How to hide guest user on mac lion

The first represents a login through the usual Desktop GUI login window; the second is there because you just logged into Terminal.

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Anybody else logged in either via the command line like a potential remote user or the GUI will show up here. To look for those, we have a couple of options. First, we can use the dscl utility to list all users, and you might be surprised at how many there are:.

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However, aside from those, you should only see names that you recognise. To make things a little easier, we can add another command to the dscl command to filter that list. Try this. That should now only return the names of real users.

However, what we have so far is a list of users, not a list of hidden users. To see specifically if any accounts are hidden, we need a longer command:. Normally, when there are no hidden users, this will return the contents of a property list file that may look something like this:.

How to Disable the Guest User Account in Mountain Lion

When I try to uncheck the "Allow guests to login this computer" for this user, I found that checkbox is greyed out. I have FileVault and Find my Mac enabled, but even after I disabled them, that checkbox is still grey out!

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The reason I want to disable or delete guest user is that I found the process parentalcontrolsd occupies a lot of CPU, I searched and found it seems to fix it I need to disable or delete guest user. However, if it shows Login only, then parental control is off for that account, otherwise it would say Enabled, Managed.

How to Remove a Guest User From a Mac

BTW, Admin accounts, by definition, cannot have parental controls enabled, so if the process is running, then maybe check any non-admin accounts too. Try activating back your filevault, never mind the find my mac, and then go to the Users and Groups. Now, click the Guest User, be sure that the lock is unlocked and after that uncheck the "Allow guests to log in to this computer". After successfully unchecking the Guest User you can go back and disable the filevault.

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Note: If the filevault is not working try clicking the firewall instead of the filevault then do the process again listed above. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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  • For modern versions of OS X, disabling Guest account is done as follows:;
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This includes Internet artifacts, Desktop files, etc. These controls include limiting:.

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When this occurs:. By default, the Guest Account User ID is ; however, an administrator may easily change these two advanced options. However, because a password is not required to log into the Guest Account, files created under User ID may not be attributed to a specific person, unless additional evidence is present that establishes who was using the computer at the time the file was created. If the examiner does not know the modified Guest Account User ID, but suspects that a guest user did access the machine using the Guest Account, an examiner might look for other accounts with out-of-the-ordinary User IDs i.

Again, BlackLight may be able to recover these. Guest Account preference settings is one of the topics we cover.