Mac os x mavericks keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet

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Here are the hidden ones. Which makes me curious: what tricks do you know? Your email address will not be published. Create a shortcut to merge all finder tabs. If you're a power user with lots of finder windows, you need to do this:. Select "App Shortcuts" on left hand side at the bottom 3. Menu Title: Merge All Windows 6.

I was going to include that! Not sure how I lost track of it, but thanks for letting readers know.

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Justin I tried setting up BTT but it didn't look easy in the few seconds i was willing to give it. Now that i have a a Leap, i ought to give it another shot. Let me know how it works for you! I mapped three-finger tap to middle click, so I can open new tabs by three-finger tapping a link, and I can't remember what using the touchpad was like before doing this.

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Highly recommended. I'm a strong keyboarder on Windows, but on the Mac, less so. Keyboard support has always been of of Windows strengths. BetterTouchTool is a really great tool, but you've got to put time into setting it up. Totally worth it, though, if you want things to work exactly the way you want. I've known about almost all of these for years but, I've also owned macs for years. I use a lot of the short cuts often, because it's a short cut. It's always good to inform though. Top Deals.

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OS X Mavericks: Finder Keyboard Shortcuts

Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. If you're a power user with lots of finder windows, you need to do this: 1.

Mac OS X - Keyboard Shortcuts Top 10 List

I had no idea! Tap the Spacebar again, and the file returns to normal.

Run Os x Mavericks | Keyboard Shortcut | Finder (Software)

Hold the Command and Control keys down and press D. A pop-up window provides a dictionary definition, thesaurus entry, links to Wikipedia and more for that highlighted word. Another great tip… when an Application is selected, tap the Q key to quit it. Repeat the shortcut and the Dock reappears.

More Mac Keystroke Shortcuts… With Free Printable Cheat Sheet

Handy if you want more screen space or find the Dock distracting. When you see anything odd on your Mac, take a screenshot.

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Repeat the shortcut and your screen returns to normal. This Is Too Complicated. Not an L. No Problem Mac provides remote training and support statewide.