Forbidden characters in mac file names

I've had problems with this in the past: I created a name with a ':' under Linux, and couldn't open the file nor even delete it under Windows. It is all about creating a file on a system and be sure that its name is allowed on another system.

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What Characters Are Not Allowed in File Names?

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Fixing invalid characters and colliding file names

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I used to love the fact that I could put just about any character in a file name is OS 9. With UNIX as a base, it appears that there are a few restrictions to naming files. I know that in Windows at least NT , if you use illegal characters in a file name, you will get a cryptic message about saving the file can't remember what it is now I try to forget I have to use 'doze at work.

Personally I like that much better than having to figure out if there is some problem other than a simple character change.

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Authored by: mweissen on Feb 05, '03 PM. Various characters to watch for Authored by: mholve on Feb 05, '03 PM. Characters and filenames Authored by: miggins on Feb 05, '03 PM.

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