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Word adopts the new, XML-based. That format makes Word compatible with the latest version of Word for Windows.

Word 2008 for Mac Essential Training

To bypass this problem, Word does allow you to save documents in the older. More significantly, Office marks the demise of Visual Basic for Applications. In its stead, Word includes an AppleScript library. Neither AppleScript nor Automator will let you record a string of events in Word and save them as a reusable script. As a word processor, Word is no better or worse than Word If you need automation, Word is not for you. As a word processor, little has changed in Word The elimination of VBA and weak support for AppleScript and Automator make the program far less versatile and valuable for users who really need automation.

You can read his blog at jeffbattersby. Walmart offers rare discount on first-party Apple Watch sport bands. Amazon is selling some iPad Pro models for the lowest prices ever. Setting document proofing options 7m 51s. Using ligatures 5m. Using Bullets and Numbering. Creating a bulleted list 8m 12s. Creating a numbered list 6m 15s. Editing a list 10m 22s. Creating Tables and Charts. Creating tables from scratch 8m 20s.

Creating tables from text 5m 14s. Inserting an Excel spreadsheet 5m 43s. Modifying tables 14m 23s. Formatting tables 7m 4s. Making calculations in a table 5m 40s. Creating charts 5m 30s. Modifying chart data 3m 26s. Modifying chart appearance 9m 3s. Creating text from a table 3m 30s. Using Styles 6m 42s. Creating Styles 4m 39s. Editing and deleting Styles 5m 47s.

Authoring Techniques for Accessible Office Documents: Word 2008 for Mac

Using Mail Merge Manager. Creating letters 10m 28s. Creating labels 6m 59s. Creating envelopes 5m 58s.

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Sorting Data. Sorting text 5m 12s. Sorting numbers 2m 24s. Sorting in tables 2m 7s.

Working with Columns. Using newspaper-style columns 7m 24s. Working with parallel columns 6m 21s. Columns in Publishing view 5m 7s. Working with Graphics.

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Working with pictures and Clip Art 11m 28s. Working with shapes 8m 37s. Working with SmartArt 14m 42s. Working with text boxes 7m 22s. Using WordArt 4m 16s. Document Sharing and Collaboration. Tracking changes 8m 43s. Reviewing changes 3m 58s. Sending and faxing documents 3m 25s. Protecting documents with passwords 4m 14s. Linking and embedding 7m 57s.

Hiding personal information 3m 24s. Checking compatibility 6m 30s. Saving to PDF 3m 27s. Working with Long Documents. Creating cross references 4m 57s. Creating a table of contents 8m 4s. Creating an index 5m 8s. Skip to main content.

Microsoft Office (Mac) - Resetting Office

Microsoft has released security bulletin MS This security bulletin contains all the relevant information about the security updates for Microsoft Office for Mac. Update details. The Office for Mac Additionally, this update includes fixes for vulnerabilities that an attacker can use to overwrite the contents of a computer's memory by using malicious code. Improvements that are included in the update The Office for Mac Improvements for all Microsoft Office for Mac applications Security is improved.

This update fixes vulnerabilities in Office for Mac applications that an attacker can use to overwrite the contents of your computer's memory by using malicious code. For more information, see the security bulletin that is listed earlier in this document. Stability is improved. This update fixes an issue that causes Office for Mac applications to close unexpectedly when you open or use Office for Mac applications.

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Chart performance is improved. This update improves the following performance issues in charts: Improves the performance of charts that have multiple data points. Improves performance when line and scatter charts are generated. By default, new line and scatter charts will use simpler formatting. Reliability is improved in the display and layout of Charts and Pictures. This update fixes the following issues in Charts and Pictures: Lines print with 1point thickness, even when the line is narrower than 1point.

It is difficult to resize a line and keep it perfectly straight. PowerPoint for Mac closes unexpectedly when you try to apply colors to a picture that is embedded in a shape multiple times. The Order pane in the Format Data Series dialog box displays an empty string for an untitled series in a chart.