or Mail and authorize your account. During beta testing of To solve it I first Quit Mail. I then Quit System Preferences. I then went back to the same setting again and added my Gmail account with address and password. I then rebooted for good measure.

The problem didn't return. I recall that fiddling around in the Mail app itself solved nothing. Internet Accounts is what got messed up. There have been some quirky little behind-the-scenes changes to macOS in There are several little quirks in the latest version of Safari, evident if you visit YouTube and attempt to use the video playing interface. My experience with Apple is that this small stuff is of no interest to them, entirely fitting with my theory that they've failed to scale the Mac computer side of the company as the company has grown. I can toss out a dozen further examples.

I find it all very annoying and wish they'd pay close attention to Mac again and return to focusing on the customer rather than whatever their distraction-of-the-day may be. Having been in technology all my life - bugs happen as much as we'd like them not to - all things are changing all the time. My issue is if this was discovered during Beta why wasn't it fixed before production.

That is what Beta testing is about - having a large population testing a large variety of combinations, etc. I have a few other issues like a game I play not working but it's last update was in so I probably should be surprised it was working this long. Apple should require that if something is still on the App store that the developers test during Beta and certify works or it gets pulled from store. Run windows 10 machines also and I'd never make that claim.

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It is no better than it ever has been. This has happened before, back in October and the problem was on Google's end. It may be a coincidence that this happened right after the update, but it's definitely a case of deja vu.

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Analog Kid. There's no such thing as an easy fix.

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This is probably broken because someone thought something else was easy to fix and this broke as a result. Any patch needs to be QA'd, and that will take a cycle or two.

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Tip: to use multiple labels, or folders, in Mail, right-click a message and choose Copy To instead of Move To. Better yet, when you search in Mail, it will show one single message from All Mail not all the copies in different folders , unless you use the search tools that appear just below the toolbar to focus your search in a specific folder.

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  5. To keep this simple, uncheck everything so that Store draft messages on the server is the only thing enabled. Close the Preferences window, which will ask you to save your changes. To ensure that you can draft messages across devices, the last thing to do is tell Mail which Gmail folder to use for your drafts. There you have it. Google made some changes in the past couple of years, and so did Apple.

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    Enable IMAP so you'll be able to see mail across all your devices. These are sometimes used by adware and malware.

    Unsigned files - There are unsigned software files installed. They appear to be legitimate but should be reviewed. This will reduce your performance. Java-Update r. Page content loaded. Nov 19, PM in response to stephanie In response to stephanie Gmail Support. Nov 19, PM. Sorry, Eric. Been there and no use at all.

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    Everything identified I've done and still no change. Only one antivirus: Sophos usually inactive until manually implemented. It may be inactive, but I would uninstall Sophos. It tends to interfere with the computer's operation while providing minimal to no benefit unless you work with Windows files. Most long time posters recommend not using antivirus software or cleaning software such as CleanMyMac. Sophos Un-install. CleanMyMac 2 uninstall. EasyFind — Spotlight Replacement.

    Will try, Eric. Although I had to find your reply via gmail in web browser. Mail said downloading new message but nothing. So will follow your recommendations above and will let you know how I get on. I used EasyFind to remove your recommended uninstalls. Great little product, innit?

    Gmail IMAP Subfolders not syncing with Mac Mail – SOLVED

    Closed, restarted laptop and checked Mail. But a bit too early as nothing in gmail or Mail Inbox. Its a few hours later and I have received instantly new emails in Mail Inbox but, I ahd read them first on my iPhone which has never had a problem, fingers crossed, in syncing with gmail so am not yet confident you ahve solved my issues! If that doesn't work, try re-indexing the mailboxes.

    This can take awhile if you have a lot of mail. Reindex messages For El Capitan, try looking in V3. Sierra use V4. High Sierra use V5.