How to install java 6 on mac mavericks

I would suggest you guys to try out the workaround stated in the link in case java does not exist in your systems. Can you please let us know if you installed Java SE 6 from the alert dialog you get on launch of Dreamweaver. This will help others who are also facing similar issue. Please note, installing Java SE 7 will not help. When you launch Dreamweaver, an alert dialog with a button to install Java SE 6 will be popped if it is not already installed. Clicking on the button will install the required Java runtime and Dreamweaver can be launched there after.

Same for me and the solution mentionned above worked. Emptied the trash, ran dreamweaver and installed java again from the pop-up and it opened again. None of the solutions above have worked for me so far. I've uninstalled and re-installed java, restarted my computer, as well as followed the steps provided in the links above. Dreamweaver cc won't open for me at all. Very frustrating. Dreamweaver is now open and running just fine. Try updating Java via the App Store.

I downloaded and installed it three times before doing the App Store update which finally took. Hi All,. Java was installed on my system and was upgraded as an outcome of the Maverick update. The installation of Maverick crashed my drive and I had to do a recovery amid stream. It may make sense to wait a day or two if a bugfix is put out rather than fiddle with the Java updates.

I hope something comes out quickly. Apparently Mavericks doesn't have 6, it only has 7, and apps like CS4, CS5 and CS6 need 6 in order to run, until Adobe releases an update to make them work with 7, which they may or may not do, given the "push" to move everyone to "the cloud". I've read literally hundreds of posts in the Apple forums about people who've had a total system failure after installing Mavericks. I've had a few things not work as expected, but it's been pretty much "smooth sailing" so far. Just installed Mavericks this morning.

How to Fix Java SE 6 Runtime Issue on Mac OSx Yosemite

Have installed Java SE6. Everything is working except Dreamweaver CS5 v Opens with menus and then without any alerts coming up it crashes. Have uninstalled Java, restarted, installed SE6, restarted, and nothing works. Any foolow-ups that may help me? I find it interesting that Apple calls this new system 'Maverick' as it is the first major deployment after the Steven Jobs Era.

A Maverick is a dissenter and refuses to abide by the rules. A Maverick is also an unbranded range animal - wild. This OS deployment is a departure from the traditional Apple Brand not only in look but also performance. It is closer to Microsoft in brand now. I have dealt with information technology since the Summer of We have learned very little over the years. I transitioned to Apple in because of Microsoft's genuine advantage being disingenuous. After proving my legitimate ownership of the Microsoft products, Microsoft was unable to recover my machine after shutting it down.

I am quite bitter about that. There have been case study after case study about using vendor specific technologies. Adobe ignored every one of the long hard learned principles about vendor specific technologies. Again we are faced with this problem with compatibility issues between the OS and Adobe products.

And again this is something that could be avoided had there been collaboration between Adobe and Apple. I am not saying this is Adobe's fault but it is thier issue to fix now.

OS X Mavericks Eclipse Java Issue - To open "," you need Java SE 6 runtime • Crunchify

Spry was a good technology in its day. That day has come and gone, as have the days of framed pages and AP DIv only pages and tables as layouts. Those who refuse to move along with technology, usually only gripe about how poorly their old techniques and software perform by comparison. I'm not "made of money", but I have made connections in the computing world that allow me to keep up with most of the new technologies within a short time after their release if not immediately.

I don't have funds for professional training, so I spend a lot of time a commodity of which I have much more than money "self teaching" and practicing to learn the latest industry practices. It was just a few months ago I built my first "Fluid Grid" layout website. Mavericks has a lot of features I'm still getting used to, and I've disabled some of them because they either don't serve my needs or they're counterproductive to my work.

I keep a second monitor for "Full screen" windows in apps that work with dual screen workspaces, like Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Audition. Spaces prevents that by putting a menu bar and dock on each display. I've had to rewrite several keyboard shortcuts that conflict with Adobe shortcuts, but I'm working thorough it. All in all, Mavericks is working pretty well for me so far At least Apple is batting.

Despite whatever the other reasoning is, a Maverick remains what it is unbranded, wild by definition of the term. I use JQuery and probably I am more current and trained than most.

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The qualifications are present to comment. My concern is the the application was rendered useless as it could not be configured. This wasted my money. I had to purchase the upgrade and never used the previous application purchased due to the inability to configure it correctly. The reasoning was painfully apparent that a vendor specific technology was attempted without market support. There are scores of case studies that point to how to implement emerging technologies.

The common practice is the build a consortium of major market stakeholders. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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John says:. November 2, at pm. Peter says:. November 2, at am. Anthony says:. Luis says:. November 1, at pm. Stephen says:. December 30, at am. To clearify: I have The output from the command line is. However, that's no problem of this script. I installed the Jdk with your script on montain lion I already used it on lion. It succeed in installing the Jdk including the JavaPrefs. But I don't succeed in running 'java -version', but I'm able to do a maven build with the jdk Continuing in 64 bit mode.

Apache Maven 3.

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What you need to do instead, like in any multiple java install on windows, linux as well is to use the actual path of the JVM you want :. The script is warning you about that beforehand. Hello I did execute the script but the JavaPreferences app do not run any longer I receive a dialog box saying "no Java 1. This shouldn't be an issue, as the JDK 6 32bit is working, however it actually doesn't work for this hacky install of JDK 5.

It means that only the 64bit version will work on your OS. And there is no uninstall script for now! If this is happening, you have to re install Java 6! Removing previous Java 1. Extracting JDK 1. Recreating symbolic links to. Preparing Java Virtual Machine mkdir: created directory '1. For this reason this script removes 32bit mode on this JVM. Yeah I got it! Chewbee I never experienced this error, did you tried to reinstall java 6, and see first if it's working better with Java Preferences, then try to reinstall java 5.

At the end I have no failure in those processes and the java panel opens and displays the Java versions.. And Lotus Notes is probably not updated to take care of such changes. The CurrentJDK symbolic link doesn't exist anymore in this location. So you'll probably need to figure out a way to tell Lotus to use this JDK 5 instead of the system wide Java.

Mac Mavericks and Java 8

Yeah I tried that but the directory structure is different Well the way to switch Java versions especially with java 5 and the way the applications use this might be somehow not compatible. Also in my previous posts I though Lotus Notes needed Java 5. I only use Java 5 from the command line, where I can specify actual paths, applications should always use the default Java in my opinion.

Weird, I'm really not sure what's happening here. It's a little work, but it might be necessary in your case, if you remove every Java install ; then if you install the default Java only java 6 shipped by Apple , is Lotus Notes working? Another suggestion, might be to look at Lotus Notes config files, I don't know this application, but there might be some way to configure which Java Home is used in an Info. I can say I am a dumbass because I should have made this a long time ago but at the end of the day it works, and I was willing to share this here as I polluted this thread comments a lot so I have to show that this is solved for anyone experienceing the same pitfalls I have to add regarding your last answer that the regular java command were working so Java was properly installed on the path but the lack of a proper CurrentJDK seems to be enough to lost Lotus Notes Cool that you solved your current issue with Lotus Notes.

Hi, this script worked for Java 1. But now it does not show up in Eclipse for Execution Environments. Why do the Apple and Oracle Java have a. And as Apple do not want anymore to deliver it's own JDK more issues will arise between 1. For eclipse you have to set it manually, that's what I have to do anyway for different version of Java with IntelliJ.

Dear people. Here's the update for OS X Mavericks I also added a few refinement and tips. Wow I try to use the script on Maverick on a new macbook an it does not work I. Any clue? I ran the script on Mavericks Any idea?